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New Year, Lots of New Changes


Hi! Please excuse my absenteeism lately. Actually no, strike that, there is no excuse. I’m just going to say, I haven’t known where to begin. There’s been so many different changes going on lately that it’s sort of flipped my world upside down. In a good way. As a quick recap . . .

We rang out Christmas, or as a bad spiller in my family calls it, Chritm-ass, and ushered in a whole new year. Really I have to say the end of the year happened just as I needed it to. Calm, relaxed, and surrounded with friends and family. I had been at my wits end and stressed up to my eyeballs with where to go and what to do and what was happening that I didn’t even know where to sit. Thankfully, a little relaxing and the world sort of sorts everything out for you. As it should be.

Then some very new interesting developments at work have really flipped the cauldron upside down and offered a different view. I’ve also been spending more time taking care of myself. I hadn’t been doing this before and it was really taking its toll. I wasn’t giving myself permission to feel so instead I was feeling everything in a giant jumbled mess. And I wasn’t giving myself the time and care I needed to be ok. So I’ve been spending my days doing just that. Going to bed earlier at night, not rushing in the morning, spending more time on the weekends doing the things that I loved and missed. In fact, I’m not sure why I ever stopped. Don’t get me wrong, I did lots last year and some of them definitely fed my soul, but as a whole, I don’t recall that many of them and that’s sort of unacceptable. I want it filled to the brim, bursting at the seems and overflowing with joy. I have lots of pics to share in everything going on lately, but alas, I shall have to save it for another post! 

I have a very distinct feeling that this year is going to be different . . . if I want it to be. Magical even. Some changes I’m making thus far . . . Getting rid of the clutter, both emotional and physical. Spending more time with the people and puppydog that matter, and being present in those moments. Buckling down and committing to my budget and paying off my debt. Taking a new attitude with my job and getting back to a happy place with it. committing to being vulnerable and the beauty that brings with it. I also have a post coming up later this week with a recap and my new goals for this year. Stay tuned!

It’s amazing the potential each new day has to be something different. Magical even. You just have to be open to it.

What are you open to?



Things I Love Thursday!



Happy thursday loves! Hope you all are snuggled in and as excited for goodness this week as I am. Btw, how amazing is this Mercedes ad? I don’t think I featured it before, but I absolutely love it. They did a whole series of them and I think they are tremendous. I am in love with whoever’s brain came up with this. My loves this week . . .

 RemindMeOfLove.Com ~ I finally got my .com up and I’m proud to announce that it will soon be open for business! I hope to have the rest of it put together and going this weekend. Minor technical difficulties. I will be running my blog through there as well as options for my shop that I plan on releasing shortly thereafter. I’m super excited for a new blog design with more options and terrified, but elated to soon be open for business. My art has always been a very personal outlet for me and soon it will be available to the masses. Eeeek! There will be big paintings and small paintings, as well as mini pint-sized paintings that are perfect for that little space you want to fill up with goodness and love. All are one-of-a-kind and made with mucho amounts of heart and vulnerability. I can’t wait to share with you all!

My Forearm ~ I got a sweet henna piece done on my forearm over the weekend and it’s amazing! I find myself hiding it at work for the most part thus far just to avoid a funny Boss look. It’s like a secret I have with myself. I catch it out of the corner of my eye and am giddy or shocked at how huge it is. I often wonder if this is what it’d be like to have a tattoo. I’ve long debated them, especially with being in such a tattoo-friendly city, but then again, I don’t know how I’d feel about giving up a whole year of blood donorship. I’d have to get all thee work done at once because it would irk me to have to keep going through it. For now, this will definitely do!

Balloon Ideas ~ I have this weird idea to go downtown with a giant bunch of red balloons and give one to random strangers for their ideas of love. Idea is still in developement. We shall see.


Little Loves . . .

Hitting a new record. Oh yeah baby! ♥ Long hair & lush curls  Feta & spinach stuffed chicken breast and terryaki skewers  Long sweaters ♥ Bright colors  Grilling in the fall  Sunny, cold days ♥ Weekend adventures  Dexter  Clean piles of laundry Rearranging my room into goodness  Plaid flannel sheets. It’s getting colder out and these hit the spot!  Real peanut butter. I never knew how much other crap I was consuming before in my beanut putter. This difference is ridiculous. ♥ Chai tea lattes  Driving to work at the sunrise. I think I might get up early one day this weekend and go for a photo drive. I keep seeing all of these great fog landscape shots. I’m dying to capture some goodness again!  Girly dates to new restaurants ♥ Cranberry cleansing. It makes me not ever want to look at liquid again, but it’s good for the kidneys and bladder.  Getting up mucho early to be in to work early and productive  Having business coming out of my ears and committing to it. Mama’s gotta pay some bills!  My black turtleneck and patina disk earrings  Jewelery pocket exchanges with my mom  Thinking of business card and logo ideas Realizing how little I know. It’s humbling. Twitter. I confess, it’s addicting. Follow me – @RemindMeOfLove Having exploding ideas for the new work program Holiday surprises for some of my favorite bloggers Thinking of Christmas cards already. It’s horrible, but I think I’m going to be proactive and get them done before December. I see this holiday season being monster good! Buckling down on my budget Cooking at home Friday!!!


