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Blood, Guts & Golf . . . A Weekend Of Goodness

After work on friday I . . .

Went golfing! Hoorah! I’m really loving the golfing thing right now. It’s something to focus on and have fun with. Not to mention the beautiful scenery, the arm workout and the good-looking men. Confession: I thought it was older gentlemen playing golf. Not so! There’s a wide range of menfolk and this makes it that much better. It’s like a fun bonus! After that I went to go see Super 8 at the movie theater. It was awesome! It’s like a 70’s/80’s era cross between goonies and ET. I highly recommend!

Despite going to bed late, I woke up early Saturday and I . . .

drove to the ‘couv and finally gave blood!!! You don’t even know how delightful it is to be able to say that I was finally able to give blood. It blows my mind that only something like 37% of the population can give yet only 8% do. And there’s so many misconceptions out there! It was so important to me to do this so I’m thrilled I can finally say that. I even got to learn the difference between Platelets and Plasma . . . do you know what the difference is? After everything was said and done and I my cheese-its were eaten, I was surprisingly pooped. So much so, I crashed in bed for four hours. 

When I woke up, I . . .

Was starving!!! I had the choice between lunch time or nap time, I chose nap. By then, my stomach was eating my backbone. So I hopped over for chicken skewers and fruit salad and then hung out with a friend and succumbed to the awesomeness that is Sons of Anarchy. I’m doomed now.

The Next Day . . .

Was father’s day!!! I love my pops mucho. I also love a guy who doesn’t always make a big hubub about it all. I took Boo in for a doggy wash, then had lunch with a friend and despite planning on taking the big man to a movie later, I brought home a new grill thinking that setup would be a synch. Hahaha, yeah right. Such malarkey. I think I said more swear words that afternoon than I have all month. But by golly, I was determined and by 8:30pm and a store run later, I was ‘a grillin’ weiners. Oh yeah. Now I’m addicted!

Can’t wait for more!



Things I Love Thursday


 My Little Loves . . .   

Live Free or Die Hard  Colorful panties  Comfy linen pants. I’ve always been against cream/white on the bottom half, but I LOVE these pants!  Being able to see my dresser top again  Hanging out in my living room again after the carpet cleaning  The bed hog named Boo ♥ A new purse with pink polka-dot lining and finding one I had forgotten about in ooo-la-la red  Vibram five-fingered shoes. So odd-looking and definitely something to get used to with the toe separation, but I love them! They are perfect for minimalist shoe-wearers like me. Bonus points if you’re already used to little-to-no shoe a la flips flops.  Finding a wristlet at REI that will hold the essentials on your wrist while out and about. I love this idea because often you either have no pockets, don’t want to put money and the like in your pockets or just don’t want to lug around a purse. Or all of the above? ♥ Flower pins being in fashion again  Bandanas  Groupon goodness  Finding the hoop earing I was missing beneath a sofa cushion finally  Hockey nights  Planning a Seattle car trip with the fam to the fam soon  Adele  Double pay days!  Random business coming out of my ears! Thank you Lord for the encouragement  Completing my Lent food challenge  “I hate spring water. I found a dead bird in it once. Nature died in my spring.”  Having my car finally into the shop and getting it taken care of. I’m so excited to have that done, to have a new brake light bulb and to finally have my trunk pop working again! Wahoo! Beware my trunk monkey  Getting into the ceramics studio this weekend  Plain cheerios with bananas and blueberries  The hurdy gurdy!!! Do you know what it is? You really should. ♥ Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza. I’m addicted to this show. Oh how I’ve missed you guys. Heart! All of the amazing people at the A.R.C. for your tremendous help in fixing the glitch and helping me to be able to save lives again. And for thanking me for doing it. Contemplating taking a class on HIV and blood pathogens because I find it fascinating. Ugh, the nurse in me.  Deciding that I need to do a clean out session again this weekend. Waaaaay too much stuff right now. Need to simplify!  Yellow. I can’t wear it actively, but little doses are loverly Candy-colored flamingos & boy-thick waist bands Wishful thinking outfits Learning to ignore. I do not have this talent naturally. Seeing that Kristen Cavallari is engaged to Jay Cutler. Wow. Just wow. (And SEO, oh yeah). Getting my uncle to come up to NYC later this year when I take the train up. I think that’ll be a trip to remember. And so help me glitter, I better get to the top of the empire state building this time or I will rain monkeys down upon the earth!!!  Sorting M&Ms by colors and evens  Seeing the ridiculous amount of white shirts I own only to realize that they will not all stay white for long, hehe  Barre3. I want to try this so badly! Bouquets of parrot tulips. Hello spring!

