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Things I Love Thursday!


Things I Love Thursday!

This week has been one of the most difficult ones as of late. Gut-wrenchingly difficult. I’ve been a hormonal mess, my face “leaked” 4 times in less than 24 hours and I had to be unbelievably straight forward and throw myself under the bus. Grant you, it was all my own doing, but when it’s something you never had the pieces for until now, it’s difficult to avoid. Despite all of these things, I am also grateful that it is happening now. Because I know it is suppose to. Before my class all of this probably would have been my undoing. But with it, I know it’s all built upon each other and moving forward, however trudging that may be, is starting to live from an honest and truly genuine place. Something I hope all people can strive for.

♥ Goodbye (temporarily) Dinner ~ My good gal pal Kpooh is leaving the country for two months next week. Ack! So in true JKJ fashion, we are doing it up in style. It’s easy when you’re busy (re: lazy) friends to get into a comfortable food rut. Well that won’t be happening tonight sir! Through my wonderful friend standing up for her needs of not being the one to come into town, we are brringing the town to her. By going out on the town. You dig? I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on getting gusied up and having a great night with my girls.

♥ Terrarium Class ~ A  month ago I got this random email from one of my favorite nurseries about classes they were doing. And wouldn’t you know it, smack dab on the list is terrariums! For those who don’t know, terrariums are class containers (i.e. vases, jars, big and small aquariums, hanging bulbs, etc) that are then potted with small fragile plants like ferns, mosses, air plants, etc. Think “ship in a bottle” for plants. I’ve been in love with them for the last year or so and always wanted to know how to do them. I’m super stoked for class!

♥ Date Night! ~ Finally date night is here! Having to wait two weeks is not.so.easy. But it makes for a good build. And I have a good feeling that a fun time will be had by all.

Little Loves . . .

♥ Air plants ♥ Pants deliveries! I’m praying my package gets here today or tomorrow before date night. ♥ Honesty ♥ The deli lady that I always thought was crabby. Turns out she’s not, she’s focused and purposeful. I’m coo wit dat. Any woman who remember my dark rye bread without me saying and knows I meant pan roasted when I just said turkey on accident is my hero. ♥ Daffodils ♥ Sticking to no caffeine or sugar (mostly) ♥ Late night convos ♥ Genuinely laughing ♥ Simple sandwiches ♥ Hope ♥ Comfy Jeans ♥ Finally doing laundry! ♥ Boo letting me have the bed at night and then coming up to snuggle in the morning ♥ Fun pink color on my toes. I needed a little love! ♥ Going through the perfume section in Ulta on to come to the conclusion that I prefer the men’s scents rather than the women’s. ♥ Throwing away my desk pumpkin. It had become so much of a staple that I hadn’t been seeing it anymore. Ugh! ♥  Trimming my nails super short. Sometimes it’s good to look unified. It’s classy. ♥ A couple days of little to no rain. I’m loving the little sun breaks! ♥ “A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins and “No One Like You” by the Scorpions ♥

Wishing you all a lovely end to your week!





Now Introducing . . .


Come visit me at my new self hosted (and easier to find) site, RemindMeOfLove.com! Same rad things you love, new wonderful sparkle and glam coming your way with paintings, giveaways and more. I dearly hope to see every one of my lovely ladies and jellyspoons there. Here’s to new goodness!

Hugs & love!


A Love Letter To November


The best way to show November your love is to enjoy it and live in it. I feel like today was the complete embodiment of that in the most delicious way.

To be honest, I had planned to work all day long, but I think the universe had something else in mind. And I’m so glad it did! After a week of weird dreams and semi-conciousness, I made myself get a little extra sleep this morning. Then Boo and I lounged together and I made myself get up and look presentable. Yes, this takes persuasion on a weekend day. But by golly I did an outstanding job. I think it’s important to show yourself a little love on your day off. It shows that you mean something to yourself.

After that, I dropped off the dry cleaning and started making my way to NoPo for yummy coffee goodness at Jim & Patty’s. Never been? GO. And what did I stumble across along my travels? The year-round Hollywood farmer’s market! Oh my stars! I’m so incredibly excited to find out that there’s a close year round market. I get bummed each year at the end of farmers market season because I love fresh goodies in my kitchen. So of course I had to stop. I was helpless. I found myself parallel parking and walking in the rain amongst the tents of goodness . . . Asian pears, giant bunches of celery, humongo garlic cloves, scrumptious tomatoes and onions and big bags of lettuce . . . it magically all ended up coming home with me. I can’t wait to cook this week!

