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Things I Love Thursday!



Happy Thursday!!! I dearly hope the world is treating you write and that your week is abounding with goodness. I’ve been slowly putting some pieces together this week in terms of what I want my life to look like and how to make that happen. It’s an interesting road to be one, but definitely an adventure! Thus far I’m decided that I want to spend more time with the puppydog and my family, I want to work on my own schedule, I need to put myself back on hormones (ack!) to prevent ughyness and I’m thrilled to be in a different place right now. I’ve also decided that I love these things . . .

♥ Valentine’s Day! ~ Umm yeah, I don’t know about you but I heart the heart day. It’s awesome. No matter if I’m single or note, I’ve always been in love with it. A whole day of wearing all the pink and red I want with fun hearts, doing fun things for my loves and surprising people with goodness. Oh yes I will. This year was simple and great. Gave some flowers and goodies to my friends and fam and partook in fun things. All in all, two thumbs up!

♥ Painting? ~ I have been trying to push through an artist block in my brain for weeks now. It’s insanely difficult when all you want to do is paint and your brain refuses to move. Ack!


Little Loves . . .

♥ The commercials for Top Gear. I love the nerdy boy making gun noises while holding a rifle, hehe. ♥ New canvases ♥ Secret government organizations ♥ The Voice. This is my ridiculous new tellie obsession. ♥ How the right east coast accent can make “pawn store” sound like “porn store”, hehe. ♥ Blueberries. I can eat these by the handful! ♥ My moomoo’s vday gift. I’m a sucker for hearts! ♥ CLo’s flirting. I love a short man with a tall personality 😉 ♥ Big bushy hydrangea blooms and vibrant irises ♥ Pink streamers ♥ Making apple pancakes for the first time ♥ Blowing bubbles ♥ Whimsical cards ♥ Watching RvB from the beginning ♥ Days with Boo ♥ My twitter photos suggesting I like the following things: art, my dog, cooking and shoes. I’m ok with that. ♥ Pawn Stars. I’m amazed at how attached people are to things! It’s up there with Hoarders, only they’re trying to get rid of it. ♥ THIS homemade lip scrub recipe. I cannot wait to try it! ♥ Planned Parenthood. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for them! ♥ Having my boots back again. I left them in someone’s car and I’ve been feeling the need to get out with them and explore. ♥ Opal Apples. I couldn’t help but go get more! ♥ My rented rug doctor. I couldn’t take my carpet being grody and smelling anymore so darnit I did something about it. Fingers crossed that it stays super. ♥ FINALLY getting an additional circuit put in for my bathroom. It’s been so frustrating blowing the circuit every time I wanted to dry my hair. So silly. ♥ This creamsicle dream outfit and this pink delight outfit that reminds me of a cross between Jackie O and Coco Chanel from Miss Bee ♥ Getting real about how much crap I have. I does not matter how much I love it if there is no room for it. Kind of like people I guess. ♥ Being up early again. My body schedule has been so whacked out lately, but I think it’s been affecting my productivity level. So today might be difficult (an understatement) to reset myself, but I know it’s worth it! ♥ Bright blue panties ♥ Buying all of the trident pomegranate & blueberry gum a store has ♥ Digging through the linen in my closet and trying on my long flowy dresses. I cannot wait for summer! ♥

♥PS22 Chorus (better known as the awesome girl from the Target/Adele Grammy ad!) ♥


Things I Love Thursday!



No Longer Worrying: I no longer work for the company I’ve been working for for the last 3 years . . . or even 8 years. And while it’s a hell of a gear change, I can say that it’s nice not to worry like that anymore. Oh sure, there’s a whole load of new frustrations and concerns, but not to the level of before. I just have to remind myself what that felt like . . .

The End of Food Poisoning: So the week that was suppose to be filled with relaxation turned into a couple days of spilling my guts and all such grossness. It’s a horribleness I really wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. On the flip side though, it’s nice that it hits like a hurricane and but then quickly dissipates. Grant you, I don’t want to look at real food for awhile, but finally sitting verticle is an option again. And red j-e-l-l-o is my friend!


