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The Twinkie Defense

Ever since Hostess announced bankruptcy late last year, somewhere in the back of my mind was a little man panicking at the thought that one day things like twinkies and ding dongs would stop being produced. As anyone who has seen Zombieland knows, this is a terrifying notion. Not that I consume any of these in high volume (one every couple of years). But I immediately put it on my list to once more taste the unhealthy and satisfying goodness that only a twinkie and a snowball can bring.

I can now safely say . . . mission accomplished.

I haven’t had a snowball in years. Like ten of them. Nom nom nom. It was a youthful reminder of a time gone by. I was saddened that a pink set of balls, snowballs that is, could not be located at time of consumption, but what are you going to do. If the hostess world is coming to an end, I know I was able to hop on the nostalgia train for just a bit longer in an effort to savour a dying glory.


PS – If you want to know what the phrase, “twinkie defense”, really refers to . . . Click Here. It’s actually a sad, but amusing story. The basic jist, his lawyer said his poor diet choices of high sugar rich foods contributed to his long-term severe depression which ultimately led to his murdering folks. While meritable, still inexcusable. I haven’t killed anyone yet . . .



Things I Love Thursday!


Happy thursday! What a weird week it’s been. Yesterday, though ending well, I file under the not so awesome day files. Couldn’t get comfortable, running late, someone at lunch spilled their cranky pants on me and so on and so forth. But then again, it ended well so I guess that’s why they call it hump day. But today is a new day and a new opportunity for tons of goodness! I hope that goodness spills all over you . . .  My loves this week are . . .

Trashing Out ~ Though I meant to get tons more done (but didn’t) and I need to do further things this weekend with it, I’m so excited to have trashed outt my room. There were reminants from the tiredness that was my sickness a couple of weeks ago and then my inability to do much of anything lately thanks to my feet, so finally gettin’ it done was a huge relief! I hate when things pile up and begin to overwhelm you. I say nay!

Revisitng My Meal Strategy ~ So lately I’ve been spending waaaaay too much money. That’s bad. So in an effort to curb this bad habbit, I revisited my budget again and started thinking about my grocery shopping habbits. Because I’ve been lazy and not thinking about meals until the moment I’m hungry, it’s made for some great tasting food made by other people. Yum but ouch. So this week I thoughtt about what sounded good to have and planned accordingly while shopping at the grocery store. Definitely good to have a plan!

Culturephile ~ I beyond excited that the time has finally come for two great shows. Tonight is Matisyahu at the Zoo. I thought about possibly not going, but then I heard a song and was instantly jonesin’ again. I have to decide if it’s just me or not though. Next week is Les Mis downtown. It was one of those shows that I wasn’t dying to see, but instead bought the tickets because I wondered if I didn’t if I would regret it later on in life. Kind of like seeing Mary Poppins. I don’t want to look back and say “I had that chance and it hasn’t come around again”.

Little Loves . . .

“It’s a little black & white out, I think we should stay in.” ♥ The alpaca farm. So cutes! ♥ Morning thunderstorms  Farmer’s markets  Sunflowers & dahlias  Rub-a-dub scrubbed tub  Boo at the dog park  Finding my hard drive again FINALLY!  Matisyahu at the zoo. I’m sooooooo excited! It’s worth the craptastic walk. And ooo, look out elaphant ear, here I come!  Having my closet be filled with just things I wear. What a concept . . . ♥ The Misfits  Late night convos  My body clock. Sometimes it’s a gift, sometimes it’s a curse.  Dreaming of homemade guacamole again  Cooking together with your significant other  Lunner  Thank you cards  PF Changs. Oh my geez yum!  Showing my leg finally after the fall. For the sake of not becoming a “fried bunny”, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be willing to look like someone beat you up.  Hollyhocks blooming  Getting a good bill of health from my fracture appt  Deciding on sailboating for my bday  Nap time  Bob the builder stickers  Green casts  New sunscreen  Body butter. I love body butter! Mine’s coconut 🙂  Double points tuesday  Brene Brown. I am in love with this woman and her genious. And now I’ve discovered her blog and it’s stupendous!  Finding a deoderant that’s lovely and lasts. This was a ridiculous endeavor to go through so I’m very happy to have found somethin that works and lasts without costing an arm and a leg or smelling grossly floral  New music heaven Hugs and snuggles and smooches Horrible Bosses! I LOVED this movie. I cracked up so much. I highly recommend for anything who likes the Hangover/Zombieland type of comedy. Well worth my free ticket usage!!