Eventually I finally made it to coffee, but alas it was beyond full there so it was coffee-a-go-go. But of course, there’s always time to talk to the mocha minions and plot our gangsta crew. Complete with buttons too! We might have to discuss our world domination again soon. On my way home to finally commit to doing work the gal pal called and we spur-of-the-moment coordinated lunch plans. But of course, in between I managed to squeeze in a little henna work at new place in SE on Belmont. I heart groupon for turning me on to this place. Silk & Stone is a great studio with lots of variety and quality products. And, the gal was able to fit me in as a walk in and do a stunning job. I’m so very happy with it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it completely dries and flakes off. Eeeeeee! After that, I met up with Kpooh for hugs and lunch at the Original Taco House on Powell. I have distinctly fond memories of this place from when I was little with my mom and I am pleased to say that it’s still just as good. Thoughtful conversation and yummy food always makes for goodness.

And finally, after an unexpected day of gallivanting around, I made it home safe and sound and in one piece. And ready to work. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to get my domain up and converting over to self hosting at wordpress.org and it feels like it’s been anything but easy. I’m a tech nerd that had to call godaddy three times. Thank heavens for their awesome support team! I have mucho respect for fellow support staffers and I love coming across great ones that do their job well. It makes me smile. So I was finally able to get things in a happier place technologically speaking; now if I could only figure out that server error. A to-do for tomorrow.

I have high hopes for November and thus far it’s shaping up nicely. How’s your November?


Hugs & Love!



Things I Love Thursday!

Things I Love Thursday!

What? You mean I actually have to post to have readers? Banish the thought!

I’ve been back for two or so weeks now and frankly, I’ve been lam-e’. Giant fail stick. Ok really not all that lame, but I’ve been a bit devoid of the writing bug. Things have exploded at work, but in an organized, “night-time tellie sort of way”. My dog sorta hates me because I’ve been spending less time with her recently and my pops more so. The kid’s always gotta have a favorite. But I’m looking forward to taking her out more for walks and spending more time at home here in the fall and winter months. Of course, as I write this she comes barging in to make her presence known. It’s like she knows she’s being typed about, hehe. I let go of someone who stopped being about goodness and have been ushered back into the solitary life of being comfortable with one’s feelings and own vulnerability again. I hate dating. I hate training myself all over again that vulnerability is the way to be. It’s unpleasant lol. But I know it will bring good things as they are supposed to come. So I’m back to focusing on work, enjoying the season and painting again! 

Fall ~ I may not have been prepared for the “sudden” nippyness of fall, but I feel like halfway into October and I’m finally coming around. I’ve been breaking out the socks, enjoying long-sleeved shirts again and I’m thrilled that my hair is much happier. I spent all summer with my hair up practically . . . sometimes you just gotta let it down. It’s getting nippy out and the rain has officially arrived, but as an Oregonian, I’m good at acclimating. How are you faring this fall?

Pumpkin Picking ~ For me, pumpkin picking is an important tradition. I usually end up going by myself, but it’s always a fun little outing. This year I found the perfect big round orange pumpkin that will be perfect for SOA and a smaller albino pumpkin that I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with. And of course, as is tradition, I also came home with some mini-boos and gifted my boys at work with some seasonal cheer. I’m not entirely thrilled with the effort that the great pumpkin goodness shall entail, but I just keep reminding myself that there are pumpkin seeds to be had at the end of the tunnel!

Football ~ I will probably repeat this next week, but I’m so terribly excited that I can hardly stand it and just don’t care. I was doing my job and got wind of a local non-profit group selling cheap tickets to a Seahawks game next weekend. And me being me, of course I scooped some up! And of course I wrangled some of my boys into coming with me. Football beer! Tailgating could be fun, if not I can always go wander off for an hour or two before the game and see what I want to see and then come back. It’s always good to have a temporary exit strategy, hehe. But I’m so excited for a road trip and football!

My Little Loves . . .

“Jams head tush” ♥ Puppydog snores ♥ Getting back into the swing of things ♥ Coming home to giant towers of clean clothes because you had the forethought to wash everything before you left  Rainy weather  Buying giant umbrellas – it’s going to rain, it’s a fact. Might as well be prepared and dry  Big fuzzy socks  Giddy excitement for tights and boots ♥ Sleeping in my own bed again  Conversations about the necessity of sexy panties and feel good undies  Onion soup  Polka dots  Seeing my friend in her wedding dress ♥ Humongo brownies  tv on the puter ♥ Baking apple pie from scratch and trying to recall the recipe  Curls a’plenty ♥ Learning to relax. And to repeatedly tell myself that.  Discounts to PBO  Managing to unzip my tights from my boots and not rip them  Fuschia pink bras  Comfy black pants  Allowing someone the opportunity to be great  Ted Danson on CSI. I’m kinda diggin’ it. ♥ Fuzzy socks and heavy blankets  Giving blood again. Sometimes I feel like a dorky crusader of the red stuff, but I’m really happy it’s something I can do. I can’t believe two months has gone by already!  Upcoming trips to the ballet, PBO and LOTR with the symphony. Oh my!  Changing hair seasons. My hair and it’s styles adapt to the seasons as they change so it’s nice to be in a new hair season.  Thinking of pumpkins and face paints and last days of farmer’s markets  Getting the hockey bug again ♥ Sock monkeys  Dreaming up a good wedding gift for my friend ♥ My henna tattoo lightly fading, but enough to make me smile still  Occupy Portland  One final chance to go kayaking for the season. It was the greatest run yet! Such a release!  Freaks & geeks night at the art museum  Zucchini bread muffins . . . and FINALLY getting the chance to eat them myself.  Sleep. It’s one of life’s little necessities that truly is lovely.  LOTR with an orchestra and a choir with my moomoo! Stayed just long enough for goodness.  A week of dress up at work. My feet are killing me from all of the heels, but it’s nice to utilize this part of my wardrobe  commiserating with fellow earlies about shared frustration. Sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t completely off base. Knowing you’re doing ok Dreaming of snuggly weekends of hunkering down Game of Thrones. I haven’t figured out why I’m addicted, but I am. I long to know what happens!