Little Loves . . .

♥ My puppydog when I’m sick. She took super good care of me and snuggled the whole time I was in bed.And even now, is snuggled at my feet. ♥  Washers & dryers . . . it’s the little things in life ♥ Waking up out of my stupor to pretty sunshine ♥ Learning that my identity was not tied into my profession ♥ Hearing from my favorite peeps ♥ My new terrarium. I smile each time I pass it. ♥ Valentine’s Day being so close ♥ Day time dates ♥ Cook Sharing ♥ Cinetopia groupons. I’ve never been but I’ve always heard great things. ♥ Taking a shower. Nothing feels better after being sick than a good night’s sleep and a nice long shower. ♥ Cactus. I long to make a succulent garden. ♥ A movie outing with my pops ♥ J-E-L-L-O ♥ Clean laundry ♥ Knowing I still have so much despite the struggle ♥ Valentine’s day lingerie. I long to come home with all of the pretty pink goodness! ♥ Rewatching SOA ♥


Things I Love Thursday!


Things I Love Thursday!

This week has been one of the most difficult ones as of late. Gut-wrenchingly difficult. I’ve been a hormonal mess, my face “leaked” 4 times in less than 24 hours and I had to be unbelievably straight forward and throw myself under the bus. Grant you, it was all my own doing, but when it’s something you never had the pieces for until now, it’s difficult to avoid. Despite all of these things, I am also grateful that it is happening now. Because I know it is suppose to. Before my class all of this probably would have been my undoing. But with it, I know it’s all built upon each other and moving forward, however trudging that may be, is starting to live from an honest and truly genuine place. Something I hope all people can strive for.

♥ Goodbye (temporarily) Dinner ~ My good gal pal Kpooh is leaving the country for two months next week. Ack! So in true JKJ fashion, we are doing it up in style. It’s easy when you’re busy (re: lazy) friends to get into a comfortable food rut. Well that won’t be happening tonight sir! Through my wonderful friend standing up for her needs of not being the one to come into town, we are brringing the town to her. By going out on the town. You dig? I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on getting gusied up and having a great night with my girls.

♥ Terrarium Class ~ A  month ago I got this random email from one of my favorite nurseries about classes they were doing. And wouldn’t you know it, smack dab on the list is terrariums! For those who don’t know, terrariums are class containers (i.e. vases, jars, big and small aquariums, hanging bulbs, etc) that are then potted with small fragile plants like ferns, mosses, air plants, etc. Think “ship in a bottle” for plants. I’ve been in love with them for the last year or so and always wanted to know how to do them. I’m super stoked for class!

♥ Date Night! ~ Finally date night is here! Having to wait two weeks is not.so.easy. But it makes for a good build. And I have a good feeling that a fun time will be had by all.

Little Loves . . .

♥ Air plants ♥ Pants deliveries! I’m praying my package gets here today or tomorrow before date night. ♥ Honesty ♥ The deli lady that I always thought was crabby. Turns out she’s not, she’s focused and purposeful. I’m coo wit dat. Any woman who remember my dark rye bread without me saying and knows I meant pan roasted when I just said turkey on accident is my hero. ♥ Daffodils ♥ Sticking to no caffeine or sugar (mostly) ♥ Late night convos ♥ Genuinely laughing ♥ Simple sandwiches ♥ Hope ♥ Comfy Jeans ♥ Finally doing laundry! ♥ Boo letting me have the bed at night and then coming up to snuggle in the morning ♥ Fun pink color on my toes. I needed a little love! ♥ Going through the perfume section in Ulta on to come to the conclusion that I prefer the men’s scents rather than the women’s. ♥ Throwing away my desk pumpkin. It had become so much of a staple that I hadn’t been seeing it anymore. Ugh! ♥  Trimming my nails super short. Sometimes it’s good to look unified. It’s classy. ♥ A couple days of little to no rain. I’m loving the little sun breaks! ♥ “A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins and “No One Like You” by the Scorpions ♥

Wishing you all a lovely end to your week!


Things I Love Thursday!



Happy Thursday!


