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Things I Love Thursday!

Greetings from sunny Cali-forn-i-a! I’m traveling right now on my mini vacation to the sunshine state. Certainly didn’t get everything done that I wanted to before I left, but I’ve finally been able to relax. The bestest massage ever today didn’t hurt either, hehe. Tomorrow I leave the desert of lovely Palm Springs and my ridiculously cushy hotel to return to LA and spend the rest of my trip with family. It certainly should be interesting. I know after a day or two more I’ll be definitely be happy to be returning home to sleep in my own bed and hug Boo, but in the meantime I’m going to live it up like it’s 1999! Wishing you all a wonderful end to your week!

Scarves ~ I used to think scarves were for old ladies. (Sorry Mom). Then they became “hip” and there became 20 new ways one could wear them. I now love scarves. I got into them last year, maybe a little before, and now I have a lovely collection. And I added one more to it. I was shopping for gifts for my Moomoo awhile ago and came across this gorgeous multi print scarf of cream, navy and burnt yellow. At first I thought of the scarf just for her tastes decided against it and got something else, but I haven’t really been able to get it out of my head. I himmed and hawed about spending the money and didn’t do it for weeks upon weeks, but finally bucked up and went back. And got the LAST ONE! It was fate. And it was also fate that I walked in to scarf heaven while in Palms Springs. So dangerous! I’m coming home with goodies.

Girly Wedding Talk ~ My friend got engaged over the weekend and though I have some reservations I have voiced in the past, ultimately her happiness is what matters and I am excited for her. And of course, a future wedding means girly wedding talk about dresses and honeymoons and the like. I’m avoiding talking about this junk around the man friend because I don’t want him to do the boy thing and think that just because I know this stuff and talk about this stuff that it means I feel my clock ticking. Cause I don’t. One day perhaps. But certainly not anytime soon. But in the meantime, I will be sending the gal pal and appropriate list of potential affordable honeymoon options OTHER THAN Seattle. Seattle is great, but you go there regularly and this is your honeymoon. Be good to yourselves.

Little Loves . . .

Cool weather  Waking up to the sound of rain  The changing leaves ♥ Packing for 100 degree weather while it’s 65 degrees out  The man friend: “Will your phone work in Cali? I’d like to call you.” So cutes!  Fudging up my phone on purpose all because of a button I couldn’t find and my phone reminding me how far I’ve come by downloading a bazillion contacts I don’t speak to anymore. Frustrating and time-consuming, but illuminating.  Cleaning up and finding all of my missing earrings  Ridiculously busy work days to try to jam everything in before I leave  The airport! I have a forever-love for the airport!  My nails right now. I’m praying I don’t jinx myself by saying so, but they are the perfect length and shape right now. And, I just learned how to make your own nail art decals. I am addicted to the possibilities of hearts at home now!!! ♥ iTunes. I’m putting this on the list because I’m trying really hard to still be in love with my iproducts. My pod was messing up so I wiped it two days before I leave. My phone has been a big ole self-made mess due to iconfusion. But I am remaining positive that everything will work itself out. Treat your electronics right and they’ll treat you right! ♥ Watching the first season of TruBlood finally  My coworker sharing his giant bag o’ tomatoes  Postcards & love stamps  Puppydog snuggles. Boo is back to sleeping on the bed and cuddling in the morning. It’s a nice change of pace for now.  Fuzzy socks ♥ Soy chai lattes  Avocado slices  Talking about pot pies and trying to imagine good ones. I have a pot pie stigma block right now.  Dreaming of massages, tram rides and beauty in Cali  Finally getting an appropriate level of sleep to recover from this weekend  The gal commenting on potential eyebrow maintenance and how I currently go about it as though it’s a choice I haven’t purposefully devised. Haha, you’re sweet.  Getting back to an acceptable social interaction at work  Blue ruffle shirts and pearls  “I imagine miracle whip is like goblin cum”  Free nights at art museums  Best massages and deciding that I’m not a facial person  Love sculptures  Driving through the desert at night  Breathtaking paintings ♥ “Wow, when it rains my grass lays down and it almost looks like I mowed”  Not understanding modern art  Free car upgrades  Bruschetta  “It’s a dry heat!”  Driving through acres of windmills and being reminded of Mac & Me  Outdoor markets and vendors at night  Getting a henna tattoo finally! I’ve wanted one again all year so I’m super stoked! ♥ Finally relaxing while on vacation and sleeping in  It’s horrible, but hearing the phrase “killer cantaloupe”. All I think of is a killer cantaloupe running down the street with an angry face trying to eat you. Late night swims under the stars


“What you see here,
What you do here,
What you hear here,
When you leave here
let it stay here.”


