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The Thing About Cooking . . .


I am an amateur baker and chef. Extremely amateur. I often find a recipe, make it right the first time and then tweak it every other time. Grant you, this idea is all hinged on the concept that I made it right the first time. I am notorious for missing an ingredient or step in the process of looking at recipes. Example: I made mini whoopie pies for the first time yesterday evening and it wasn’t until I started tasting the batter that I realized I missed an ingredient and read my spoons wrong. Yup, that was me. I fixed it, and they came out fine, but that’s just how I roll. I also didn’t read the whole part about adding ingredients in parts, but that’s another story.

The reason I cook as much as I do (besides the awesome women in my family) is because I get bored. The process goes with starting with something simple and then getting bored so instead wanting to try something a little more difficult or that I’ve never tasted before. Example: Wednesday was Pi Day and in celebration I contemplated making a chocolate pie. In the process, I stumbled upon mini chocolate whoopie pies on Martha. Hmm, this satisfies both requirements – pie and trying something I’ve never made before. Check! I think I also want to wow folks if I ever have kids.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my cooking knowledge right now. I mean besides cooking for myself. Before I could bring the food in to be gobbled up by the boys at work. Now, not so much. I should open up a fakery. Sometimes I wish I could have a virtual fakery, but then people wouldn’t be able to walk in and mmmm at the smells and I wouldn’t be able to decorate. Yes, decorating is important.

For now, I’m destined to be a secret baker I think . . .



Weekend Goodness And Things To Come . . .

This Weekend I . . .

Took a class and built this awesome terrarium!

I also filed for unemployment, had a great date, played mini golf, and had awesome hot wings.


Today I . . .

Made puppydog cookies in the shapes of bones and dogs while Boo patiently waited for scraps. Hmm, making my dog eat dog-shaped cookies. Is this a form of cannibalism?

And . . .

Baked a pie from scratch that I’m praying is good . . .

I also argued for my rights, made stew that I screwed up and then made my best attempt to fix (fingers crossed!), stocked up on groceries and bought a canvas that finally fits the painting I want to do. My feet now want to die and I desperately need a shower.

Tomorrow I . . . will “sleep in”, get the puppydog washed, shower, share a meal and snuggle and do other awesome things.

Who said unemployment can’t be productive and still filled with goodness?