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Weekend Goodness And Things To Come . . .

This Weekend I . . .

Took a class and built this awesome terrarium!

I also filed for unemployment, had a great date, played mini golf, and had awesome hot wings.


Today I . . .

Made puppydog cookies in the shapes of bones and dogs while Boo patiently waited for scraps. Hmm, making my dog eat dog-shaped cookies. Is this a form of cannibalism?

And . . .

Baked a pie from scratch that I’m praying is good . . .

I also argued for my rights, made stew that I screwed up and then made my best attempt to fix (fingers crossed!), stocked up on groceries and bought a canvas that finally fits the painting I want to do. My feet now want to die and I desperately need a shower.

Tomorrow I . . . will “sleep in”, get the puppydog washed, shower, share a meal and snuggle and do other awesome things.

Who said unemployment can’t be productive and still filled with goodness?



Things I Love Thursday! A Thankful Edition




Little Thankful Things . . .

♥ My dad cooking breakfast ♥ Folding scarves ♥ Whimsical designs ♥ Frosted flakes ♥ Cooking with my mom ♥ Alice’s restaurant ♥ $7 sunglasses ♥ Sweater tights ♥ Polka dot dresses ♥ Painted hands ♥ Clean clothes ♥ Flannel pj pants ♥ Dirty Boo & Clean Boo ♥ My jacked black tea mugs ♥ Hats, hats hats ♥ My Jim & Patty’s weekend tradition ♥ Flirty fireman ♥ Laying in bed and listening to the rain  ♥ A clean house ♥ The color red ♥ Fingerless gloves ♥ Knitted headbands ♥ The smell of tide ♥ Running into the store three times for people other than myself so they won’t have to ♥ Safe travels and no traffic ♥ Friends near and far sending good wishes and love ♥ Nap time with Boo ♥ Giving myself permission to cancel unnecessary things this week. Sometimes you have to show yourself a little love too. ♥ Finishing paintings that I’ve been avoiding foreva ♥ Dancing in the kitchen in leg warmers ♥ Having a spaz moment in the grocery store. It is important to forgive others when they do it because we are all succeptable. Have patience and smile.  ♥ My gma’s heart surgery going well ♥ That I’m probably not going to get up with the masses for black friday shopping. I’m not that desparate. ♥


On this a day when families and friends gather and break bread, I find myself being measuredly thankful. I am not clouded with the illusion that this day wasn’t born out of theft, ill will and pilledging, but as is the american spirit, we like to put a positive spin on things. Every day is an opportunity to say thank you and be giving, though most forget it. Especially around the holidays. So often it is riddled with drama or the frantic purchasing and money scrimping. But if there’s ever a time in our recent fiscal history as a society to remember the true heart behind such things, now would be it. I wish you all a day filled with love and laughter and delight. Safe travels, good food and happy nap time. Try not to elbow anyone out of the way tomorrow and remember it’s only a thing . . . not the end of the world. And that looney tune next to you with heavy bags under their eyes licking their lips over the last plushy toy could be more desperate than you. And they could have a gun and a shovel. Let it go and smile. Better to have good karma than a plushy anyway.

Wishing you all hugs & love and a wonderful turkey day! Gobble gobble.



Things I Love Thursday!



Happy thursday luvas! I think this is a pretty good summation of things right now. Especially with coming off a monster amount of caffeine last weekend and trying to button down the hatches this weekend. Between the day job of doom and the night job of light, there’s so much to get done! I’m not even ready to contemplate the holidays yet. Three words . . . cheap cheap cheap. It will be the chipper chicken this year. But it will be good. My holiday wreaths are ordered and I plan to get my cards done stupendously early. The holiday rush is not an option this year! Oh, and welcome to my new site and be sure to stay tuned at the end of my post for a teaser of my first mini painting. More to come this weekend!

A Week! ~ A week? Eeeek! I have a little less than a week to get everything in place with my shop and site. Can we say uber stressful?! I think I have plenty of big product to put out that I feel comfortable with, but I really need to hustle and bustle with the mini paintings. I’ve gotten one done. One. I attempted another one right after it, but it was really stupid to try to paint while tired. Nothing comes out as it should. Even my paintings come out cranky. I’ve been raking myself over the coals to determine an Etsy name that I like that I can keep separate from this blog. A challenge and a half. But I guess this is the time wheere I make it or break it.