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Fall Fashion Exploits

I’m plus size. In case you didn’t know. Good or bad, this has always made shopping an interesting (to say the least) experience. When I was younger, it was a struggle because the plus size clothing industry hadn’t really been developed. And as they started to develop it, they still had no clue how to tailor to a plus size woman’s body. Many retailers thought, and still do, think we’re just bigger skinny chicks and so they just enlarge the same proportions to size up. MISTAKE. Our body flow is different as are our “trouble areas”. First there were just moumous. Then there were clothes, but they were poorly shaped or for executives. Thank god I was young during this time and you’re suppose to make ill-fated fashion choices then. (Corduroy overalls anyone?)  Thankfully, retailers and designers have gotten hip to the fact that plus size exists and it’s a big industry (no pun intended). And that we have a brain and a discerning eye. Now if only I could get them to realize that some of us have long torsos and legs . . .

Last night I went late night shopping with my 50% off coupons. I went in there essentially knowing what I wanted, but it’s always interesting to see what comes out.


Fashion Conf
ession #1:
I’m afraid of fur

The funny thing is, I think I could probably pull it off. Like the peacock feather headband I was eyeballing (love the peacock!). But alas, not sure I’m brave enough to go down the faux fur route. Part of it may also be the city I live in. If it were back east, hands down, I’d be fine. Here, it’s a little iffy.


Fashion Confession #2: I’m secretly in love with tights this year

I have a love for tights this year. I didn’t buy any this time though. I think I also have a secret fear I need to get over that tights remind me of being little. Ya know, when we were little and had to where tights with every skirt or dress and they weren’t fun prints and they itched and you had to pull em down all the time to use the restroom and and and . . . Maybe the issue back then was simply that they weren’t a choice. I’m thinking of dark grey or black tights in a chevron print with my leather knee-high boots this year. Even if nobody else saw them, I’d know they were there. And that’s fun.


Fashion Confession #3: I bought panties that remind me of animal crackers

I may return them, I may not. I was sort of in a panty conundrum last night. There were several I liked, but not all. And at this stage in the game, to not like what’s on your rump all day is kind of unacceptable. You put it there. I don’t want things in my panty drawer that I don’t like. That was for then, this is now. I might just return the couple I’m not crazy about and keep the others. We’ll see.

Fashion Confession #4: It may seem silly, but I’m in love with these shoes!

I’m still marginal on Lane’s shoe building abilities. They have a lot of great styles, but I think they still need to work on how they form to the foot and comfort, both in the foot pad as well as the top of the shoe that wraps around your foot. I’m sure they’ll work it out eventually. In the meantime, I tried these shoes on last night on a whim. And weirdly enough, loved them. I thought the bows would be silly or froofy, but they were a fun accent of femininity. They heel is thick which is nice and with the slight platform bottom, the heel height ends up being fairly manageable. Unfortunately, they saved me from myself by not having my size. But don’t be surprised if they end up in my collection this year . . .

In the end, I came home with a black skirt that matches by grey one (I wanted another color), a second pair of my comfy pants from last year because it was such an ordeal to try to find another pair after I bought the first and some new panties. Not a bad start to the new season.

Wishing you all open minds and fashion dreams!


Things I Love Thursday!



 My Little Loves . . .  


Being of service  Big chunky rings  Ruffles . . . on my purse.  Finally putting away my excess sheets, blankets and luggage  Just Wright. Hello yummy Common!  Home-made smoothies. I am so happy to be bringing back the blender usage and nummyness  A new scarf and shirt . . . both with blues!  Being able to see my floor again, hehe  Stuffed mushrooms with turkey sausage. Next time I will make them differently, but this was definitely a good start!  Sorting through my to-be-returned pile finally. Sad, but needed. Getting my acceptance email to the food bank garden. Cannot wait!  Mini raspberry sorbet cups and finding Umpqua pints The build-your-own salad bar at the market down the street. This is my new addiction.  Plain cheerios with bananas and blueberries. Well, blueberries in general really.  The Adjustment Bureau. Still.  Watching Rocky & Rocky II finally. I can’t believe there are more. I’m likelier to rewatch Rambo(s) many times over than these, but at least I can check it off the list. Now if only I wanted to watch The Godfather movies . . .  Planting trees with delicious fire boys! What’s that you say, why yes, I’ll be happy to get soaked and muddy and dig in the dirt next to the cute firemen for three hours. Booyah! ♥ Chocolate sorbet, my new obsession  Getting ideas from cutely creative fashion bloggers  Pushing through my swim goal despite jerk face pool users  Wax earplugs. Who knew?!  Working through my tempo money mess. It feels good Game night with the boys ♥ No noodle Chang’s. Definitely a new experience. Breaking my arse getting out of a car. So awesome!  My boozies not falling out in the pool. Trust me, this was a major accomplishment.


