The List

The List

My “Bucket List”. Items big and small, that I am slowly checking off.



1. To perfect my mac & cheese recipe

2. To perfect my banana bread recipe

3. To perfect a brownie recipe

4. To perfect an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe

5. Sell a piece of my art

6. Enter a writing contest

7. Enter a photo contest

8. Learn how to snowboard

9. Take a road trip to Arizona alone

10. Visit the cactus museum (day and night)

11. ATV through the desert

12. Read all of the books I own

13. Learn to Kayak

14. Kayak through the San Juans

15. Run a mile without stopping

16. Complete a triathlon

17. Learn sign language

18. Learn to shoot a gun

19. Perfect my swim turn

20. Go paintballing

21. Go snow-mobiling

22. Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls again

23. Hike the full Latourell Falls trail

24. Live on my own for at least a year

25. Own my perfect dog

26. Own my own home

27. Get a mammogram by age 27

28. Fall ridiculously in love again

29. Have a library sitting area in my own home

30. Go up in a glider plain

31. Experience Day of the Dead

32. Lose all of the weight I feel I need to in order to feel healthy

33. Learn full self-defense

34. Go to New Orleans

35. Go back to NYC

36. Make a fancy cake

37. Sail on a sailboat

38. Jet ski

39. Learn how to legitimately mountain climb

40. Regain my behind-the-back pool shot

41. Trail run in Arizona

42. Learn to skull

43. Go to Seattle alone and walk through Pike St Market

44. To grow and keep my garden alive for at least a year

54. To pay off my credit cards by September

55. Make and stick to a budget for a year

56. Learn to make good guacamole

57. Learn to BBQ

58. To wear my black flower dress again

59. Go back to the Smithsonian art museum

60. Go to the Botanical Garden in DC

61. See Gettysburg

62. Get to the top of the Empire State Building and look out

63. See Apocalyptica live

64. Get rid of 100 things I don’t need

65. Read an autobiography of someone from each generational period

66. Go camping alone

67. Get to work early everyday for a month

68. Make a cobbler from scratch

69. Make a pie from scratch

70. Go to a hockey game

71. Go to the Met

72. See the Phantom of the Opera

73. See the Nutcracker again

74. Start singing again

75. Take a trip to Methow Valley

76. Make Cheesecake

77. Drive in the snow successfully

78. Stay at the Quartz Mtn fire lookout

79. See Alegria again

80. Read The Golden Compass series

81. Buy a laptop

82. Be a part of a flash mob

83. See at least 10 Cultural Performances in 2011 – Symphony Tango Show, Turandot, AWOL, Awolnation, Baroque Orchestra, Symphony Cuba Show, The Deceberists  Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, The Ripper. Wahoots!

84. See the Aurora Borealis

85. Get my passport

86. Travel to Italy & Greece

87. Go to the Louve

88. Volunteer in a Portland garden

89. Create my own Etsy store

90. Go to a Burlesque show at The Pink Door

91. Take a cooking class

92. Create a living trust, will and power of attorney

93. Invest in a stock that I love, not because it is strategic, but because I like the company


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