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Weekend Goodness!

It may be a day or two late but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’m ughy right now with the sickness and body cramping and all I want to do is curl up in a dark hole. I tried to leave early today to recoup, couldn’t even do that right. Bummer.

So instead I will first regale you with my amazing weekend in this post and then maybe share tonight’s exciting adventures later. Oh beliiiiiiiieve me, you want to tune in. It’s that good.

Moving on . . . I had a fantastic weekend. And you need to hear about it!

I woke up before the buttcrack of dawn Saturday morning to go watch the hot air balloon launches. When I was a teeny weenie I was taken to the balloon festival and I sat high atop my father’s shoulders in awe. There’s even newspaper photographic evidence of it. I always loved sitting at the top of the world and I’ve always loved that picture. So I thought it was time to go back. With my Dad.

I certainly don’t care about waking up so early when you get to see such amazing things!

Our favorite moment? The golf cart rides back and forth between parking and the festival. So much fun! Wahoo! Can we go again? Afterwards I went home and fell asleep for a while and then when out to dinner. All in all a good Saturday.

Sunday was filled with renewed goodness. First up . . . the farmer’s market! I’m a big fan and supporter of farmer’s markets and produce stands. I think it’s good to support local and even better, to get fresh food and flowers! I scooped up fresh potatoes, lettuce, red onions, a giant bouquet of flowers and a perfectly lovely hardy fuchsia plant for $5. Yes please! And it was the perfect day out. Could not have asked for anything better.

After that, I grabbed some lunch and then went kayaking in the afternoon. I went for the first time last summer and was instantly addicted, but unfortunately couldn’t go again that season. I’m so happy to have gotten to go again. It was warm, but not hot. The wind was very light if at all. And it felt perfect to be back rowing again. Though it wasn’t nearly as long as I would have preferred, it was a great way to spend the afternoon. I’m hoping to be past this bloody cold soon so I can go back again this weekend. It would be spectacular!

I finished the evening off with my first ever trip to Joe’s Crab Shack. And while I could take or leave the crab, the coconut shrimp were amazing and sitting outside on the water, I could think of no better setting to finish out the weekend.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend as well and that you’re gearing up for the holiday to come!

Hugs & Love


Blood, Guts & Golf . . . A Weekend Of Goodness

After work on friday I . . .

Went golfing! Hoorah! I’m really loving the golfing thing right now. It’s something to focus on and have fun with. Not to mention the beautiful scenery, the arm workout and the good-looking men. Confession: I thought it was older gentlemen playing golf. Not so! There’s a wide range of menfolk and this makes it that much better. It’s like a fun bonus! After that I went to go see Super 8 at the movie theater. It was awesome! It’s like a 70’s/80’s era cross between goonies and ET. I highly recommend!

Despite going to bed late, I woke up early Saturday and I . . .

drove to the ‘couv and finally gave blood!!! You don’t even know how delightful it is to be able to say that I was finally able to give blood. It blows my mind that only something like 37% of the population can give yet only 8% do. And there’s so many misconceptions out there! It was so important to me to do this so I’m thrilled I can finally say that. I even got to learn the difference between Platelets and Plasma . . . do you know what the difference is? After everything was said and done and I my cheese-its were eaten, I was surprisingly pooped. So much so, I crashed in bed for four hours. 

When I woke up, I . . .

Was starving!!! I had the choice between lunch time or nap time, I chose nap. By then, my stomach was eating my backbone. So I hopped over for chicken skewers and fruit salad and then hung out with a friend and succumbed to the awesomeness that is Sons of Anarchy. I’m doomed now.

The Next Day . . .

Was father’s day!!! I love my pops mucho. I also love a guy who doesn’t always make a big hubub about it all. I took Boo in for a doggy wash, then had lunch with a friend and despite planning on taking the big man to a movie later, I brought home a new grill thinking that setup would be a synch. Hahaha, yeah right. Such malarkey. I think I said more swear words that afternoon than I have all month. But by golly, I was determined and by 8:30pm and a store run later, I was ‘a grillin’ weiners. Oh yeah. Now I’m addicted!

Can’t wait for more!