Hearing someone’s story of how a transfusion saved their life and being able to say that THAT is the reason I fought so hard to give blood. Approx only 37% of Americans can donate blood. Of that 37%, only 8% actually do. Most are teenagers at high school blood drives. One pint of blood can help up to 3 people. Can you save a life? Do. Find your local blood drive or donation center by visiting The American Red Cross.


 The Dracula Song. Ahahaha!


Happy thursday loves. And remember . . . it’s almost friday. Have some ice cream.


Things I Love Thursday

 It’s been a weirdly stupendous week. My mood has steadily improved despite the itchy-nose-syndrome that seems to now be upon me. Gee, thanks allergies. I never knew that just one nostril could itch with such unyielding consistency. I suppose this is what becomes of me now. On the flip side though, there’s been more sun than rain, I’ve had great family time, I made it through a week of broke-city and I’m happy to report, it’s thursday! Woo!


My Little Loves . . .

Drooling over new purses  White sheets  Henna tattoos. I want one this summer!  Dinner with the pops  David Thewlis. Oh how I had a girly crush on you for the longest time.  My bloomin’ anemones ♥ How lovely and sweet my family is for Easter presents!!! Muah! ♥ Needing a haircut but finding fun hairstyles in the interim ♥ Twizzlers  Pops finding an awesome Boo bed at Costco for cheap cheap cheap. I’m jealous!  Boo dreams  Morning walks in the neighborhood while the sun is coming up  Realizing that everyone has their own definition of “happy” and that it may not look the same as my own  Comfy plaid  Wearing bandanas again  Chocolate pudding  Tattoos & drawings  Marilyn Manson’s articulation of himself  A school contemplating teach history that includes the gay culture  Hearing my gma call the tellie ladies flabber mouths  Awkward jellie bean hunting with moomoo. Why do I always end up with cinamon?! “Give it hear Percy, I don’t mind cinamon”  Cy-clo-men  Coupons. Who doesn’t like cheap-er stuff?  Hearing “Great file, no tags” on something I was totally expecting to be a crapshoot. You don’t evening know how you can’t rain on my parade thanks to this!Extended calf rain boots  ♥ TOMS shoes in grey & pink plaid. Wants!  ♥ Potential triple paychecks. Umm, yes, please be that awesome life!  ♥ Kayak season almost being upon us  ♥ My Red Cross orientation finally being upon me!!!  ♥ Weeding. If nothing else, it’s a great work out. Now I’m contemplating Audubon Society’s cleanup day this weekend . . .  ♥

Tusk. Crap. I’m my father’s daughter. Quick, where’s the raid?!

And while we’re at it . . .

V & Evey. By the way, I watched her Oscar performance and was sort of, “huh” about it all. This movie and her transformation in it makes up for it for me.


 Happy thursday lovies! Smile and enjoy today!


Weekend Goodness

Happy almost-monday everyone! All in all I’d say it’s been a good and productive weekend. How about you?

I spent the morning Saturday at my first adventure at the Oregon Food Bank garden. Quick soapbox moment: The Oregon Food bank is AMAZING! They service hungry people all across the state both in temporary and long-term situations and I LOVE that they are looking at alternative methods such a farming and gardening to assist in their endeavor with renewable resources. *End scene* I used to always wonder why in the world I grew up on a farm for a brief period of my life and therefore have odd knowledge of things like how to check eggs, why chicken’s feet are yellow, how to cart and spin wool and what lanolin is. I now know it’s because I later would put such skills to good use. And no, not just in explaining why lubriderm reminds me of sheep. First up on the to-do list at the garden? Caring for the chickens and collecting the eggs. Guess who volunteered for that one? Oh yeah baby! It would have waned on nostalgic if I hadn’t remembered that I hate the smell of chicken poo. That being said, collecting eggs was fun and I even had to pick up a chicken and move her. Thank heavens I know how to do that correctly, hehe. I spent the rest of the morning working on my tan (and ass muscles) while weeding out cover crops. This is not a clean job nor is it one for the weak. I now understand why it was that my mother looked at me like I was a nut-o when I asked to do something after she had gotten done gardening. I would have too. Ya work the abs, the arms, your balance and your booty. I’ll be going back again. I spent the rest of the day napping, doing laundry and staying up waaaaaay too late watching various cinematic goodness. I’m very spoiled with the laptop.