Puppydog Swim Dates ~ Boo had her first ever swim date this week and oh boy. The sheer look of panic when my dog has to swim is amazaballs! Oh she can do it, but she’s still a big guppi. I can’t afford to go a ton, but I want to go at least once a month for now. I really want her to be comfortable in the water. I’m hoping it gets better for her.

My Gal Pal M ~ I adore my gal pals! And I’m particularly fond of Miss M. We met in college and were super close, despite my initial fresh-outta-high-school spaztasticness. But sadly, life happened and getting together regularly sort of fell by the wayside. But, good things happen with a little inginuity and perserverence. So now we have an opera date. I didn’t go to my opera night last Saturday because of Occupy (super bummed!), but they were lovely enough to comp me another ticket to the seat next to me at one of my other performance dates. How spectacular are they?! And I can think of nothing better than to take my fellow culture bud who is riddled with giddy excitement. Perfection.


 Little Loves . . .

♥ People who call you luv ♥ Realizing my health scare isn’t one. How did everyone but me know this? Blarg! ♥ Committing to hump day. All I’ve wanted to do this week is hide in a dark hole. But that isn’t an option if I want to get anywhere. So instead, I plug through it and do the best I can. ♥ Getting to work super early. No, I’m not getting paid extra. But I feel better. ♥ Wearing sunny yellow in fall ♥ The possibility of snow this year. Cold, yes. Exciting, YES. ♥ Losing weight, slowly but surely ♥ Removing old nail polish that no longer looks good. Such a relief. ♥ Children’s books ♥ Lucious lips ♥ People willing to help others ♥ Donating to the mission for the holidays. I can’t help but give a little back. ♥ Slept on curls ♥ Mini canvases. It’s like a whole new medium! ♥ Holiday baking. I think I should send baked goodie packages to my favorite peeps. ♥ Stormy nights ♥ Giant leaf piles ♥ 80’s hair ♥ Finding my umbrella ♥ Huggle dates ♥ Trekking for Chinese. It was worth the two hour drive! ♥ Painting plans ♥ Coming up with better strip joint names than business names ♥ Long warm showers ♥ Xmas sailing adventures ♥ Thursday! Almost there! ♥ 

And finally, I debut my first mini painting. Certainly no Bob Ross or Picasso, but I’m happy with it. My etsy shop should be up this weekend or early next week and I’m super excited for the goodness to come from this. Love! 




A Love Letter To November


The best way to show November your love is to enjoy it and live in it. I feel like today was the complete embodiment of that in the most delicious way.

To be honest, I had planned to work all day long, but I think the universe had something else in mind. And I’m so glad it did! After a week of weird dreams and semi-conciousness, I made myself get a little extra sleep this morning. Then Boo and I lounged together and I made myself get up and look presentable. Yes, this takes persuasion on a weekend day. But by golly I did an outstanding job. I think it’s important to show yourself a little love on your day off. It shows that you mean something to yourself.

After that, I dropped off the dry cleaning and started making my way to NoPo for yummy coffee goodness at Jim & Patty’s. Never been? GO. And what did I stumble across along my travels? The year-round Hollywood farmer’s market! Oh my stars! I’m so incredibly excited to find out that there’s a close year round market. I get bummed each year at the end of farmers market season because I love fresh goodies in my kitchen. So of course I had to stop. I was helpless. I found myself parallel parking and walking in the rain amongst the tents of goodness . . . Asian pears, giant bunches of celery, humongo garlic cloves, scrumptious tomatoes and onions and big bags of lettuce . . . it magically all ended up coming home with me. I can’t wait to cook this week!

Eventually I finally made it to coffee, but alas it was beyond full there so it was coffee-a-go-go. But of course, there’s always time to talk to the mocha minions and plot our gangsta crew. Complete with buttons too! We might have to discuss our world domination again soon. On my way home to finally commit to doing work the gal pal called and we spur-of-the-moment coordinated lunch plans. But of course, in between I managed to squeeze in a little henna work at new place in SE on Belmont. I heart groupon for turning me on to this place. Silk & Stone is a great studio with lots of variety and quality products. And, the gal was able to fit me in as a walk in and do a stunning job. I’m so very happy with it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it completely dries and flakes off. Eeeeeee! After that, I met up with Kpooh for hugs and lunch at the Original Taco House on Powell. I have distinctly fond memories of this place from when I was little with my mom and I am pleased to say that it’s still just as good. Thoughtful conversation and yummy food always makes for goodness.

