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Fill In The Blank Friday!

1.   The best way to spread Christmas cheer is . . . smiles, merry wishes and giving! Not just gift giving  and pulling one’s hair out, but also genuine from the heart giving. If you can, find a way to give to others. 
2.   The thing I love most about Christmas is . . .  Christmas lights, candy canes and surprising my friends & family
3.  The holiday season is a time for . . .  counting your blessings and telling the crazy ladies to stow their shit away and stop being so nutty.


4. My favorite thing to eat at the holidays is . . . cheese and magic bars. Both are staples in my house this time of year!
5.  I will be spending Christmas . . . taking Boo to the dog park, getting her new Xmas treats, soaking my cares away in big warm tub, cooking Pot Roast, going to church, and opening prezzies with the fam.

6.  Tis better to (give or receive?) . . .  Give! I love to give. But let’s face it, receiving can certainly be fun too.

7.  I’m dreaming of a . . . relaxing & loving . . . Christmas.


This Week’s To-Do’s


Happy Monday everyone. Frankly, I just have to start out by saying that this getting light later thing is really killing my body clock. I supremely miss waking up to a sunshine filled room. Bummer. Anywho . . . I haven’t been home much lately so my goal this week is to be and to get ‘er done. My house feels like a mini tornado went through it and that just won’t do. I did dishes last night and washed some blankets, but definitely not enough to make me feel content. So, I feel like the only way to measure anything would be a list o’ to-do’s. Here’s mine:

2 loads of dishes 1 load of dishes
2 blanket laundry loads 1 blanket laundry load
Kitchen floor
Put away misc kitchen items & switch out fridge magnets
Put cover back on couch
Scrub down bathroom
Toss away junk mail
Vacuum floor
Recycle cardboard boxes
Wash sheets
Dark laundry load
Light laundry load
Find home for all clothing
Switch out bath linens
Tidy dresser
Give away man products
Take clothes to TY
Get tag removed
Exchange CWC necklace
Take Boo to park at least 3 times
Go to dahlia farm
Get brakes looked at
Read at least two times
Paint at least two times
No excess tv to fill time
Be awesome


What’s on your to-do list this week lovies?


Relax, Cupcake


After a week or so of not really substantially writing, I feel like now is about time. Some things that have been going on: I got sick for three weeks and finally feel back to “normal” – or at least back to allergies, kayaked twice, got a tetanus shot for shits & giggles that turned into a dead arm all week, tore my ankle tendons in my left foot and broke my right foot slightly.I think that about sums it up in a nutshell. Oh yeah and it started raining again in Oregon. I don’t think this state got the memo that it’s July and supposed to be summer. Well it better get the indian summer memo otherwise we’re going to have to have a discussion.

More than anything though, I’ve been trying to sort through some things and figure out where in the world I want to go from here. What I’ve been doing the last coupled of weeks has sort of been no bueno so I’m thinking it’s about damn time to shake things up again. I don’t care where I go as long as it is in a forward direction.

In an effort towards that direction, I’ve decided I need to come back to lists and goal setting. I will later come up with my goals for the next month and a half or so, but for now, here are my goals for today and this weekend:


⇒ Take out trash
⇒ Put away clean clothes
⇒ Run two dishwasher loads
⇒ Dark load of laundry
⇒ Light load of laundry
⇒ Tidy kitchen
⇒ Tidy entryway
⇒ Tidy dresser top
⇒ Clear floor & put keep items away
⇒ Get goodwill bag together & take away – be honest and get rid of lots o’ stuff!!!

This Weekend:

⇒ Find portable drive!
I lost this a couple of weeks or go and it has to be somewhere in the house or in my car, but alas, I really need to hunt it down

⇒ Stay away from technology
I’ve become a bit dependent and shall we say, addicted as of late. This bugs the bujesus out of me! It’s supposed to assist you, not be you lifeline for breathing. It needs to go away for a bit.

⇒ Make budget for end of July & August
I’ve really fallen off the budget wagon the last two months so I need to get honest with myself about my current debt load, the time and effort it will take to pay off and what realistically I need to do to make that happen.

⇒ Bill client to get paid
I need money. It’s pretty straight forward.

⇒ Finish up work for other client
See above.

⇒ Read
I don’t care what I read, but I’m telling myself to read for at least 30 minutes sometime this weekend. 30 minutes, it’s not that long. You can do it.

