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Things I Love Thursday!

Oh thursday, you are wonderful! Delightful even! This week has been quick, but I find it to be a good thing in regards to my health. I’m still recovering from this crappy cold/flu thing so endless sleep is still sounding glorious to me. I’m just about over it so long as I can get rid of this stupid head sniffle bologna. It’s so nice and lovely out, all I want is to have my energy back and to go play in the sun. I’m doing a little bit more each day so I’m taking that as a positive sign!

Mary Poppins Tickets ~ I bit the bullet. I wasn’t really planning on it, it just sort of popped into my head. I got a discount on the tickets and the allure of the box seats were calling to me. So I bit the bullet and now my friend and I are going to see the chimney sweeps on Sunday. Secretly, I’m giddy with excitement. Another cultural even, a fun broadway show and songs that make me smile. Oooo la la!

New Hairs ~ There’s few things as fantastic feeling as a new do! Ok ok, there are lots of things that feel fantastic, but by golly that will not be diminishing my sheer joy for new hairs. I love my hair gal, she’s super sweet and flexible beyond belief for my schedule. And she was patient enough to wait with me during a “brief” unexpected delay prior to getting started. What a doll! And now I can feel human and pretty again. Now I can have a foxy day tomorrow. Magnifique!

 Hardy Fuschias ~ I’m secretly in love with this nursery booth at the farmer’s market. They have great prices and beautiful plants. I’m addicted to their $5 hardy fuschia plants. I bought one and then went back for more. Now, I really should plant them . . .

Little Loves . . . 

Red gummy bears. They’re nostalgic.  80 degree weather! It’s so lovely to have warm sunny weather that’s perfect for crops and tops.  Long-time-no-see-friend hugs  Getting over it. Sometimes, you just need to.  Sweet pea bunches  Teriyaki chicken and beef kabobs. I’m in LUV!  My new huge chair. I love the big chair. Sadly though, I have a feeling Boo is using it during the day. Not sure how I feel about that . . .  Tank tops. I may not love my arms right now, but sometimes you need as little clothing as possible.  Learning new things again at work. First it was exchange, now it’s forms. I may not want to do it all, but it’s nice to know.  Head scarves and bandanas  Sidewalk chalk drawings  Feeling clean. There is nothing like a nice shower after feeling all icky.  Chocolate cream pie. I rarely have pie, let alone decadent pie, but this was delicious!  Remembering on pay-day a big expense I had forgotten about while budgeting. Phew! Foxy day tomorrow “No, it’s the hand-job police” Deodorant. I know, it’s a common thing. But really, you should love it too. Scheduling my hotel room for Bend. I’m so excited!!! Now just need to buy my ticket. “I accept that”  Evening talks with Pops on the porch Feeling back to “normal” again

 Sucker Punch. I finally watched it and it was exactly how I hoped.


 Hugs & Love for Thursday perfection!



Things I Love Thursday

 It’s been a weirdly stupendous week. My mood has steadily improved despite the itchy-nose-syndrome that seems to now be upon me. Gee, thanks allergies. I never knew that just one nostril could itch with such unyielding consistency. I suppose this is what becomes of me now. On the flip side though, there’s been more sun than rain, I’ve had great family time, I made it through a week of broke-city and I’m happy to report, it’s thursday! Woo!


My Little Loves . . .

Drooling over new purses  White sheets  Henna tattoos. I want one this summer!  Dinner with the pops  David Thewlis. Oh how I had a girly crush on you for the longest time.  My bloomin’ anemones ♥ How lovely and sweet my family is for Easter presents!!! Muah! ♥ Needing a haircut but finding fun hairstyles in the interim ♥ Twizzlers  Pops finding an awesome Boo bed at Costco for cheap cheap cheap. I’m jealous!  Boo dreams  Morning walks in the neighborhood while the sun is coming up  Realizing that everyone has their own definition of “happy” and that it may not look the same as my own  Comfy plaid  Wearing bandanas again  Chocolate pudding  Tattoos & drawings  Marilyn Manson’s articulation of himself  A school contemplating teach history that includes the gay culture  Hearing my gma call the tellie ladies flabber mouths  Awkward jellie bean hunting with moomoo. Why do I always end up with cinamon?! “Give it hear Percy, I don’t mind cinamon”  Cy-clo-men  Coupons. Who doesn’t like cheap-er stuff?  Hearing “Great file, no tags” on something I was totally expecting to be a crapshoot. You don’t evening know how you can’t rain on my parade thanks to this!Extended calf rain boots  ♥ TOMS shoes in grey & pink plaid. Wants!  ♥ Potential triple paychecks. Umm, yes, please be that awesome life!  ♥ Kayak season almost being upon us  ♥ My Red Cross orientation finally being upon me!!!  ♥ Weeding. If nothing else, it’s a great work out. Now I’m contemplating Audubon Society’s cleanup day this weekend . . .  ♥

Tusk. Crap. I’m my father’s daughter. Quick, where’s the raid?!

And while we’re at it . . .

V & Evey. By the way, I watched her Oscar performance and was sort of, “huh” about it all. This movie and her transformation in it makes up for it for me.


 Happy thursday lovies! Smile and enjoy today!