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The Thing About Cooking . . .


I am an amateur baker and chef. Extremely amateur. I often find a recipe, make it right the first time and then tweak it every other time. Grant you, this idea is all hinged on the concept that I made it right the first time. I am notorious for missing an ingredient or step in the process of looking at recipes. Example: I made mini whoopie pies for the first time yesterday evening and it wasn’t until I started tasting the batter that I realized I missed an ingredient and read my spoons wrong. Yup, that was me. I fixed it, and they came out fine, but that’s just how I roll. I also didn’t read the whole part about adding ingredients in parts, but that’s another story.

The reason I cook as much as I do (besides the awesome women in my family) is because I get bored. The process goes with starting with something simple and then getting bored so instead wanting to try something a little more difficult or that I’ve never tasted before. Example: Wednesday was Pi Day and in celebration I contemplated making a chocolate pie. In the process, I stumbled upon mini chocolate whoopie pies on Martha. Hmm, this satisfies both requirements – pie and trying something I’ve never made before. Check! I think I also want to wow folks if I ever have kids.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my cooking knowledge right now. I mean besides cooking for myself. Before I could bring the food in to be gobbled up by the boys at work. Now, not so much. I should open up a fakery. Sometimes I wish I could have a virtual fakery, but then people wouldn’t be able to walk in and mmmm at the smells and I wouldn’t be able to decorate. Yes, decorating is important.

For now, I’m destined to be a secret baker I think . . .



Things I Love Thursday!



Happy Thursday!


♥ Snow-ish ~ What a crazy weather week here. “Worst storm in years” my tush. We got the mere suggestion of snow. It really was quite rude. I just wanted on snow day. Just one. But no. Those scallywags. And now we’ve finally settled on rain. Which actually is probably good, I was concerned about the mild fall and winter we were getting. There’s a reason Oregon is so green . . .

♥ A Weekend Home! ~ I’m so excited to finally have a weekend at home. The last two weekends were sort of spur of the moment and good  fun, but I relish the idea of not going anywhere this weekend. I just want to sleep in and clean and paint. Especially if it’s raining. That would make it even better! Ok, maybe a little Jim & Patty’s too . . .

♥ Puppydog Biscuits ~ So, I saw a great, simple dog biscuit recipe on Sarah’s blog and thought I could do that. I didn’t have any cookie cutters on hand, so instead I cut it with a knife into heart shapes. In the process though, I ran out of pan space. So I rolled out the rest of the dough, left the room for a minute to grab a pan and came back to it all being gone! The cutting mat was licked clean! I would have been mad at her if it weren’t sort of cute that she ate her own treats prematurely. Now if they had been my treats it might have been a different story . . .

Little Loves . . .

♥ Rodrigo y Gabriela coming back to Portland!!! I’m in love with their pandora station right now. ♥ Finding more new things to eat, like a Jicama and something else I can’t pronounce. It’s definitely a taste bud adventure. ♥  An evening with nobody home. It was really strange, but kind of fun. ♥ Completing steak tacos, zucchini bread muffins and laundry like I wanted to. ♥ Class getting cancelled on the day I have an ughy migraine. It was nice timing. ♥ Scrubbing my bathroom from top to bottom. It looks like a whole new bathroom now! Now if only I could get my sink back to working again . . .  ♥ Road trip convos with my dad ♥ Tall jeans being back on the market ♥ Sweet notes from my client about our training session ♥ Planning vday outfits ♥ Conversations about snuggles, huggles and the like ♥ Driving to work while it’s snowing ♥


Wishing you all a day filled with hugs & love!


Things I Love Thursday!

Things I Love Thursday!

What? You mean I actually have to post to have readers? Banish the thought!

I’ve been back for two or so weeks now and frankly, I’ve been lam-e’. Giant fail stick. Ok really not all that lame, but I’ve been a bit devoid of the writing bug. Things have exploded at work, but in an organized, “night-time tellie sort of way”. My dog sorta hates me because I’ve been spending less time with her recently and my pops more so. The kid’s always gotta have a favorite. But I’m looking forward to taking her out more for walks and spending more time at home here in the fall and winter months. Of course, as I write this she comes barging in to make her presence known. It’s like she knows she’s being typed about, hehe. I let go of someone who stopped being about goodness and have been ushered back into the solitary life of being comfortable with one’s feelings and own vulnerability again. I hate dating. I hate training myself all over again that vulnerability is the way to be. It’s unpleasant lol. But I know it will bring good things as they are supposed to come. So I’m back to focusing on work, enjoying the season and painting again! 

Fall ~ I may not have been prepared for the “sudden” nippyness of fall, but I feel like halfway into October and I’m finally coming around. I’ve been breaking out the socks, enjoying long-sleeved shirts again and I’m thrilled that my hair is much happier. I spent all summer with my hair up practically . . . sometimes you just gotta let it down. It’s getting nippy out and the rain has officially arrived, but as an Oregonian, I’m good at acclimating. How are you faring this fall?