 This song. I haven’t been a huge BEP fan as of late with their recent works, but I LOVE this song.


 This Mr & Mrs – esque dance routine. Love!


And while we are at it, I can’t get enough of this song either. In spite of the booty; or maybe because of it.



Happy Thursday lovies!



Happy Tuesday


Tomorrow is hump day. It’d be nice to get over this hump of not being able to focus because it’s really starting to kill me. I swear my mind is going in fifty different directions. Ooo shiny! Working out again and thinking of my goals, learning a new way with food, re-budgeting, trying to plan my Bend trip, blah blah blah.

Things are going well though. I’m more than a week in with no bread or pasta. It’s not really finding it a challenge to give it up, but I’m finding the challenge is more being conscious of what I’m eating. Example: I went to Chang’s the other day and got my usual bowl o’ yummyness and completely spazzed out that the noodles in it can be construed as pasta until it was being cooked. Thank god for meat and rice! I felt bad for having half a plate of noodles left over because I had a stupido moment. Darn noodle. I’m also finding that my system feels significantly different without general breads and pastas. I can understand why people opt to live without them.

Working out is going well too. I went swimming on Saturday night and it felt wonderful. I set the challenge of 8 laps and made it to 12. Probably could have done more had I not left my water bottle in the car. I was hoping to do a double workout tonight, but alas, I’m not quite there yet. Instead, Boo and I did a nice big trail run down to the river and then back up the hill again. It’s sad that for a brief moment I wanted to die on that hill. I can’t wait to be back to where I was. I actually had to have a logic moment with myself at the bottom of the hill to determine what it all meant for me. “You have a choice: you are welcome to take the easier way if you so wish. But that will pretty much keep you where you’re at and you have to decide if that is where you’re happy. If not, then you have to do something different . . . like get your butt up the giant hill. Start moving.” I invested a little in working out yesterday too by a quick trip to the Columbia outlet store. I stocked up on shirts for working out and tried out some new socks. I’ve been hating not having any designated work out clothing and it makes me not feel great about it. No more though. I bought men’s shirts for the sheer sake that they are longer. I love ’em.

In other clothing news, I’ve been drooling over spring skirts and dresses. One of my goals this year was to wear more and there are a couple out that I’m really loving. I’m weary of buying just yet because of the whole losing weight thing, but I think one or two pieces might definitely have to come my way. It’ll be nice to feel girly and feminine again. Maybe it’s too early for wishful thinking and dreaming of warm weather, but it’s almost april and I can’t wait!

There’s probably more to say, but alas it’s time for bed. Hugs & love!


Fill In The ___ Friday



1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is … being alive? I think that’s going pretty well. Everything else I think of kind of pales in comparison.

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is … in my bed. It’s comfy and cozy and usually Boo is at the end of it.

3. My fashion philosophy is …  to be comfortable. I understand style isn’t always comfort (I wear heels too), but if you aren’t confident because you are uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how good your outfit is because nobody will believe it, you’ll be too busy picking and pulling at yourself. Be comfortable and know that you are fabulous!

4. Something every girl should have is …  a good pair of simple black heels. They don’t have to be super high or flamboyant, just something simple and classy. Heels can take you from casual to ready to go out in five seconds.

5. If you looked in my purse right now you’d find …  waaaaay too much stuff. Receipts, cards, cash (I’m not using a wallet right now), vaseline, lip gloss, gum, motrin, fingerless gloves, cream, a hair band, loose change, a notice to stop looking in my purse . . .

6. My favorite music right now is … very Portland. Mellow alternative with soul. I’m loving the bands with old school sound influence like Florence and the Machine and The Black Keys.

7. My favorite part of my body is … my lips and my eyes. I also really love when I have shoulder muscle. I’m working on my calves and butt again. I will see them triumph once more!

Dia de la Girly!



So, ya know all that stuff I was planning on doing today? Scratch it, hehe. To do tomorrow. Instead I found myself scouring two Rack stores for lovely shoes. That’s right, I spent the whole day shoe shopping. Could I be anymore of a foregone conclusion? Who cares!