And finally, after an unexpected day of gallivanting around, I made it home safe and sound and in one piece. And ready to work. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to get my domain up and converting over to self hosting at wordpress.org and it feels like it’s been anything but easy. I’m a tech nerd that had to call godaddy three times. Thank heavens for their awesome support team! I have mucho respect for fellow support staffers and I love coming across great ones that do their job well. It makes me smile. So I was finally able to get things in a happier place technologically speaking; now if I could only figure out that server error. A to-do for tomorrow.

I have high hopes for November and thus far it’s shaping up nicely. How’s your November?


Hugs & Love!



Things I Love Thursday!

Oh thursday, you are wonderful! Delightful even! This week has been quick, but I find it to be a good thing in regards to my health. I’m still recovering from this crappy cold/flu thing so endless sleep is still sounding glorious to me. I’m just about over it so long as I can get rid of this stupid head sniffle bologna. It’s so nice and lovely out, all I want is to have my energy back and to go play in the sun. I’m doing a little bit more each day so I’m taking that as a positive sign!

Mary Poppins Tickets ~ I bit the bullet. I wasn’t really planning on it, it just sort of popped into my head. I got a discount on the tickets and the allure of the box seats were calling to me. So I bit the bullet and now my friend and I are going to see the chimney sweeps on Sunday. Secretly, I’m giddy with excitement. Another cultural even, a fun broadway show and songs that make me smile. Oooo la la!

New Hairs ~ There’s few things as fantastic feeling as a new do! Ok ok, there are lots of things that feel fantastic, but by golly that will not be diminishing my sheer joy for new hairs. I love my hair gal, she’s super sweet and flexible beyond belief for my schedule. And she was patient enough to wait with me during a “brief” unexpected delay prior to getting started. What a doll! And now I can feel human and pretty again. Now I can have a foxy day tomorrow. Magnifique!

 Hardy Fuschias ~ I’m secretly in love with this nursery booth at the farmer’s market. They have great prices and beautiful plants. I’m addicted to their $5 hardy fuschia plants. I bought one and then went back for more. Now, I really should plant them . . .

Little Loves . . . 

Red gummy bears. They’re nostalgic.  80 degree weather! It’s so lovely to have warm sunny weather that’s perfect for crops and tops.  Long-time-no-see-friend hugs  Getting over it. Sometimes, you just need to.  Sweet pea bunches  Teriyaki chicken and beef kabobs. I’m in LUV!  My new huge chair. I love the big chair. Sadly though, I have a feeling Boo is using it during the day. Not sure how I feel about that . . .  Tank tops. I may not love my arms right now, but sometimes you need as little clothing as possible.  Learning new things again at work. First it was exchange, now it’s forms. I may not want to do it all, but it’s nice to know.  Head scarves and bandanas  Sidewalk chalk drawings  Feeling clean. There is nothing like a nice shower after feeling all icky.  Chocolate cream pie. I rarely have pie, let alone decadent pie, but this was delicious!  Remembering on pay-day a big expense I had forgotten about while budgeting. Phew! Foxy day tomorrow “No, it’s the hand-job police” Deodorant. I know, it’s a common thing. But really, you should love it too. Scheduling my hotel room for Bend. I’m so excited!!! Now just need to buy my ticket. “I accept that”  Evening talks with Pops on the porch Feeling back to “normal” again

 Sucker Punch. I finally watched it and it was exactly how I hoped.


 Hugs & Love for Thursday perfection!


Pizza, Parades & Gardens, Oh My!



I hate traffic. Frankly, I despise it. I would rather take the long way around if it means I’m moving the whole time than sit in traffic. But alas, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Such was the case today with the Rose Festival parade.

Months upon months ago I got a 2-for-1 groupon to the Japanese garden, but it hasn’t been nice enough to use it until now. And of course, it expires this weekend. I was able to persuade my moomoo to go with me since she was in town and it was the perfect day! Getting there of course was interesting though . . . I didn’t realize that the grand floral parade was today. In ptown they have a huge thing called the Rose Festival where they have a week or two long carnival, two great parades, lots of events and best of all . . . mucho men in uniform.  Nothing like fleet week. But alas, there is also lots of traffic, detours and crazy people. Which of course, I got stuck in this morning. Thankfully it wasn’t terrible and we both got to the same place at the same time . . . late.

I love going up to the Japanese garden. Not just the garden itself, but also the ride up to the garden. It’s an open coach that’s uber fun and a beautiful little ride. As though you’re being brought to another world. And it is! The garden is beautiful in its green simplicity. Small paths of stone and wood, rock gardens, ponds and waterfalls. And koi. I love koi. They are like fish from another planet. We walked and talked and enjoyed the sun. I love time with my mom because it reminds me everything will be ok.