Pumpkin Picking ~ For me, pumpkin picking is an important tradition. I usually end up going by myself, but it’s always a fun little outing. This year I found the perfect big round orange pumpkin that will be perfect for SOA and a smaller albino pumpkin that I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with. And of course, as is tradition, I also came home with some mini-boos and gifted my boys at work with some seasonal cheer. I’m not entirely thrilled with the effort that the great pumpkin goodness shall entail, but I just keep reminding myself that there are pumpkin seeds to be had at the end of the tunnel!

Football ~ I will probably repeat this next week, but I’m so terribly excited that I can hardly stand it and just don’t care. I was doing my job and got wind of a local non-profit group selling cheap tickets to a Seahawks game next weekend. And me being me, of course I scooped some up! And of course I wrangled some of my boys into coming with me. Football beer! Tailgating could be fun, if not I can always go wander off for an hour or two before the game and see what I want to see and then come back. It’s always good to have a temporary exit strategy, hehe. But I’m so excited for a road trip and football!

My Little Loves . . .

“Jams head tush” ♥ Puppydog snores ♥ Getting back into the swing of things ♥ Coming home to giant towers of clean clothes because you had the forethought to wash everything before you left  Rainy weather  Buying giant umbrellas – it’s going to rain, it’s a fact. Might as well be prepared and dry  Big fuzzy socks  Giddy excitement for tights and boots ♥ Sleeping in my own bed again  Conversations about the necessity of sexy panties and feel good undies  Onion soup  Polka dots  Seeing my friend in her wedding dress ♥ Humongo brownies  tv on the puter ♥ Baking apple pie from scratch and trying to recall the recipe  Curls a’plenty ♥ Learning to relax. And to repeatedly tell myself that.  Discounts to PBO  Managing to unzip my tights from my boots and not rip them  Fuschia pink bras  Comfy black pants  Allowing someone the opportunity to be great  Ted Danson on CSI. I’m kinda diggin’ it. ♥ Fuzzy socks and heavy blankets  Giving blood again. Sometimes I feel like a dorky crusader of the red stuff, but I’m really happy it’s something I can do. I can’t believe two months has gone by already!  Upcoming trips to the ballet, PBO and LOTR with the symphony. Oh my!  Changing hair seasons. My hair and it’s styles adapt to the seasons as they change so it’s nice to be in a new hair season.  Thinking of pumpkins and face paints and last days of farmer’s markets  Getting the hockey bug again ♥ Sock monkeys  Dreaming up a good wedding gift for my friend ♥ My henna tattoo lightly fading, but enough to make me smile still  Occupy Portland  One final chance to go kayaking for the season. It was the greatest run yet! Such a release!  Freaks & geeks night at the art museum  Zucchini bread muffins . . . and FINALLY getting the chance to eat them myself.  Sleep. It’s one of life’s little necessities that truly is lovely.  LOTR with an orchestra and a choir with my moomoo! Stayed just long enough for goodness.  A week of dress up at work. My feet are killing me from all of the heels, but it’s nice to utilize this part of my wardrobe  commiserating with fellow earlies about shared frustration. Sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t completely off base. Knowing you’re doing ok Dreaming of snuggly weekends of hunkering down Game of Thrones. I haven’t figured out why I’m addicted, but I am. I long to know what happens!


This song by Damien Rice


Happy Thursday lovelies!


Hello Miss


♥ Hello Miss ♥


 Happy September folks! And labor day for that matter too. Like my pic from the beach last weekend? Not half bad, if I do say so myself. I had a week of craptasticness at work last week, but since there’s so much goodness right now that I’d rather celebrate that instead.

Things of goodness:

★ The cute lil man who nodded as I was walking to my car at the market and said “Hello Miss”. I love that. It was the most horrid day and for him to say hello and call me miss, it made me grin from ear to ear.

★ Date Night. It’s really nice to have goodness again.

★ Banana bread muffins. I’ve been getting back into cooking in the last month or two and it’s so nice. I’m loving having fresh-baked goods, saving money and bringing lunches to work more often. It’s a trifecta of awesomeness! Of course, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that the pops and Boo love banana bread muffins too . . . You’d think I put crack in them.

★ Waking up to green flowy curtains in a room of simpleness. I paid a visit to the rents this weekend and they were so sweet to put me up for the night. I love staying over, it’s like a mini vacation. Waking up in the snuggly bed and the green flowy curtains. I love it.

★ I discovered Jim & Patty’s on Fremont! You don’t even know how terribly excited I am about it! It’s been a couple of years since Coffee People disappeared from the city and frankly, I’ve been bummed about it. The only reminiscence of it is the last one left at the airport. And people wonder why I volunteer for airport runs, hehe. But alas, the day of greatness came when I found out they have a sequel shop over in the oh-so-charming fremont area. And they made me a velvet hammer!!! I died and went to heaven with each sip. So much so, I might mysteriously find myself over in that area tomorrow as well . . . like magic.