This Song!


Wishing you hugs & love!


Goodies, Treats and Habbabaloo


Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend filled with sunshine and lots of agua. Gotta stay hydrated peeps! I took a three day weekend this weekend with the original intention of being in Bend most of the weekend, but alas the zombie foot made that a less-than-stellar idea so instead I relaxed closer to town.

Friday morning I finally had my meeting with one of the staffers of RC to get into the VA. Though a little jumbled, it went very well and somehow I found myself considering disaster relief as well. I’m such a sucker. I think it’s like the helping hand version for adrenaline junkies. Either way, I still have one or two more interviews, another background check and a TB test to do. At this rate, I won’t get in there until fall, haha. But then again, maybe that’s not so bad – more time to enjoy “summer”.

After that, I hopped over to Cup & Saucer for breakfast. Oh my geez so very yum! Some skillet potatoes, thick crispy bacon, an english muffin with their homemade jam and a fruit cup. I was in tummy heaven. But alas, I couldn’t dawdle forever because I had to drive lickity-split home, clean up out the big car and grab the boo-meister so we could pick up the pops from a doc appointment. Unfortunately, a “quick pickup and go” turned into an hour-long wait. I felt really bad for Boo, though thankfully she’s awesome and it hadn’t gotten too hot just yet. Melty dog is not a happy dog. After that, I met up with one of the girls and saw the last installment of HP. Hmmm, it’s over now . . . kind of weird. I always feel that way about series movies. I’ll probably feel the same about the end of Batman this week.


Saturday was filled with fun times with Boo and I skedaddled up to the dog park for social time after a quick house clean only to have an impromptu meeting with the Pops too! He joined us for puppy play time. Sadly my dog pooped out fairly quickly, but she’ll get better in time. I think the best part was every dog trying to make off with her new monkey toy. You’d think I was the pied piper of the doggy world the way those dogs stalked me! After that, Boo and I took a quick drive down to Newberg for an old-fashioned ice cream cone and then off to the doggy wash where I spent waaaaay too much money on two new collars and a treat along with the smell-so-good treatment. I’m contemplating returning one of the collars. Who knows . . .

Sunday was my get-shit-done day. I feel like Sunday is the day to make up for whatever gallivanting you’ve done and feel productive before you have to go back to work with something to show for your weekend, hehe.

First up: the farmer’s market. I am addicted to the farmer’s market. Other goodies I’m addicted too: Giant piles of tomatoes, home-grown salad bags, homemade fresh chocolate chip cookies (just 1), big bouquets of flowers and bag fulls of bing cherries. In other words . . . heaven!

Once done there I found myself on a mission . . . first Target to pick up essentials. Of course, when they don’t have your essentials, you begin to have a wandering eye and look at non-essentials. Like hello kitty duck tape that you probably would never bring home but still find super amusing. Especially since it’s duck tape.

And once you’re on a mission for something, you can’t stop there. Especially when it’s something to make your house not smell quite so ughy. On to the grocery store I went!

Lately I’ve been horrible at cooking (and preparing) meals at home. Frankly, I’ve been down right lazy about it. But I can’t afford to keep being that way so I picked up some great supplies for meals this week and I can’t wait! Burrito supplies, terryaki chicken, hamburgers, watermelon and salads. Yum! Oh, and by golly, I did find some carpet cleaner.