♥ Snow-ish ~ What a crazy weather week here. “Worst storm in years” my tush. We got the mere suggestion of snow. It really was quite rude. I just wanted on snow day. Just one. But no. Those scallywags. And now we’ve finally settled on rain. Which actually is probably good, I was concerned about the mild fall and winter we were getting. There’s a reason Oregon is so green . . .

♥ A Weekend Home! ~ I’m so excited to finally have a weekend at home. The last two weekends were sort of spur of the moment and good  fun, but I relish the idea of not going anywhere this weekend. I just want to sleep in and clean and paint. Especially if it’s raining. That would make it even better! Ok, maybe a little Jim & Patty’s too . . .

♥ Puppydog Biscuits ~ So, I saw a great, simple dog biscuit recipe on Sarah’s blog and thought I could do that. I didn’t have any cookie cutters on hand, so instead I cut it with a knife into heart shapes. In the process though, I ran out of pan space. So I rolled out the rest of the dough, left the room for a minute to grab a pan and came back to it all being gone! The cutting mat was licked clean! I would have been mad at her if it weren’t sort of cute that she ate her own treats prematurely. Now if they had been my treats it might have been a different story . . .

Little Loves . . .

♥ Rodrigo y Gabriela coming back to Portland!!! I’m in love with their pandora station right now. ♥ Finding more new things to eat, like a Jicama and something else I can’t pronounce. It’s definitely a taste bud adventure. ♥  An evening with nobody home. It was really strange, but kind of fun. ♥ Completing steak tacos, zucchini bread muffins and laundry like I wanted to. ♥ Class getting cancelled on the day I have an ughy migraine. It was nice timing. ♥ Scrubbing my bathroom from top to bottom. It looks like a whole new bathroom now! Now if only I could get my sink back to working again . . .  ♥ Road trip convos with my dad ♥ Tall jeans being back on the market ♥ Sweet notes from my client about our training session ♥ Planning vday outfits ♥ Conversations about snuggles, huggles and the like ♥ Driving to work while it’s snowing ♥


Wishing you all a day filled with hugs & love!


Things I Love Thursday!

What an awesome, and short, week it has been. New years was great, mainly because all I did was relax and sleep and enjoy time with my family. It was what I really needed. I ended the year as such a ridiculous stress ball that an unwinding was necessary. And who doesn’t mind an easy going short work week. And casual friday. With comfy sneakers. And potentially the world’s longest car trip this weekend to Idaho . . .

I-Da-Ho ~ So my pops has turned into a not-so-secret train conductor . . . in his garage. My moomoo scours craigslist for property, my pops scours for train “deals”. And he’s found one . . . in Idaho. Which he originally said was Spokane. “You said Spokane, that’s Idaho!” “Oh, you know, it’s right up the road from Spokane.” Yeah, ok, sure. This should be an interesting weekend if we go . . .


Little Loves . . .

♥ Puppydog smiles. No matter how frustrated I get at the things she does sometimes, the smile melts me. Is this what it’s like to have kids? ♥ Speaking of kids, my coworker’s daughter is so stinkin’ cute. Melt. ♥ Dog the bounty hunter. It’s a shame how sucked in I get. ♥ The little tickle in my heart and thrill in my soul at the idea of moving forward again. ♥ The Michael Buble’ pandora station ♥ Gala Darling’s article about getting unsuck. Unbelievably amazing timing!!! ♥ Doing Boo walks again in the morning. Not a big fan of the dark and the cold, but it’s definitely a relaxing start to the day. ♥ My red TOMS. They make me have happy feet. ♥ Capella Romana doing Rachmoninoff! If I don’t go to idaho this weekend, I’m going here! ♥ Stealing a new meat recipe from my coworker. I don’t care if he thinks there was too much orange, me loves. ♥  New culture queen goodies to come. I can’t wait! I may be paying off my forethought for awhile, but I’m elated at the culture opportunities to come in the next two or three months. ♥ Ugli fruit!!! How did I not know how delish this was until now?! ♥ A man who uses exclamation marks as much as I do. Hello luva! ♥ Gabriel Iglesias ♥ Contemplating  jobs . . .  ♥ Learning. New learning is super bueno. ♥

Hugs & Love!