 Hugs & Love!


A Love Letter To November


The best way to show November your love is to enjoy it and live in it. I feel like today was the complete embodiment of that in the most delicious way.

To be honest, I had planned to work all day long, but I think the universe had something else in mind. And I’m so glad it did! After a week of weird dreams and semi-conciousness, I made myself get a little extra sleep this morning. Then Boo and I lounged together and I made myself get up and look presentable. Yes, this takes persuasion on a weekend day. But by golly I did an outstanding job. I think it’s important to show yourself a little love on your day off. It shows that you mean something to yourself.

After that, I dropped off the dry cleaning and started making my way to NoPo for yummy coffee goodness at Jim & Patty’s. Never been? GO. And what did I stumble across along my travels? The year-round Hollywood farmer’s market! Oh my stars! I’m so incredibly excited to find out that there’s a close year round market. I get bummed each year at the end of farmers market season because I love fresh goodies in my kitchen. So of course I had to stop. I was helpless. I found myself parallel parking and walking in the rain amongst the tents of goodness . . . Asian pears, giant bunches of celery, humongo garlic cloves, scrumptious tomatoes and onions and big bags of lettuce . . . it magically all ended up coming home with me. I can’t wait to cook this week!

Eventually I finally made it to coffee, but alas it was beyond full there so it was coffee-a-go-go. But of course, there’s always time to talk to the mocha minions and plot our gangsta crew. Complete with buttons too! We might have to discuss our world domination again soon. On my way home to finally commit to doing work the gal pal called and we spur-of-the-moment coordinated lunch plans. But of course, in between I managed to squeeze in a little henna work at new place in SE on Belmont. I heart groupon for turning me on to this place. Silk & Stone is a great studio with lots of variety and quality products. And, the gal was able to fit me in as a walk in and do a stunning job. I’m so very happy with it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it completely dries and flakes off. Eeeeeee! After that, I met up with Kpooh for hugs and lunch at the Original Taco House on Powell. I have distinctly fond memories of this place from when I was little with my mom and I am pleased to say that it’s still just as good. Thoughtful conversation and yummy food always makes for goodness.

And finally, after an unexpected day of gallivanting around, I made it home safe and sound and in one piece. And ready to work. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to get my domain up and converting over to self hosting at and it feels like it’s been anything but easy. I’m a tech nerd that had to call godaddy three times. Thank heavens for their awesome support team! I have mucho respect for fellow support staffers and I love coming across great ones that do their job well. It makes me smile. So I was finally able to get things in a happier place technologically speaking; now if I could only figure out that server error. A to-do for tomorrow.

I have high hopes for November and thus far it’s shaping up nicely. How’s your November?


Hugs & Love!



Things I Love Thursday!


Things I Love Thursday!

November!: You can’t even know how excited I am that it’s no longer October. October was a whirlwind of emotion that made my world spin and overwhelmed and exhausted me. So much that I had to take a day off to recoup. But I feel mucho recharged and in a much better place moving forward. I think November is going to hold lots of good things! What are you looking forward to in November?

Volunteering: I got back into the Volunteer bug again. I signed up for a 20’s & 30’s night at the Oregon Food Bank and it ended up being so much fun! Grant you, I don’t want to look at another pinto bean or twist tie for quite some time, but it was definitely worth my 2.5 hrs. And just in case you’re wondering how much you can really do in 2.5 hrs . . . This was the first time all of the volunteers that signed up showed up and with 41 volunteers we packages over 12,000lbs of food which accumulated to feeding over 9,000 people. In a time when hunger in America (1/3 of that being children), that number blows my mind. If you haven’t gotten involved in your community yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s worth it! “There by the grace of God go I”

Sleep: They say most people are getting too little sleep. I can attest to that. If you haven’t slept lately, you really should. Turn off the electronics, so no for a night and go to bed early. You’ll be amazed at how recharged you’ll feel!


 Little Loves . . .