★ So I finally did it, I bit the bullet and fully committed to my trip to California. To be honest, I’ve been himming and hawing all week about making the final purchase of my plane tickets and the reservation for my car. It will definitely be an interesting trip. Early morning flights, 2 hour drives to the desert. But oooo la la, I’m so excited to bask poolside, to visit the botanical garden, to take the air tram up the mountains to dine, to visit Joshua tree and enjoy a little Santa Monica Sunshine. And of course, hear Gala. Oh, and see my family too, hehe. As the month goes on, I can’t help but get more and more delighted! And is it a coincidence that moomoo and I will be at the same airport on the same day at the same time? I think not.

★ Boo. I hate being gone sometimes, but I love coming home to Boo. I’m thinking I need to spend a little more time with her though . . . Pops is getting a little too comfortable (and cocky, hehe) in the caretaker roll. I know the changing of the seasons and being back inside more will help too. I miss the good ole Boo cuddle days.

★ Fireworks!!! I got my fireworks for the year tonight. Sadly, I kind of missed out on anything for 4th of July, so I was delighted not only to hear, but also see all of the beautious fireworks. It warmed my heart with oodles of overflowing joy to finally get to experience them.


What goodness are you celebrating this weekend?


Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday lovies! Thank heavens. One more day! I need it. This week is running me into the ground a little, but in a good way. I can’t wait to have an excuse to be home all weekend long. It’ll be really nice. I’m sure my domicile will appreciate it too. Between the food that needs to be eaten and the house that needs to be tidied, it’s a good thing to be home.


Birthday Week ~ This week is/has been my birthday week. I know what you’re gonna say . . . it’s only one day. Don’t kid yourself, you take a week too, I’m just the only one admitting it. There’s no way you can do everything with every person that you want to for your birthday. It doesn’t happen. Unless you don’t know anyone. And if that’s the case, I’m sorry, here’s a HUG! It’s a good week to be me 🙂

Commitment ~ I have committed to a bunch of things this week: getting myself back on track financially, treating myself well mentally and physically, creating the life I want again. All of these things, and more, take commitment. I’ve neglected to do so recently because I’ve let other things get in the way of that vision.

Donor Weekend ~ That’s right folks, it’s been two months already. Time to ante up and give a pint. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll stay healthy afterwards and that they can take it out of my left arm this time. Having my right arm be the dead arm all weekend really bites. But I’m excited to give again.


Little Loves . . . 

Portland Cello Project! Acoustic cellos – I can’t wait to see them tonight.  Cooking at home again. It’s been awhile and I’ve been lazy, but I’m loving being back in my kitchen. ♥ Seeing that people I went to school with are now married. It’s weird. And lovely.  Thuggin’ out  Sailing!!! How stupendous it was to be on the water. And I just saw a groupon for another sail. It’s mine!  Kayaking this weekend. I’m really hoping I have the energy or I’ll have to save it for next weekend to meet my August goal.  Birthday coupons for discounts and free food. Who doesn’t love that?  The Baking Bible. I can’t wait to try out some new recipes . . . and I know the perfect test bunnies.  Huge bunches of fresh basil  Buying my hotel groupon for Palm Springs. I cannot wait! ♥ Filling BYOB (bring your own bag) at the market with goodies  Friends who cook dinner for friends   Pretty, girly clutches  Golfing again. After the broken foot, it’s so nice to be “back in the swing of things”! My giant bouquet of market flowers. They make me smile each time I look at them. Birthday duds. You should always feel sexy on your birthday  A spider pin  $5 off postcards to the chiropractor and the waxer Thursdays  The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies pandora station To-the-floor skirts. I’m tall. This doesn’t normally exist for me. Bosses who make an effort. I love mine!  Dorothy Dandridge “So you’re going to put them ahead of you and your health?

 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy


  Save Ferris


This commercial. You are marvelous!


 Happy Thursday!


Week In Pictures . . .

I really wish the fortune cookies would be more specific . . .


Boo and her friend Koda (& Koda’s owner) on puppy play day


I feel it’s important to know what your potential future employer is looking for and provide it. This sums it up pretty well I think . . .


I left the snow vacation behind just to have a freak snow storm hit P-town. Perhaps the universe is trying to hint at something for me . . .


Tulips from my wonderful work friend. Heart hug.


After all of the hype and hubub, I did it! I made crumbcake! And it smells yummy too. I dearly hope it came out ok, I’m too afraid to destroy the loveliness. Guess we’ll see tomorrow . . .


And I finish with my cuteface. This is the scene each time I eat on the couch. She hides under the coffee table in hopes I will fall for her cute look or perhaps develop a hole in my lip and mistakenly let something falter to the floor . . .