Afterwards we drove down the hill to have lunch at Pizza Oasis. If you are ever in ptown, I highly recommend it! It’s pizza unlike any other. Just the right amount of sauce and cheese, fluffy dough and wonderful ingredients. Yummers! I ate too much because I didn’t have breakfast this morning before leaving, but since I’m hardly ever there, it was well worth it! And it’s always fun to read the WW together while waiting. And there is people watching galore which is always a treat!

When we were done we exchanged hugs and plants. I traded in the cyclamen I’ve been killing since easter for a beautiful fuschia plant that my mom bought me. She’s so sweet! I love plant exchanges. Most I can keep alive, but those cyclamens are tempramental lil pains. Not for me. You don’t feed them they wilt. You water too much, they turn yellow. You don’t give them sun, they turn yellow. It’s like a child screaming whom you’ve fed and changed and napped and you still can’t get to stop lol. But now I have plants in abundance and need to come up with some creative ways to display them. That’ll be another day . . .

Once the day was done, I made a stop for some yummy chocolate froyo with raspberries and peanut butter cup sprinkles. Want to know a secret? I also include 4 or 5 red gummy bears on top to east first separately. It’s nostalgic and reminds of days gone by when I use to include them as toppings. I’m silly like that. By mid afternoon I was ready to be home. So much so that I could barely keep my eyes open! A nap was definitely in order to recharge and feel refreshed.

Now I’m just relaxing on the couch watching war movies and feeling relaxed. What’s on the agenda tomorrow? Stay tuned for adventures in cleaning and tales from the peony gardens! I’m sure there will be plenty of goodness to share.

Hugs & Love!


Why I Quit Sugar


I briefly touched on my recent decision to quit sugar earlier, but I wanted to go into it more indepthly.
Here’s some sweet facts . . .

The Lowdown On Sugar: There are four kinds of natural sugar – lactose, glucose, sucrose and fructose. Your body has the ability to process every type except fructose. Originally, our body was designed to process natural items such as proteins, grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Since the time when our bodies were designed, say even in the last 40 to 50 years, our portion sizes have grown exponentially and so has our desire for artificially created items. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a ho ho and a ding dong as much as the next girl, however, my arse seems to love them too. Milk has lactose in it which your body is capable of processing though some people experience intolerance to it. Table sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. Your body is not designed with the ability to process fructose well and because of this does not register those calories and the fullness you should get from eating. This in turn makes you eat more to get “full”.

The Addiction: In the simplest form of the term, food can be an addiction. People comfort themselves with food. The garner pleasure and feel good with food. They get hankerings for certain tastes and because they’re body is acclimated, it requires more to become satisfied as time goes on. Dopamine is the hormone produced by receptors in your body that register pleasure. Drugs like heroine and meth inhibit dopamine receptors which is why addicts will forever chase their first high and need more and more to gain the same amount of pleasure. Studies have shown that fructose also can inhibit your dopamine receptors and therefore you require more and more to gain pleasure of it. Hence why you can eat a gazillion m&ms and not realize it. There is also thought behind the idea that it is not about will power and failing, but rather your own body chemistry and how it changes..

The Math: The FDA requires all food products to include the ingredients on packaging and serving size. It blew my mind to come across the concept that they are done in concepts of 100’s. I.E. 25g of sugar = 25%. As a whole, it is said you don’t want something that is beyond 6 to 8g sugar.

How It Applies To Me: Aside from the occasional graham cracker, I’m off sugar and have been for 4 days now. No sodas, no candies, no ice cream, etc etc. When I get the hankering for something sweet, I instead eat fruit, protein or fat (i.e. nuts, cheese, etc). Because your body was designed to process this and these things fill you up fast, a little goes a long way and you have no room for other things. I have already been off pastas for weeks upon weeks now so that isn’t a stretch and I pretty much only ate whole grains to begin with. I’ve also read potential that coming off sugar and resetting your body can help your hormones. To a woman who’s been melting in hot flashes and migraines the last two days, you wouldn’t believe how AMAZING that would be!

Thus far I’m feeling good. My face and body has slimmed down and I feel like I’m processing things better. I won’t lie, the cravings hit and when they do they suck. A lot. Thank God I can eat cheese! But I rationalize that it’s a trade-off. And are those things worth it compared to what I gain out of it. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on this adventure!