 My skelly socks ♥ My chocolate pumpkin cupcakes being a hit  Sitting practically front row at football games  Finally getting to wear my zombie pin again  New bras & comfy pants  Fake tattoos  Coming to peace with a piece of jewelry  Finding a henna shop in ptown. I can’t wait to go! ♥ Road trips with the boys  Giving advice only to realize that I need to take it  Rocking my day of the dead makeup last weekend  Hugs. Even if only for a moment.  Apples & peanut butter  My new pants turning my legs blue because I have a tendency to ignore that “wash before wear” statement  Half-time shows of the thriller dance and jack skelington. My world was blown! ♥ Contemplating new hairs for the new season  The Pandora oldies station. Love!  Offers for new football games. Dare I?  Laughing till your sides hurt  Build Me Up Buttercup, Mr Postman, Can’t Hurry Love, and My Boyfriend’s back. So danceable!  Snuggling with Boo on cold mornings  Planning a December giveaway. Stay tuned! ♥ Nothing sexier than a hairnet and apron. At that point, everyone looks the same so you better have a great personality! ♥ The blog post ideas finally rolling in  Comfy sweaters in bright colors  Kicking it into high gear at work today! Halloween candy overload A cooking weekend at home

 Stand By Me (Btw, these videos remind me how much some people can’t dance)

Dream Lover


Hit The Road Jack


What are you loving this thursday?



Well folks, today I am off on a crazy adventure for football with the boys. If it weren’t 6am and I hadn’t woken up an hour earlier than planned, I’d sound more excited about that lol. It will definitely be a fun and interesting day, that’s for sure. I’m going to try and keep my hormonal crap at bay and just relax and have an uber fun time. Fingers crossed!

In the mean time though, I though I’d share my most recent photoglob so you can ooo and aahh and wonder what you’re missing out on. Love!

My stick rendition of a heart hug. Because that’s how I roll.

The rainy season has held off a bit here (does that mean snow this year?), so Boo and I have been taking lots o’ trips to the dog park. See the happy face? I live for that.

Bigwigs have been visiting us so I’ve been dusting off my shoe collection. May not be comfortable, but they’re hot.

The pink box of evil delight visited my work. ‘Nuff said.

I found a star on my lolipop wrapper. Celebrate the little things in life.

I discovered that google has an awesome sense of humor . . .

I rebel against early Christmas things. Apparently, so does this guy because he almost lost his head . . . in traffic . . . while I watched in giggling delight as he scrambled to retrieve it. Oh, snowman.

Stay tuned for a Halloween edition. Happy Sunday everyone!


Choose Happiness



I’ve been a wee bit absent the last month or so, as-you-might-have-noticed. I feel like a self-made pariah lately. To be honest, I’ve been wading through so much junk in every aspect of my life that I couldn’t really fathom writing. That sounds like an oxymoron or something though because if there’s any time to write everything down it’d been when everything is happening. Perhaps it was simply that it was overwhelming to think of writing. Too much swirling around in the thought nugget to try and sort it out. And then couple that with the migraines of early this week and you might as well just shoot me and my potential. But alas, I’ve waded through the muck. And while there’s still much to sort out, I feel confident about the light at the end of the tunnel.

I read the most amazing quote this morning . . . “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”. It blows my mind. Mind. Blown. So much of my life has been spent trying to survive it rather than live it. Which is no life to live at all. I decided two years ago that my life could look like whatever I wanted it to. And that whatever was standing in my way was of my own doing. I’ve spent the last 6 months or so opening myself up to the concept of being vulnerable again. Truth be told, it scares the hell out of me. I put myself out there and then for unforeseen circumstances had to yank it back in. Now I’m trying to convince myself to come back out of my shell. I suppose there’s no time like the present.

I’ve also come to some new conclusions . . . I need to get back into being healthy. What does this mean you might ask . . . Eating better (sort of fell off the wagon on that one), cooking more at home, and being more active again. This isn’t a health kick either. Just a simple feel-good necessity. Not really an option. I need to get back to living for me. Not trying to validate myself in an effort to feel less alone. And doing things to be more vulnerable. That’s an awfully vague way of phrasing that, but it’s so open to new things . . . Going on an unexpected coffee adventure randomly, letting go on the car trip tomorrow and having fun at the game without caring about anything else, putting my work out there finally.It’s ridiculous that it’s taken me so long, but I guess everything happens as it should.

Anyway, just a little love note to myself and anyone reading . . . I’m back.

Hugs & Love!


A New Today


Today is a new day. A new opportunity filled with potential to be whatever you wish. A chance to let go of yesterday and how it made you feel and to start anew. A chance to do things you love and feel things you haven’t felt in a while. Let go of the hurts from before and live the person you are really. Let your heart fill you with love and overflow with joy. Let the love spill over to everyone you are with today so they can share in your glow. It’s a new opportunity to do that thing you wanted, say what you meant to and potential to be what was meant. Let go. Let go of what was before and fill the space of your soul with goodness. Let it flow through and bubble with happiness. Be positive. See the beauty. Smell the air and feel the pulse of everything around you. Smile. Because it makes you happy. Laugh, because it feels good. Love. Because you only have so much room in your heart and your head and what better to fill it with than love. No I meant tos, no I should ofs, no I wanted buts. Fill your today with every ounce of your being and live it fully. Commit to what today is and should be. Love.


What do you want your today to look like?



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