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Things I Love Thursday


 I’ve always loved the mercedes ad above. I feel like my brain looks like that. Splat. When I try to control it, it looks like the left side. When I let it loose, the right. I like the right side better.

I hope you are all having a lovely and stupendous week thus far. Friday’s almost here! I hope you’re no sweltering and able to get out and enjoy summer, especially the Ptowners. There’s no excuse kiddies. Soon enough, it will be gone and you’ll wonder where it all went. I hardly know where june and july went. That being said, I came to the most delightful realization yesterday . . . I think I’ve finally come to the point where I’m not afraid to be generally vulnerable with someone else again. The thought of dating doesn’t make me want to throw up. Kinda scary. Change can be so constant that you don’t know it is happening until it already has. I love it! My other loves this week . . .

Kayaking Last Weekend ~ Each time I go is a different experience and this is the first time going on my own. And it was glorious! I didn’t have to worry about anyone else and could go at my own pace. When I wanted to stop I did, when I wanted to oooo and awww at the wildlife I did and when I wanted to sunbathe and float my way back to the boat house . . . I did. More please!

Goodwill ~ I finally committed to the clean out. X amount of bags to Goodwill and TY later and I feel like a much happier woman!

Lunch On The Water w/ The Rents ~ Who doesn’t love lunches outside?! On the water . . . with rents. Not to mention cheese enchiladas and giant margaritas that will float away a sailor. The best part? For once I wasn’t the one drooling on myself and we had the most awesome squeaky umbrella. Be jealous.

Les Miserables ~ Last night I went to the touring show of Les Miserables and oh my geez, it was spectacular!!! I bought the ticket on a whim thinking it’d be something to see since I had sung the music many a year ago. I was excited, I thought it would be fun. I was not prepared for it to be breathtaking. The story alone is a bit gut-wrenching, but the caliber of these performers was absolutely beautiful. Truly beautiful. And every show is set to be a full house. I haven’t seen that in ages. I would go again in a heartbeat!

Little Loves . . .

Moving forward  Jewelery deliveries  Clean tshirts  Healing  The smell of sunscreen  Planning a magical trip in the nearer future  Sharing pb&j with the puppydog ♥ The dahlia farm  Giving yourself permission to take a personal day  Gigunda jewelery polishing cloths  Having all of the RvB seasons!  Finally repairing my necklace. I can’t even stand how excited I am for it! It’s so nice to be able to wear it again.  Ripping apart the tank top frill I couldn’t stand and making it manageable. Haven’t decided completely what to do with the top, but t least I can wear it now.  Dates to Ripper plays  “So where did you go?”  Taking the puppydog to the dog park. She gets so excited!  ♥ New music heaven ♥ Snail mail opera tickets! Wahoots!  When it rains it pours. Oh yeah baby  El Patio  Gym Class Heroes  Pay Day!  Gala getting married. And I expected nothing less than splendid pink. Congrats girlykins!  The sunshine shining on all the giant cobwebs I need to get on the ball with. Ok, not all of them, hehe.  Discovering my pink skully bandana again. Now I have a hankering to wear it. ♥ Thoughts of the Oregon Garden, Seattle, Bend and the beach. Where to first?!  Ice cream sandwiches 80 degree weather. You’re beautiful. Can you warm up a few days in August so I can go swimming? Beyond that, I love you! ♥

There’s A Hole In The Boat In The Bottom Of The Sea


Happy Thursday lovies!



Things I Love Thursday!


Is it friday yet? ‘Cause I’d really like it to be friday. I haven’t been giving my body the proper rest it deserves and now it’s biting back. I think it might be a tea morning. I went to bed waaaay too late again last night and then was treated to the pleasant sounds of the puppydog’s upset tummy starting at 5am. Yum! Poor Boo. Poor Me. Must. Sleep. Ugh. Other than that though things are good. It really needs to warm back up here in Ptown. We got one really good day in the 80’s and then tanked again. It is depressing lol. I want sunshine! I could be awake for sunshine. Well, hopefully you all are drenched in goodness and sunshine this thursday. And love . . .


 Kalhua Brownies & Family Dinners ~ Last night was family dinner night at the gparent’s place. It was so nice to be able to go and relax and talk with everyone. I even made Kalhua brownies for the occasion complete with Kalhua frosting on the side. And I will admit, they came out pretty good. But my favorite thing . . . corn! I’ve had such a hankering for corn on the cob lately like nobody’s business. It really hit the spot.

 Tickety Goodness ~ I finally bit the bullet and bought tickets to the things I’ve been wanting to see this summer. I bought a ticket for Matisyahu at the zoo at the end of July and a ticket for Les Mis at the beginning of August. I’m sooooo excited for Matisyahu, I’ve been wanting to see him live FOREVA. And from what I’ve seen, I think he might be better live. And Les Mis, I think I’m wanting to see it because of nostalgic reasons (I’ve sung the music) and because I didn’t want to regret not going when I had the opportunity. The first box seat in the first row doesn’t hurt too badly either. Hehe. One ticket left to buy though. Still debating on buying a ticket to Pink Martini in Bend at the end of July. I’d really like to stay there again and I loved the last concert. I think the big debate is on whether or not to stay there one night or two. Last time I did one night and it was fun, but felt a little rush. We shall see . . .

Little Loves . . . 

♥ Being in a good place again  Buying a grill! Oh my geez. And now my Dad fixed the side shelves by adding bolts so I’m doubly happy!  Late nights of good clean fun  Perfecting my golf swing and winning ♥ Super 8. So much fun!  Getting back to my budget  Deer crossings  Cooking more at home again   Achieving my credit card goal this month  Sleeping in with Boo  My mom: “It’s ok if you want to do golf balls instead.”  Tackling the endless clothes pile at the foot of my bed finally  Sons of Anarchy. I’ve become addicted. Crap.  Warm summer days heading our way again  Dreaming of wearing scarfs and skirts again  My Dad after telling him of his F-day gift: “Oh geez, how much did that set you back?!” Me: “Nunya . . . Nunya business pops.”  Clean Boo. Who doesn’t love when their dog smells clean?  Pork products on the fly. My family would be so proud.  Learning the difference between platelets and plasma  Contemplating training again. I need to do something with this lifestyle because being a couch potato just don’t cut it  Planning the gun range, kayaking and Seattle this month. Can’t wait!  Family dinners  Kalhua brownies  Don’t think, just do.  Commando  Linen pants. So comfy!  Breaking out my blue wedges again finally  Baby wipes: they smell good, they clean things and now they come in awesome packaging. It’s a trifecta!  A clean sweep this weekend. I really need to finish my house cleaning. I can’t take it anymore!  Peonies, delicious peonies. ♥  Farmer’s markets. I’m definitely going this weekend . . .



Happy Thursday lovies!