⇒ Go to the farmer’s market & get new flowers

⇒ Finish cleaning out my car
I cleaned up my back seat earlier this week, but my trunk is still a disaster from traveling & various fun activities. And since it’s hidden, who doesn’t just shove stuff in there? Blankets, shoes, golf clubs, dead bodies . . . it’s all become a bit ridiculous. Needs to be fixed.

So there’s my goals for this weekend. I have hopes. I’ll keep you posted!


Things I Love Thursday!

Oh thursday, you are wonderful! Delightful even! This week has been quick, but I find it to be a good thing in regards to my health. I’m still recovering from this crappy cold/flu thing so endless sleep is still sounding glorious to me. I’m just about over it so long as I can get rid of this stupid head sniffle bologna. It’s so nice and lovely out, all I want is to have my energy back and to go play in the sun. I’m doing a little bit more each day so I’m taking that as a positive sign!

Mary Poppins Tickets ~ I bit the bullet. I wasn’t really planning on it, it just sort of popped into my head. I got a discount on the tickets and the allure of the box seats were calling to me. So I bit the bullet and now my friend and I are going to see the chimney sweeps on Sunday. Secretly, I’m giddy with excitement. Another cultural even, a fun broadway show and songs that make me smile. Oooo la la!

New Hairs ~ There’s few things as fantastic feeling as a new do! Ok ok, there are lots of things that feel fantastic, but by golly that will not be diminishing my sheer joy for new hairs. I love my hair gal, she’s super sweet and flexible beyond belief for my schedule. And she was patient enough to wait with me during a “brief” unexpected delay prior to getting started. What a doll! And now I can feel human and pretty again. Now I can have a foxy day tomorrow. Magnifique!

 Hardy Fuschias ~ I’m secretly in love with this nursery booth at the farmer’s market. They have great prices and beautiful plants. I’m addicted to their $5 hardy fuschia plants. I bought one and then went back for more. Now, I really should plant them . . .

Little Loves . . . 

Red gummy bears. They’re nostalgic.  80 degree weather! It’s so lovely to have warm sunny weather that’s perfect for crops and tops.  Long-time-no-see-friend hugs  Getting over it. Sometimes, you just need to.  Sweet pea bunches  Teriyaki chicken and beef kabobs. I’m in LUV!  My new huge chair. I love the big chair. Sadly though, I have a feeling Boo is using it during the day. Not sure how I feel about that . . .  Tank tops. I may not love my arms right now, but sometimes you need as little clothing as possible.  Learning new things again at work. First it was exchange, now it’s forms. I may not want to do it all, but it’s nice to know.  Head scarves and bandanas  Sidewalk chalk drawings  Feeling clean. There is nothing like a nice shower after feeling all icky.  Chocolate cream pie. I rarely have pie, let alone decadent pie, but this was delicious!  Remembering on pay-day a big expense I had forgotten about while budgeting. Phew! Foxy day tomorrow “No, it’s the hand-job police” Deodorant. I know, it’s a common thing. But really, you should love it too. Scheduling my hotel room for Bend. I’m so excited!!! Now just need to buy my ticket. “I accept that”  Evening talks with Pops on the porch Feeling back to “normal” again

 Sucker Punch. I finally watched it and it was exactly how I hoped.


 Hugs & Love for Thursday perfection!


Happy Independence Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  

Whether you have plans for epic BBQing or fun in the sun or the bestest firework show ever, I hope that you have a great day and will take a moment to also remember what a beautiful opportunity each day is.

I am thankful for . . .

My Freedom:
to do and say whatever I please and to be whatever I want

My Friends & Family:
they are what support me and water my roots

My Life:
though sometimes turbulent, it is full of constantly evolving potential and I am grateful for the comfort and safety I am able to enjoy

My 4th of July Dog:
Who woulda thunk that my firework surprise could bring so much light and love

The Men & Women:
To those who have come before me and fought for my rights and to those still fighting, you have my heart

And because I just couldn’t help myself, it’s not the same without this gem . . .


 Alright kiddies, be safe and don’t blow your hands off. Go forth and eat too much food.

Hugs & Love!

Peony Gardens and Operation Clean Sweep

I woke up this morning to a room full of sunshine. What a wonderful way to wake up! Who could ask for anything better? Ok, maybe add kisses to that. I could be really happy waking up to sunshine and kisses. I laid in bed for a while with the puppydog. Finally made myself watch Get Low. Thankfully it was exactly what I expected. Dark with some amusing moments, not half bad all together. This weekend I watched Salt, Get Low and The Rite. All of which I’ve been meaning to see. I consider this to be productive.