After that, I met up with one of the girlies for a wonderful outdoor lunner. Nothing beats a good lunner. Finally, back home I found myself on a mission of epic proportions. Ok, it was only epic because my feet wanted to die by the end of the day, but still. I was determined to get my to-do list done! Two loads of laundry, dishwasher load, kitchen and living room tidy, vacuumed, trashed out the various areas, scrubbed the tub (finally!) and put away clothes. The best thing? I found my hard drive! The world of weekend came to a very happy end.

How was your weekend?


Things I Love Thursday!

Oh thursday, you are wonderful! Delightful even! This week has been quick, but I find it to be a good thing in regards to my health. I’m still recovering from this crappy cold/flu thing so endless sleep is still sounding glorious to me. I’m just about over it so long as I can get rid of this stupid head sniffle bologna. It’s so nice and lovely out, all I want is to have my energy back and to go play in the sun. I’m doing a little bit more each day so I’m taking that as a positive sign!

Mary Poppins Tickets ~ I bit the bullet. I wasn’t really planning on it, it just sort of popped into my head. I got a discount on the tickets and the allure of the box seats were calling to me. So I bit the bullet and now my friend and I are going to see the chimney sweeps on Sunday. Secretly, I’m giddy with excitement. Another cultural even, a fun broadway show and songs that make me smile. Oooo la la!

New Hairs ~ There’s few things as fantastic feeling as a new do! Ok ok, there are lots of things that feel fantastic, but by golly that will not be diminishing my sheer joy for new hairs. I love my hair gal, she’s super sweet and flexible beyond belief for my schedule. And she was patient enough to wait with me during a “brief” unexpected delay prior to getting started. What a doll! And now I can feel human and pretty again. Now I can have a foxy day tomorrow. Magnifique!

 Hardy Fuschias ~ I’m secretly in love with this nursery booth at the farmer’s market. They have great prices and beautiful plants. I’m addicted to their $5 hardy fuschia plants. I bought one and then went back for more. Now, I really should plant them . . .

Little Loves . . . 

Red gummy bears. They’re nostalgic.  80 degree weather! It’s so lovely to have warm sunny weather that’s perfect for crops and tops.  Long-time-no-see-friend hugs  Getting over it. Sometimes, you just need to.  Sweet pea bunches  Teriyaki chicken and beef kabobs. I’m in LUV!  My new huge chair. I love the big chair. Sadly though, I have a feeling Boo is using it during the day. Not sure how I feel about that . . .  Tank tops. I may not love my arms right now, but sometimes you need as little clothing as possible.  Learning new things again at work. First it was exchange, now it’s forms. I may not want to do it all, but it’s nice to know.  Head scarves and bandanas  Sidewalk chalk drawings  Feeling clean. There is nothing like a nice shower after feeling all icky.  Chocolate cream pie. I rarely have pie, let alone decadent pie, but this was delicious!  Remembering on pay-day a big expense I had forgotten about while budgeting. Phew! Foxy day tomorrow “No, it’s the hand-job police” Deodorant. I know, it’s a common thing. But really, you should love it too. Scheduling my hotel room for Bend. I’m so excited!!! Now just need to buy my ticket. “I accept that”  Evening talks with Pops on the porch Feeling back to “normal” again

 Sucker Punch. I finally watched it and it was exactly how I hoped.


 Hugs & Love for Thursday perfection!


Happy Independence Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  

Whether you have plans for epic BBQing or fun in the sun or the bestest firework show ever, I hope that you have a great day and will take a moment to also remember what a beautiful opportunity each day is.

I am thankful for . . .

My Freedom:
to do and say whatever I please and to be whatever I want

My Friends & Family:
they are what support me and water my roots

My Life:
though sometimes turbulent, it is full of constantly evolving potential and I am grateful for the comfort and safety I am able to enjoy

My 4th of July Dog:
Who woulda thunk that my firework surprise could bring so much light and love

The Men & Women:
To those who have come before me and fought for my rights and to those still fighting, you have my heart

And because I just couldn’t help myself, it’s not the same without this gem . . .


 Alright kiddies, be safe and don’t blow your hands off. Go forth and eat too much food.

Hugs & Love!

Weekend Goodness!