This song by Damien Rice


Happy Thursday lovelies!


Hello Miss


♥ Hello Miss ♥


 Happy September folks! And labor day for that matter too. Like my pic from the beach last weekend? Not half bad, if I do say so myself. I had a week of craptasticness at work last week, but since there’s so much goodness right now that I’d rather celebrate that instead.

Things of goodness:

★ The cute lil man who nodded as I was walking to my car at the market and said “Hello Miss”. I love that. It was the most horrid day and for him to say hello and call me miss, it made me grin from ear to ear.

★ Date Night. It’s really nice to have goodness again.

★ Banana bread muffins. I’ve been getting back into cooking in the last month or two and it’s so nice. I’m loving having fresh-baked goods, saving money and bringing lunches to work more often. It’s a trifecta of awesomeness! Of course, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that the pops and Boo love banana bread muffins too . . . You’d think I put crack in them.

★ Waking up to green flowy curtains in a room of simpleness. I paid a visit to the rents this weekend and they were so sweet to put me up for the night. I love staying over, it’s like a mini vacation. Waking up in the snuggly bed and the green flowy curtains. I love it.

★ I discovered Jim & Patty’s on Fremont! You don’t even know how terribly excited I am about it! It’s been a couple of years since Coffee People disappeared from the city and frankly, I’ve been bummed about it. The only reminiscence of it is the last one left at the airport. And people wonder why I volunteer for airport runs, hehe. But alas, the day of greatness came when I found out they have a sequel shop over in the oh-so-charming fremont area. And they made me a velvet hammer!!! I died and went to heaven with each sip. So much so, I might mysteriously find myself over in that area tomorrow as well . . . like magic.

★ So I finally did it, I bit the bullet and fully committed to my trip to California. To be honest, I’ve been himming and hawing all week about making the final purchase of my plane tickets and the reservation for my car. It will definitely be an interesting trip. Early morning flights, 2 hour drives to the desert. But oooo la la, I’m so excited to bask poolside, to visit the botanical garden, to take the air tram up the mountains to dine, to visit Joshua tree and enjoy a little Santa Monica Sunshine. And of course, hear Gala. Oh, and see my family too, hehe. As the month goes on, I can’t help but get more and more delighted! And is it a coincidence that moomoo and I will be at the same airport on the same day at the same time? I think not.

★ Boo. I hate being gone sometimes, but I love coming home to Boo. I’m thinking I need to spend a little more time with her though . . . Pops is getting a little too comfortable (and cocky, hehe) in the caretaker roll. I know the changing of the seasons and being back inside more will help too. I miss the good ole Boo cuddle days.

★ Fireworks!!! I got my fireworks for the year tonight. Sadly, I kind of missed out on anything for 4th of July, so I was delighted not only to hear, but also see all of the beautious fireworks. It warmed my heart with oodles of overflowing joy to finally get to experience them.


What goodness are you celebrating this weekend?


A Very Happy Un-Birthday

Birthdays are kind of funny. I love my birthday, I’m a big fan of it. This year was sort of random though. It was very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I woke up feeling sort of like “huh, this is 26?” Doesn’t really feel like I thought it would. Not sure what I thought, but it’s different.

This year was filled with a whole week of goodness. I took friday off and my mom & I gallavanted up through the gorge to the Bonneville Hot Springs. What an odd place on the outside, kind of reminds me of an early 90’s shilo inn, but inside is stunning. And you can’t really beat a lovely eucalyptus tub soak, a wrap and then a massage. Some massages are great, other ones it’s kind of like “aaaaaah” in an ugh sort of way. Afterwards we skedaddled up along the coast, had pizza in the cutes town and oggled the kite boarders while eating chocolate caramels. Like you do . . . 

