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Things I Love Thursday!


Is it friday yet? ‘Cause I’d really like it to be friday. I haven’t been giving my body the proper rest it deserves and now it’s biting back. I think it might be a tea morning. I went to bed waaaay too late again last night and then was treated to the pleasant sounds of the puppydog’s upset tummy starting at 5am. Yum! Poor Boo. Poor Me. Must. Sleep. Ugh. Other than that though things are good. It really needs to warm back up here in Ptown. We got one really good day in the 80’s and then tanked again. It is depressing lol. I want sunshine! I could be awake for sunshine. Well, hopefully you all are drenched in goodness and sunshine this thursday. And love . . .


 Kalhua Brownies & Family Dinners ~ Last night was family dinner night at the gparent’s place. It was so nice to be able to go and relax and talk with everyone. I even made Kalhua brownies for the occasion complete with Kalhua frosting on the side. And I will admit, they came out pretty good. But my favorite thing . . . corn! I’ve had such a hankering for corn on the cob lately like nobody’s business. It really hit the spot.

 Tickety Goodness ~ I finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to the things I’ve been wanting to see this summer. I bought a ticket for Matisyahu at the zoo at the end of July and a ticket for Les Mis at the beginning of August. I’m sooooo excited for Matisyahu, I’ve been wanting to see him live FOREVA. And from what I’ve seen, I think he might be better live. And Les Mis, I think I’m wanting to see it because of nostalgic reasons (I’ve sung the music) and because I didn’t want to regret not going when I had the opportunity. The first box seat in the first row doesn’t hurt too badly either. Hehe. One ticket left to buy though. Still debating on buying a ticket to Pink Martini in Bend at the end of July. I’d really like to stay there again and I loved the last concert. I think the big debate is on whether or not to stay there one night or two. Last time I did one night and it was fun, but felt a little rush. We shall see . . .

Little Loves . . . 

♥ Being in a good place again  Buying a grill! Oh my geez. And now my Dad fixed the side shelves by adding bolts so I’m doubly happy!  Late nights of good clean fun  Perfecting my golf swing and winning ♥ Super 8. So much fun!  Getting back to my budget  Deer crossings  Cooking more at home again   Achieving my credit card goal this month  Sleeping in with Boo  My mom: “It’s ok if you want to do golf balls instead.”  Tackling the endless clothes pile at the foot of my bed finally  Sons of Anarchy. I’ve become addicted. Crap.  Warm summer days heading our way again  Dreaming of wearing scarfs and skirts again  My Dad after telling him of his F-day gift: “Oh geez, how much did that set you back?!” Me: “Nunya . . . Nunya business pops.”  Clean Boo. Who doesn’t love when their dog smells clean?  Pork products on the fly. My family would be so proud.  Learning the difference between platelets and plasma  Contemplating training again. I need to do something with this lifestyle because being a couch potato just don’t cut it  Planning the gun range, kayaking and Seattle this month. Can’t wait!  Family dinners  Kalhua brownies  Don’t think, just do.  Commando  Linen pants. So comfy!  Breaking out my blue wedges again finally  Baby wipes: they smell good, they clean things and now they come in awesome packaging. It’s a trifecta!  A clean sweep this weekend. I really need to finish my house cleaning. I can’t take it anymore!  Peonies, delicious peonies. ♥  Farmer’s markets. I’m definitely going this weekend . . .



Happy Thursday lovies! 



Things I Love Thursday!

Happy TiLT! You know what thursday is? One day closer to friday. Yuk yuk yuk. I have to make jokes, it keeps me smiling and laughing while I dig myself out from the trenches of crap that is my life as of late. But, as a reminder, it’s always good to think of good things and how much awesomeness there is around you. Like this stuff!

Anniversary Flowers ~ So today was a coworker’s anniversary with his wif and because I feel that every man should bring his girl flowers on their anniversary, I brought him back flowers at lunch to give to his lady. His first response? “For real? Did you get these from your garden? How much do I owe you?” I say no, just give them, she will feel special. “Girls don’t need flowers to feel special.” Her first response? “Are you these for real? Did you steal them off of someone’s desk?!” I just about died laughing. The ultimate success? “You’re my new best friend!”. Boys, bring your lady flowers. I promise, they will feel special.

Foxy Wednesday ~ I’ve decided to make Foxy Day a reoccurring thing. I deserve it more often. And what better to get you over the hump than foxy Wednesday? Oh yeah, that’ll do it. Spend a little extra time, wear something you feel good in, walk a little straighter, have a little attitude. You can do it!

Remind Me Of Love ~ I’ve been feeling lost lately and I think I’ve discovered part of what I need to fix. I need to remind myself of love. I lost touch of my goal setting of things to do and accomplish each month. I want to keep moving forward and doing things for me and others and have a forward progression. So my goal this weekend is to make a list of what I want to accomplish this month and get back in touch with those things. I’m looking forward to it!

♥ Little Loves . . . 

 The Book ‘Em Dano license plate I saw today  Wall-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  The Japanese Garden on warm almost-summer days  Pizza Oasis downtown!  Trips to the peony gardens  The ending of Roger Rabbit. I’m melting, aaaaaaaaah!  Lunchin it with the K monster! I love lunches outside with the ladies  Backyard bon fires ♥ FINALLY seeing Salt, The Rite and Get Low  Growing my hair out again and finding new things to do with it  Dinner plate size peonies  Josh Charles. Yummers!  Chicken. I have such a protein hankerin right now.  Deep blue delphiniums  Puppydog smiles and car rides  Plant exchanges with moomoo  Crop haircuts. Oh, there will be a time for you! ♥ Tidying up the house. If your home space is an example of your current emotional state then I was a giant wreck! Time to take out the trash.  Boy letters. I remember you! You are fun goodness to look forward to.  Cookies. Ever once in a while you just need a really good cookie. Fresh laundry ♥ Warm summer showers at night  The puppydog being afraid of the glow in the dark children at play sign down the street  Do-overs. Sometimes you really just need the opportunity of a do-over.  Contemplating becoming bi-lingual. I think it’s really becoming a necessity and would really benefit me moving forward. It’ll be a lot of work, but right now, I got time.  Continued weight loss. Thankfully I started to get into the swing a little before summer so that makes the normal weight I lose during this season an extra bonus.  Louis Ck. Hilarious! “I hear a piccolo in my head every time I see a vagina.”   Listening to rock ‘n roll! Screw the hip hop. Screw the pop. For ef’s sake, I want rock right now. I want to move and rock out and tap at my desk and charge. Open lines of communication  Confession Tuesday with Miss Mary. Sometimes, you just really need to tell someone else.

Like A Prayer


The Breakfast Club dance scene. Because it’s just that tubular.


Happy Thursday!