It may be a day or two late but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’m ughy right now with the sickness and body cramping and all I want to do is curl up in a dark hole. I tried to leave early today to recoup, couldn’t even do that right. Bummer.

So instead I will first regale you with my amazing weekend in this post and then maybe share tonight’s exciting adventures later. Oh beliiiiiiiieve me, you want to tune in. It’s that good.

Moving on . . . I had a fantastic weekend. And you need to hear about it!

I woke up before the buttcrack of dawn Saturday morning to go watch the hot air balloon launches. When I was a teeny weenie I was taken to the balloon festival and I sat high atop my father’s shoulders in awe. There’s even newspaper photographic evidence of it. I always loved sitting at the top of the world and I’ve always loved that picture. So I thought it was time to go back. With my Dad.

I certainly don’t care about waking up so early when you get to see such amazing things!

Our favorite moment? The golf cart rides back and forth between parking and the festival. So much fun! Wahoo! Can we go again? Afterwards I went home and fell asleep for a while and then when out to dinner. All in all a good Saturday.

Sunday was filled with renewed goodness. First up . . . the farmer’s market! I’m a big fan and supporter of farmer’s markets and produce stands. I think it’s good to support local and even better, to get fresh food and flowers! I scooped up fresh potatoes, lettuce, red onions, a giant bouquet of flowers and a perfectly lovely hardy fuchsia plant for $5. Yes please! And it was the perfect day out. Could not have asked for anything better.

After that, I grabbed some lunch and then went kayaking in the afternoon. I went for the first time last summer and was instantly addicted, but unfortunately couldn’t go again that season. I’m so happy to have gotten to go again. It was warm, but not hot. The wind was very light if at all. And it felt perfect to be back rowing again. Though it wasn’t nearly as long as I would have preferred, it was a great way to spend the afternoon. I’m hoping to be past this bloody cold soon so I can go back again this weekend. It would be spectacular!

I finished the evening off with my first ever trip to Joe’s Crab Shack. And while I could take or leave the crab, the coconut shrimp were amazing and sitting outside on the water, I could think of no better setting to finish out the weekend.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend as well and that you’re gearing up for the holiday to come!

Hugs & Love

Blood, Guts & Golf . . . A Weekend Of Goodness

After work on friday I . . .

Went golfing! Hoorah! I’m really loving the golfing thing right now. It’s something to focus on and have fun with. Not to mention the beautiful scenery, the arm workout and the good-looking men. Confession: I thought it was older gentlemen playing golf. Not so! There’s a wide range of menfolk and this makes it that much better. It’s like a fun bonus! After that I went to go see Super 8 at the movie theater. It was awesome! It’s like a 70’s/80’s era cross between goonies and ET. I highly recommend!

Despite going to bed late, I woke up early Saturday and I . . .

drove to the ‘couv and finally gave blood!!! You don’t even know how delightful it is to be able to say that I was finally able to give blood. It blows my mind that only something like 37% of the population can give yet only 8% do. And there’s so many misconceptions out there! It was so important to me to do this so I’m thrilled I can finally say that. I even got to learn the difference between Platelets and Plasma . . . do you know what the difference is? After everything was said and done and I my cheese-its were eaten, I was surprisingly pooped. So much so, I crashed in bed for four hours. 

When I woke up, I . . .

Was starving!!! I had the choice between lunch time or nap time, I chose nap. By then, my stomach was eating my backbone. So I hopped over for chicken skewers and fruit salad and then hung out with a friend and succumbed to the awesomeness that is Sons of Anarchy. I’m doomed now.

The Next Day . . .

Was father’s day!!! I love my pops mucho. I also love a guy who doesn’t always make a big hubub about it all. I took Boo in for a doggy wash, then had lunch with a friend and despite planning on taking the big man to a movie later, I brought home a new grill thinking that setup would be a synch. Hahaha, yeah right. Such malarkey. I think I said more swear words that afternoon than I have all month. But by golly, I was determined and by 8:30pm and a store run later, I was ‘a grillin’ weiners. Oh yeah. Now I’m addicted!

Can’t wait for more!