Monday was lovely with my friend and her boy toy cooking me a wonderful pot roast meal. It was muy bueno! And then, of course, I persuaded them to come to the driving range with me. Oh yeah baby! My friend gave me a funny look, but then looky what happened . . . she found it supa dupa fun and now she’s golfing all the time. Complete with her own driver and glove. That silly girl should listen more often, hehe.

Tuesday, my actual birthday, was spent at work getting some Happy Birthdays and general well to-dos. I later persuaded my friend to go sail boating with me. You don’t even know how lovely it was! It was the perfect night, no jacket really needed. And you can’t beat being on the water, in a boat for your birthday with the sun setting over the city. And I got to check it off of my list! Eeeeee!

Eventually it was time to head home, but I felt a birthday cannot be complete without a wish. So I drove to the store in search of a cupcake, which of course they didn’t have, and then persuaded myself for chocolate pie, which of course they didn’t have, and then finally settled on chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups and raspberries. It was quite tasty and by the time I returned home, the melty goodness was ripe for pink candles. And because I was making my own wish concoction and because I can, I made three wishes. You should try it!

All in all, a very successful birthday! How do you like to celebrate?



Weekend Goodness

Ya know, I just realized it’s Monday and I still owe several posts from last week! Ugh. But, I figure that the only place to begin is where you are so here I start. This weekend was great and adventurous in a way that only other people can dream about. Or at least I hope it comes off that way, hehe.

I spent early Saturday morning givin’ it up to the blood pirates. Round two went much better this time. My favorite question they always ask me? “What the heck are you doing all the way up here?!” I can’t help the drive, but my loyalty to the group up there because of all of the help they’ve provided is unwavering. Thankfully, I was able to get them to take out of my left arm this time so there wasn’t a dead arm out with one I primarily use. I also found out about the potential for me to give double red cell donations rather than whole blood. They say that for those who can give, sometimes it’s better than whole blood because it can give you an extra bit of oomph back and you aren’t quite as lethargic. The only caveat is that I’d have to wait 4 months between each donation so I’d only be able to give 3 times a year. We shall see I guess. Thankfully this time hasn’t been quite as hard-hitting as the last (knock on wood). Though of course, me being me, I like to put that to the test with things like puppydog washes afterwards and no nap time. Ah, such is the life.

And just to make sure I pushed my potential for exhaustion to the limit, Sunday was extra eventful! I really miss the ability to sleep in. Oh I can nap like nobody’s business, but actually sleeping in doesn’t really happen much anymore. I’m thankful if I make it to 8. That being said, I woke up bright and early and met a friend for a carb-filled breakfast (they said I could) at Cup & Saucer in NoPo. Though definitely slower-than-usual service, it was a meal to be thankful for. I was so stuffed afterwards though!

We suddenly hit a heat wave in Portland this weekend. And I say “heat wave” gingerly for the sheer fact that the rest of the country has been baking their brains like over-easy eggs and we just now hit our first 90+ degree day of the summer. But me being me who just gave blood, and a Portlander, the idea of staying in town baking or staying in my house in the air conditioning all day didn’t sound all that convincing. So instead, I headed out on my own little adventure towards the aquarium.

I don’t take summer vacations so I always forget about summer traveling traffic. It’s the bane of my existence. I hate just sitting with nowhere to go. At least it was a lovely day and I finally got my chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone! Eventually I finally made it and just in time too! I purposely go to places like the aquarium at the end of the day because the potential for less screaming kids is exponential. I will warn that there is a slight hole in this theory in that the ones who are still there . . . are super tired. They’re like little time buzzers, they go off to let you know you’ve spent just enough time at that exhibit and it’s time to move on. Like cranky ushers. That being said, the entire coast line was socked in fog and it was about 20 degrees cooler there than in town so it was wonderful. My favorite exhibits are the sea lions, the fish tunnel, the jellyfish and the tide pool exhibit where you can touch everything. I love tide pools! It’s the kiddy explorer in me.

At 5 I started my trek home. I still have yet to do my beach trip for the year, but being near it was a nice break. However, the drive home quickly reminded me why I stay home during the summer . . . Accident traffic jam. A big one. A quarter of the way into the journey. It wouldn’t be so terrible if there weren’t jack-assey drivers trying to sneak their way in thinking they can get just an inch ahead. I love passing them later on though. So we sat. And sat. And sat some more. And I was reminded quickly that I need to take my car back in to get my breaks looked at. Once finally through, I opted for the detour drive to instead come up the main part of the state on the highway. Knowing that there would definitely be more stoppage, this was so much quicker!

And of course, after my 3 hour drive home (yes, three hours!) I made it just in time for the market deli to still be semi-open and for the wonderful man to help me with chicken skewers and tongs for salad. God bless that man for my stomach was starting to eat my backbone by then.

All in all, a successful weekend. Now back to the grind!