Things I Love Thursday!

Holy cow! The last TiLT of 2011!!! Where did this year go? This week will be a small TiLT. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of self love right now so thankfully it’s a short week and I’m taking some time to mentally recoup. I learned the greatest thing tonight . . . Self care is not selfish. They are not the same thing.

Little Loves . . .

♥ Menu planning with Moomoo ♥ Finding free money!!! Who doesn’t love free money? I cleaned and found a buck, a refund check from my car trade in and a gift card my dad was going to give me for my bday that I never took advantage of. Huzzah! ♥ 4 day work weeks & 4 day weekends ♥ My paperwhite bulbs growing . . . at least the ones at home anyway. ♥ Goal setting for the new year ♥ Jeans all week! ♥ Making a giant load of banana bread muffins ♥ Dolly Parton ♥ Watching Rambo again. Sometimes you just need a little action 😉 ♥ Lotsa awesome new music goodies ♥ Having a financial plan again ♥ Boo when she hears other dogs on the tellie. Her ears perk up. ♥ Using my new snazzy silicone baking cups for the first time. Still gettin’ the hang of it, but it’s fun to see all of the colors! ♥ Peppermint patties ♥ Realizing that I need to determine how to make time management work for me ♥ Learning how to breathe again ♥ Conversations with my pops ♥


I hope you all have stupendous plans filled with glitter and magic and midnight kisses. Stay safe and enjoy the new possibilities. Hugs & Love!


Things I Love Thursday!

Happy almost-Christmas ladies and gents! I hope the man, and the market, aren’t getting you down and instead that you are sitting back peacefully with a smile on your face and your shopping all done. And for those of whom that is not the case . . . HUGS!  I have to say, thank heavens it’s thursday. I could really use the end of the week. And a 3-day weekend is nice for sure. I have big plans for monday that involve sleeping in, Boo time, a cup from J&P’s and hopefully some kick in the pants for me.

But in the meantime, here are some of my little loves this week . . .

♥ Sleeping in ♥ Productive Saturday mornings ♥ Holiday nails! I can’t wait to add snowflakes to them ♥ A clean-ish house ♥ Spicer’s market! How have I never gone in there before? I’m in love. ♥ Asian pears. A complete non-guilty pleasure. ♥ Homemade chocolate-covered raisins. A complete guilty pleasure. ♥ Making magic bars and guac for the office party ♥ Buttoning down the hatches on the budget and committing to being debt-free again. Even if it takes me awhile to get there. ♥ Buying peace of mind . . . with a duck. ♥ Semi-casual holiday weeks ♥ Overtime pay ♥ Taking a 4 day weekend to ring in the new year and recommit to goodness ♥ Oranges ♥ My blue chunky ring. It’s huge, but I love the blue. ♥ Onion slices with lime juice, salt and pepper. Weird, but a good snack. ♥ Anxiety class this week & writing out my fears, though irrational, on a giant blackboard. It’s weird to see them in big print. I should do more. ♥ Baking again ♥ A new do. Now I’m contemplating dyeing it for the new year. A new year, a new look? a’la Carrie Bradshaw? ♥ Getting a little Christmas present early. I can’t even begin to tell you how giddy I am for new sneakers! After my last sneaker fiasco, I’ve been making due with what I had, but they weren’t really sufficient. Now there is shiny and new and perdy new sneakers. Shoe shopping with big feet is always an interesting adventure. ♥ And side by side, I also found a stupendous pair of new kicks for my pops which amazingly enough, HE LOVES! Mucho bueno. ♥ My cute lil therapist gal. She’s slowly growing on me and it’s nice that she’s also the group leader for my class. Makes it a bazillion times more easy  to not be dealing with multiple people while trying to build a good environment. ♥ Class ending early this week. One lady’s perfume was absolutely killing me! ♥ “What if what you’re trying to change into is who you are meant to be?” ♥

From my heart to yours, wishing you a lovely thursday!