30 Days of Truth: Day 1


Something I hate about myself? I spend all day trying not to focus on such things, yet this is the first question out of the gate?

 Bugger.  Something I hate about myself is struggling with the validation of my own self worth. What is it about me that makes me feel as though my feelings are insignificant?  I was originally typing a whole thing about hating my hormones and having to research and monitor them and in the course of that I started to feel as though I was unnecessarily whining about my problems because there are bazillions of other people with issues that are worse. Why are someone else’s feelings or someone else’s problems more important than mine just because they are bigger? Logically, one has nothing to do with the other! Yes, there are people starving in the Sudan and others who are trying to come off of heroin. And it’s a world of pain. But this does not makee my pain or frustration any less valid.

As women we are ingrained to serve and nurture and encourage and support. Most of us any way. And in this, I feel like we often demean our own significance. By saying the words “it’s ok” or “I’m fine”, we’re really saying “your feelings are more important than mine”. So silly.

My feelings are just as important as yours! I repeat this over and over not to convince you, but rather to convince myself.  At least I’m now beginning to notice as it happens. I hear it’s the first step . . .



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