Things I Love Thursday!


I fully commited this week to be funk-less. After a week of sad face and drama (not even my own!), I wanted to be very anti-funk. So I committed to my week being filled with goodness and the things I love to do that bring me joy. And I am happy to report that today was no exception! I am in love with today. I took the time to treat myself right with a puppydog wash for Boo, a big yummy breakfast at Cup & Saucer and a girly pamper day. I didn’t realize how much I needed it. Sometimes you need to just take a little extra time for yourself.

Little Loves . . .

♥ Trader Joe’s. I always forget how awesome they are and each time I discover it again it’s like a little surprise of joy! ♥ Garlic hummus. Yummers! ♥ Giant white bouquets of freesia ♥ Dinners with the pops ♥ Days with Boo ♥ Six Feet Under. I’m addicted. I’m sad I’m on the last season though, almost over. Sad face. ♥ Vitamin Water Zero – Berry flavored ♥ Remembering to drink lots and lots of water. I realized this week that I’ve probably been dehydrated. I used to drink bottles upon bottles of water and I’ve been nowhere near that since I haven’t been working. No more I tell you! ♥ Rambo being on Spike ♥ Snow in march ♥ Storm chasing. Sometimes, you just really need to be surrounded by abnormal stormy goodness. While everyone is running away, I’m in heaven. ♥ Cleaning out my second desk and realizing how much ridiculous crap I have. I am determined to pair down mucho. ♥ An interview callback from LB. I’d love to at least have something going on to occupy myself. It’d definitely be nice. ♥ My big comfy cream sweater and big combat boots ♥ New cotton tees that aren’t riddled with stretch♥ Finally getting to use my beautiful vase! ♥ Popcorn. The mini bags are an addicting snack! ♥ Layering shirts ♥ Finding a shamrock plant. What a unique way to ring in the green day with a little bit of luck! ♥ Boo’s breath finally getting back to normal. No more pig’s ears!!! ♥ Finally putting away the Xmas stuff. I know, I know, it’s march. But it’s done. ♥ Sharing my intimate home life circle with the man friend and not being afraid of it. Such a nice change! ♥ Listening to my Dad present ♥ Late night Subway convos of love, stay at home wives and raising children ♥ Remembering how my used to read to me. It brings a warm spot in my soul.  And remembering I have all of this time to read now. Why haven’t I been reading???!!!  ♥ Hearing new Jason Mraz music on the radio ♥ Planning my St. Patty’s day outfit. I love a day I can wear unlimited green! ♥ Nude-colored nails in different shades ♥ Grapes ♥ Trying a new recipe – Mini Chocolate Whoopie Pies  ♥

♥ This song from the internet explorer 9 commercial


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