After that I made myself finally get up and on with the day. I made up the car and packed up Boo for a road trip to the Peony gardens. I heart mini road trips. Long enough to relax and short enough not to kill your entire day. The first place was super easy to find. It was truly a beautiful sight – rows upon rows of peonies. For a girl who loves peonies, it was lovely! Unfortunately they were in transition with bringing out new buckets of purchasable flowers, but I think I made out like a bandit with a bouquet of four fluffy white & pink ones and four deep red ones that have petals surrounding a center puff. I love that each flower is different. Unique. For the sake of things, I also travelled down the road to another peony grower and boy am I glad I did! Though quite the jaunt up a back dirt road that leads you into the middle of nowhere, you’re kept company along your journey by wandering quail and lush greenery. It’s like going to wonderland once you come out of it all. And you know I’d have to buy four of those giant peonies the size of dinnerplate dahlias. Amazing! I will definitely be partaking in the goodness of peonies for as long as humanly possibly this season.

Afterwards I came back up to town and had lunch outside with the lovely Miss K. It was so nice to stress out with someone else over salad, pesto pasta and bread. Sometimes, you really need to know you aren’t alone. I’m feeling a lil better about my stressing, but definitely still a work in progress. I pray this week will be tons better! Then I came home and took a nap. I think I’ve been wearing myself down to the point of exhaustion. This breaking down and rebuilding stuff is a bitch. But I guess it’s the only way to move forward. Three hours later, definitely not what I meant to do, I took a little trip to the store for dinner and then came home and watched reruns for an hour. Nothing like a good rerun that you can half watch but don’t have to fully commit to.

And then the urge hit . . . The cleaning urge.

They say that your surroundings and home reflect your current mental state. If that’s true, I’m a ridiculous mess. I’ve been avoiding cleaning like the plague and it definitely looked like it. So I’m the girl who starts cleaning the house like a mad woman at 8 o’clock on a sunday night because I just can’t take it anymore. A dishwasher load, two laundry loads, a kitchen scrub, a crazy lady vacuum spree and a living room tidy later and I’m pooped! But I feel a helluva lot better about starting the day fresh tomorrow. I think I’m going to go to work tomorrow and then come home and finish with the clean sweep. I’ve been avoiding it too long and it’s about damn time I wade my way through it.

Today was made for goodness and getting things done. Here’s to today and tomorrow!

Hugs & Love!


Weekend Thingy Things


Ok, so I’m going to blog and then go on about my day. It’s kind of a late start today because I stayed up mucho late last night cleaning. I know, I’m weird. Most twenty-somethings are staying up late bar hopping or clubbin, I’m at home cleaning. Oh yeah baby. The excitement abounds! The truth is, my house is a mess. I hate saying that out loud because that means it’s been bugging me for a while and I haven’t done much about it. No bueno. But frankly, I can’t take it anymore. Being in other people’s homes makes me realize how much ridiculous crap I have. Being in hotel rooms makes me realize how much I don’t want to have these things. And losing weight makes me realize I really need to get realistic about what I’m wearing. I’m not allowed to bring anything else home until I do. I can finally see the top of my dresser and it looks good. Though I don’t often adhere to it, I am a firm believer that everything has its place and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t belong. I’ve been hanging on to things I thought I would use or hang up, but didn’t. Not cool.

So it’s purge day! I’m holding myself hostage until this is done. I can’t come out and play until I’m content with my progress. I’m getting rid of the books I have no interest in reading, the knick knackS I don’t love, the useless items I have no need of and the clothes I don’t wear. And I have a full list of things to get done before I leave tomorrow for perfect goodness! It’s good to write down your plan so then you know what to do and you’re committed, so here’s mine:

  • Get dressed (a good start)
  • Return bottles & cans for extra spending dough
  • Buy compost
  • Finish laundry
  • Take out recycling once and for all!
  • Dishwasher load
  • Sort through all clothing and make giveaway pile
  • Put all clothes away
  • Sort through entryway, table and hallway mail (yes, there’s too many places.)
  • Tidy & dust
  • Vacuum
  • Use Spotbot Pet for the first time!
  • Dismantle workstation table and relocate dog crate
  • Clean bathroom & change out linens
  • Hang painting in bathroom

I think that’s a good start. I may add more to that list later, but for now, that’s my goal. I’m off like a dirty shirt!