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Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday lovies! Thank heavens. One more day! I need it. This week is running me into the ground a little, but in a good way. I can’t wait to have an excuse to be home all weekend long. It’ll be really nice. I’m sure my domicile will appreciate it too. Between the food that needs to be eaten and the house that needs to be tidied, it’s a good thing to be home.


Birthday Week ~ This week is/has been my birthday week. I know what you’re gonna say . . . it’s only one day. Don’t kid yourself, you take a week too, I’m just the only one admitting it. There’s no way you can do everything with every person that you want to for your birthday. It doesn’t happen. Unless you don’t know anyone. And if that’s the case, I’m sorry, here’s a HUG! It’s a good week to be me 🙂

Commitment ~ I have committed to a bunch of things this week: getting myself back on track financially, treating myself well mentally and physically, creating the life I want again. All of these things, and more, take commitment. I’ve neglected to do so recently because I’ve let other things get in the way of that vision.

Donor Weekend ~ That’s right folks, it’s been two months already. Time to ante up and give a pint. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll stay healthy afterwards and that they can take it out of my left arm this time. Having my right arm be the dead arm all weekend really bites. But I’m excited to give again.


Little Loves . . . 

Portland Cello Project! Acoustic cellos – I can’t wait to see them tonight.  Cooking at home again. It’s been awhile and I’ve been lazy, but I’m loving being back in my kitchen. ♥ Seeing that people I went to school with are now married. It’s weird. And lovely.  Thuggin’ out  Sailing!!! How stupendous it was to be on the water. And I just saw a groupon for another sail. It’s mine!  Kayaking this weekend. I’m really hoping I have the energy or I’ll have to save it for next weekend to meet my August goal.  Birthday coupons for discounts and free food. Who doesn’t love that?  The Baking Bible. I can’t wait to try out some new recipes . . . and I know the perfect test bunnies.  Huge bunches of fresh basil  Buying my hotel groupon for Palm Springs. I cannot wait! ♥ Filling BYOB (bring your own bag) at the market with goodies  Friends who cook dinner for friends   Pretty, girly clutches  Golfing again. After the broken foot, it’s so nice to be “back in the swing of things”! My giant bouquet of market flowers. They make me smile each time I look at them. Birthday duds. You should always feel sexy on your birthday  A spider pin  $5 off postcards to the chiropractor and the waxer Thursdays  The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies pandora station To-the-floor skirts. I’m tall. This doesn’t normally exist for me. Bosses who make an effort. I love mine!  Dorothy Dandridge “So you’re going to put them ahead of you and your health?

 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy


  Save Ferris


This commercial. You are marvelous!


 Happy Thursday!



Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday lovely laddies and jellyspoons. This will be a little shorter TiLT this week because I haven’t been feeling quite up to snuff as of late, my own fault of course. I fully plan on remedying that this weekend! I hope you all are having a tremendous weeks filled with sunshine and goodness. And if not, perk up, tomorrow is friday!

Little Loves . . .

♥ Plum sake & miho. So dangerous, but amazing. I blame the sake! ♥ Fluffy, flowy skirts ♥ Gummy worms. First time in months upon months and it was a sweet treat. ♥ Pluots. I am in LOVE with pluots! ♥ Boo sleeping in her bed lately. It’s nice to be able to stretch out sometimes. ♥ Super casual sundays ♥ The Hangover II. Again. Better this time around. ♥ Feeling sexy again  FINALLY sleeping lots ♥ “He fucked the creative out of me”  ♥ Gala’s guide to flirting. I hope you all read and have delicious flirts! ♥ Car rides with the puppydog ♥ Wearing the skully scarf ♥ “I think my back has a boyfriend and it’s in love” ♥ Whacking balls at Sunset with Kev ♥ Having friday off – with massages ♥ Mini loads of laundry. Sometimes, nothing but that shirt will do. ♥ Having weird dreams again ♥ “Really, what’s the worse that can happen?” ♥ Planning a trip to cali ♥ My birthday next week! ♥ The Perseids meteor shower this weekend. Everyone should watch! Just make sure you get away from the city. ♥ Renewing my license – here’s hoping the picture is much better this year. ♥ Not thinking anymore . . . ♥

♥Marko & Melanie. I haven’t even watched any SYTYCD this season, but I LOVE these two.


 Happy Thursday. Hugs & love! ♥


Blood, Guts & Golf . . . A Weekend Of Goodness

After work on friday I . . .

Went golfing! Hoorah! I’m really loving the golfing thing right now. It’s something to focus on and have fun with. Not to mention the beautiful scenery, the arm workout and the good-looking men. Confession: I thought it was older gentlemen playing golf. Not so! There’s a wide range of menfolk and this makes it that much better. It’s like a fun bonus! After that I went to go see Super 8 at the movie theater. It was awesome! It’s like a 70’s/80’s era cross between goonies and ET. I highly recommend!

Despite going to bed late, I woke up early Saturday and I . . .

drove to the ‘couv and finally gave blood!!! You don’t even know how delightful it is to be able to say that I was finally able to give blood. It blows my mind that only something like 37% of the population can give yet only 8% do. And there’s so many misconceptions out there! It was so important to me to do this so I’m thrilled I can finally say that. I even got to learn the difference between Platelets and Plasma . . . do you know what the difference is? After everything was said and done and I my cheese-its were eaten, I was surprisingly pooped. So much so, I crashed in bed for four hours. 

When I woke up, I . . .

Was starving!!! I had the choice between lunch time or nap time, I chose nap. By then, my stomach was eating my backbone. So I hopped over for chicken skewers and fruit salad and then hung out with a friend and succumbed to the awesomeness that is Sons of Anarchy. I’m doomed now.

The Next Day . . .

Was father’s day!!! I love my pops mucho. I also love a guy who doesn’t always make a big hubub about it all. I took Boo in for a doggy wash, then had lunch with a friend and despite planning on taking the big man to a movie later, I brought home a new grill thinking that setup would be a synch. Hahaha, yeah right. Such malarkey. I think I said more swear words that afternoon than I have all month. But by golly, I was determined and by 8:30pm and a store run later, I was ‘a grillin’ weiners. Oh yeah. Now I’m addicted!

Can’t wait for more!