I put sneakers on my to-get list this paycheck and thought perhaps today was a good day to do it. In all fairness, I haven’t really bought shoe shoes in a long while. They say if you are actively using your sneakers, you should replace them every 6 months to a year. Mine are almost two years old. Not to mention the other pairs I’ve sadly kept hanging just because. I confess to even attempting to repair the soles of one pair because I liked them so much. That’s right, I have a pair of shoes that talked. But not no mo!

Heels, is whole other story entirely. Originally I only bought payless heels because I was young and cheap was good and I didn’t know any better. Then I learned that a good pair of heels holds up better and longer. But that doesn’t mean that many ended up in my possession. And I haven’t been shopping for heels (beyond an uncomfortable pair for a wedding) in years! This is just sad. Between weather, wear & tear, a dog, etc my dress shoes have gone the way of the dinosaur. They were old or didn’t look or feel right anymore. So I’ve been a bit without appropriate work/going out shoe apparel and have been limiting myself a bit to a pair or two here and there that I can’t actively wear all the time without wanting to cut off my feet.


 First I drive out to the hills with the shoe endeavor. And I am once again met with the queens of Portland who are also shopping in my section. I can’t hate them though, they are too fabulous. After isles upon isles of walking comparing and mulling over, trying to justify spending x amount of money, debating on buying shoes that don’t truly fit despite my love of them, I walk out with one pair of sneakers. In an hour or two I became the new owner of my first pair of Reeboks ever. And they are those toner ones. I always wondered what they were like and even more, wondered if they did the job. Well I don’t know yet, but I love that they’re black and super-duper comfy. But alas, I was not satisfied. I came for a pair of new trail runners and hoped for a pair of dress shoes damnit. So I drove across town to the other Rack and low and behold . . . pay dirt! The astonishing shame of carrying an armful of well-balanced shoes to the matching counter could not dissuade me from the gloriousness of it all. And oh my, it was glorious. All of the heels I bought were on extra on sale on top of their already dropped prices because of president’s day. I forget about things like holiday sales.  I finally found a pair of shorter heeled black shoes that are comfortable for work and going out, finally found a pair of brown shoes (how long I have been looking for some!)and yes, I confess, I actually bought the bright yellow heels. I couldn’t help myself. It’s not an impulse buy if I put them back once before and they are still there and fantastically on sale. I can’t really wear yellow as a staple, I’m pale. So having a little bit in my wardrobe makes me smile. Like a little peek o’ drama. And I’m elated that I also found a pair of nike’s that will be perfect for trail running! Bonus that there’s hot pink in them! Did I really just say that?

Ok ok, I’m done drowning you in my girly gushyness that overcame me today. It had to be done.
And now, you can go on about your life with your day just a little more complete. You’re welcome.


My Luva List


My Luva List


Valentine’s Day is here. It’s here, it’s here! My favorite holiday is here! With that, I thought I’d share some of my luva list. A list filled with romantic things I love. things I love receiving, gestures and thoughts, things I do out of love . . . things to perhaps remind you of love too!


  Flowers without baby’s breath. Especially peonies and dahilias!

  Songs that make me smile and rereading passages that remind me of what love is . . .

  Romantic movies like Baby Boom, Witness, Moulin Rouge, The Village, V for Vendetta, Sleeping Beauty, Stardust, Eat Pray Love, August Rush and The Lake House . . . Yes, I find all of these romantic in some way or another.

♥  Sending valentine’s to friends and family and finding cute teensy cards to still wish the boys happy vday

  A good hug that melts you into that person so that their sweet smell engulfs you and you wish to never let go . . .

  A foot-poppin’ kiss!

  A hand on the small of my back as we walk into a room . . .

  Not being the one to drive. Every once in a while it’s nice to feel a little extra like the girl.

♥  A good tub soak to melt your cares away

♥  Giving yourself permission to tell life no and to escape to a “far off” destination

♥  Expanding your horizons and knowledge through self-motivation

♥  Buying yourself a little something to remind you of love  . . .  today I bought a sumptuous scarf, peach soap and a heart.

  Exploring new territory in life, even if it’s a little scary!

♥  Surrounding yourself with things that are warm and loving . . . for me it’s cozy blankets, my friends – family – puppydog, hearts & my love sign, and culture.

  Lovely words . . . adore, j’taime, love, attraversiamo, bueno, sweetness, cuddlebug . . .

  Love trinkets . . . comfy hats, my heart necklaces, things of pink, lover window stickies

♥  Dressing up to make yourself feel special

  Loving yourself . . . no matter what others think or say or do, to thine own self be true!


I wish, whether you are single or not or in between, that you find love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hugs & Love!