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The Thing About Cooking . . .


I am an amateur baker and chef. Extremely amateur. I often find a recipe, make it right the first time and then tweak it every other time. Grant you, this idea is all hinged on the concept that I made it right the first time. I am notorious for missing an ingredient or step in the process of looking at recipes. Example: I made mini whoopie pies for the first time yesterday evening and it wasn’t until I started tasting the batter that I realized I missed an ingredient and read my spoons wrong. Yup, that was me. I fixed it, and they came out fine, but that’s just how I roll. I also didn’t read the whole part about adding ingredients in parts, but that’s another story.

The reason I cook as much as I do (besides the awesome women in my family) is because I get bored. The process goes with starting with something simple and then getting bored so instead wanting to try something a little more difficult or that I’ve never tasted before. Example: Wednesday was Pi Day and in celebration I contemplated making a chocolate pie. In the process, I stumbled upon mini chocolate whoopie pies on Martha. Hmm, this satisfies both requirements – pie and trying something I’ve never made before. Check! I think I also want to wow folks if I ever have kids.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my cooking knowledge right now. I mean besides cooking for myself. Before I could bring the food in to be gobbled up by the boys at work. Now, not so much. I should open up a fakery. Sometimes I wish I could have a virtual fakery, but then people wouldn’t be able to walk in and mmmm at the smells and I wouldn’t be able to decorate. Yes, decorating is important.

For now, I’m destined to be a secret baker I think . . .



Boos & Freaks


Halloween and I have a love/hate kind of relationship. For example: I hate answering the door, but I love the cute kids. I dread dressing up and party socializing, but it’s kind of fun once you are dressed up. I like decorating, but I hate taking it down. I love the festivities, but I hate that once that isle is cleared that means it makes room for all of the Christmas junk.

All that being said, here are some of my Halloweenie goodies from this year . . .


I love mini pumpkins each year. Especially mini Boo ones!

I decorated things . . . like my cube and my car. Because that’s how I roll.

Pumpkin themed baked goods. Yes, I buy themed pizzas. And I made pumpkin chocolate cupcakes for the work potluck. Sooo pleased with how they came out!

I decorated myself with skelly nails and a day of the dead themed costume for a Saturday night shindig.

And finally, the rest of my all hallow’s eve was spent in skelly socks and doing door duty. Gotta celebrate the little things in life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloweenie!


A Very Happy Un-Birthday

Birthdays are kind of funny. I love my birthday, I’m a big fan of it. This year was sort of random though. It was very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. I woke up feeling sort of like “huh, this is 26?” Doesn’t really feel like I thought it would. Not sure what I thought, but it’s different.

This year was filled with a whole week of goodness. I took friday off and my mom & I gallavanted up through the gorge to the Bonneville Hot Springs. What an odd place on the outside, kind of reminds me of an early 90’s shilo inn, but inside is stunning. And you can’t really beat a lovely eucalyptus tub soak, a wrap and then a massage. Some massages are great, other ones it’s kind of like “aaaaaah” in an ugh sort of way. Afterwards we skedaddled up along the coast, had pizza in the cutes town and oggled the kite boarders while eating chocolate caramels. Like you do . . . 

Monday was lovely with my friend and her boy toy cooking me a wonderful pot roast meal. It was muy bueno! And then, of course, I persuaded them to come to the driving range with me. Oh yeah baby! My friend gave me a funny look, but then looky what happened . . . she found it supa dupa fun and now she’s golfing all the time. Complete with her own driver and glove. That silly girl should listen more often, hehe.

Tuesday, my actual birthday, was spent at work getting some Happy Birthdays and general well to-dos. I later persuaded my friend to go sail boating with me. You don’t even know how lovely it was! It was the perfect night, no jacket really needed. And you can’t beat being on the water, in a boat for your birthday with the sun setting over the city. And I got to check it off of my list! Eeeeee!

Eventually it was time to head home, but I felt a birthday cannot be complete without a wish. So I drove to the store in search of a cupcake, which of course they didn’t have, and then persuaded myself for chocolate pie, which of course they didn’t have, and then finally settled on chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups and raspberries. It was quite tasty and by the time I returned home, the melty goodness was ripe for pink candles. And because I was making my own wish concoction and because I can, I made three wishes. You should try it!

All in all, a very successful birthday! How do you like to celebrate?