Today was spent lazily for the most part. Early morning was spent laying in bed and downloading awesome old school songs on iTunes for 69 cents. Can’t beat that coolio. I did some more laundry, though really it was all repeat. I hate when you swear you checked every pocket and yet you still missed something. I spent all day spray and washing t shirts trying to get chapstick. I’ll be super bummed if it doesn’t come out. It would suck big time. Mid-day I ventured out into the sun. Wait, let me repeat that. The sun. Ooo-eee, it’s so nice to be able to say! What’s that I hear? A whole week of sunshine ahead? Yes please! I drove around for a bit and then met up with the fabulous K for lunch-ish. I always find lunches where you spend the entire time talking about someone else amusing. Especially if you are both of the same mind about an issue. Not in a gossip sort of way, but in a what do you do sort of way. After lunch and goodbye hugs I found myself driving towards one of the most dangerous places . . . the art store. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have. But I had a 50% off coupon and I’ve had the biggest hankering to do some drawing lately. So I found myself some half off colored pencils and yummy gummy rings and a drawing I did go. I go through art moods. Sometimes it’s photography, most of the time it’s painting, and at this moment it is drawing. I spent all evening engrossed in it. I forgot how much I loved it. I think that’s part of the issue being mixed media motivated, it’s not just one thing that draws you in. But when it hits me, I get sucked in. I can’t help it! But it’s nice to be creating again.

I should be turning in now. I hope you all had a stupendous weekend and a happy week to you. Hugs & Love!


I Bring You Good News!



Happy Sunday lovies! I hope you are having a gloriously delicious day filled with lots of perfect goodness or at least some wonderful relaxation. Sadly, it’s coming to an end, but I like to bring a little light at the end of the tunnel with some good news mail and thingy things.


  • Casino Night ~ Look out money bags, here I come! Confession: I’ve never been to the casino to gamble. And the last time there was family talk about going, it got cancelled. And yes, I was disappointed. Well casino chatter has once again surfaced in the fam and fingers crossed I come home with pockets full! Or at least a little ahead, hehe.
  • Hocus Smokus ~ This year I really wanted to take a cooking class. I found an awesome group that has a group in Portland that offers all sorts every month, but each time I’ve looked they were full or something I wasn’t interested in. Well, the tides have turned my friends! This month they are doing a grilling class. Really?! I could satisfy two goals by taking a class and learning to grill? How lucky could I get. You bet your bum that I signed right up too. I know I know, I’m not quite destitute but I can see it from here. It just means I will have to work a little bit extra right now. I can handle that though, it’s worth the goodness.
  • Earning My Red Cross ~ I finally heard back from the red cross on friday regarding my volunteer application. I’m so excited! The lady I spoke with was enthusiastically lovely and if I’ll be working with her, or more like her, then I think it’s going to be a good place for me. It seems that on part of their application requirements though they should include patience because there’s surely a lot to go through. I like to look at it as one more challenge to show that you are genuine in your effort. Most people wouldn’t volunteer for the position I did because of the nature of it, and more probably wouldn’t go through the whole process, but I like it. It shows they want and work with quality. When I was going to school I was really interested in working in hospitals with those with communication inabilities and potentially terminal illness so the idea of working in a hospital now does not bother me. Instead it gives me an outlet for this drive I’ve always had but never been able to fill. I think if you can bring any amount of light into someone’s day then you have succeeded. I hope I can find a good niche for myself to be of help.
  • Sunday Goodness ~ I spent the morning running errands. Stopped by the nursery to plan out my container garden and to drool over various hellaciously priced pots. I definitely will be stopping by again when I get paid. Then I forced myself to run to target and get dog food. I try to avoid stores unless I am in need of something right now. Of course, that didn’t stop me from taking the long way around to the grocery store via the ferry. I couldn’t help myself, it was a truly lovely day out and it was the perfect little drive. I especially love the hill on the way that feels like going on a roller coaster. Enjoy the little things! The rest of the day has been spent writing and avoiding putting away the laundry. Personally, I think that’s the perfect use of my time right now. How about you?
  • Airplane Complaints ~ FInally, I have one last thing to touch on and please forgive my brief grievance soapbox. I love the airport. I love flying. Airplanes. Travel. I understand though that not everyone does. The lines, the fees, the people, the small seats . . . there is lots to get frustrated over. But dear lord, if I hear one more damn person whine about wifi or lack there of or it not working or electrical outlets on airplanes not being up to par, by golly I will not be held responsible for my actions. You’re on an effin airplane! Hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. Crossing states in the shortest amount of time possible. And oh yeah, flying. Did I forget to mention flying? You are effin flying and you have the nerve to piss and moan that your technological advances that are a luxury even on the ground aren’t meeting your standards!!! Do not make me come over there and beat you with your own hand. Stop taking the fact that you are on an airplane for granted and be grateful. For your sake if not for the rest of us. The End. *Hops off soapbox*


Well, the laundry pile at the end of my bed is starting to resemble a frown face from something Jim Hensen would have thought up so me thinks perhaps it should be dealt with. I hope that you have a wonderful end to your weekend. Hugs & Love!