Things I Love Thursday!



Happy Thursday!!! I dearly hope the world is treating you write and that your week is abounding with goodness. I’ve been slowly putting some pieces together this week in terms of what I want my life to look like and how to make that happen. It’s an interesting road to be one, but definitely an adventure! Thus far I’m decided that I want to spend more time with the puppydog and my family, I want to work on my own schedule, I need to put myself back on hormones (ack!) to prevent ughyness and I’m thrilled to be in a different place right now. I’ve also decided that I love these things . . .

♥ Valentine’s Day! ~ Umm yeah, I don’t know about you but I heart the heart day. It’s awesome. No matter if I’m single or note, I’ve always been in love with it. A whole day of wearing all the pink and red I want with fun hearts, doing fun things for my loves and surprising people with goodness. Oh yes I will. This year was simple and great. Gave some flowers and goodies to my friends and fam and partook in fun things. All in all, two thumbs up!

♥ Painting? ~ I have been trying to push through an artist block in my brain for weeks now. It’s insanely difficult when all you want to do is paint and your brain refuses to move. Ack!


Little Loves . . .

♥ The commercials for Top Gear. I love the nerdy boy making gun noises while holding a rifle, hehe. ♥ New canvases ♥ Secret government organizations ♥ The Voice. This is my ridiculous new tellie obsession. ♥ How the right east coast accent can make “pawn store” sound like “porn store”, hehe. ♥ Blueberries. I can eat these by the handful! ♥ My moomoo’s vday gift. I’m a sucker for hearts! ♥ CLo’s flirting. I love a short man with a tall personality 😉 ♥ Big bushy hydrangea blooms and vibrant irises ♥ Pink streamers ♥ Making apple pancakes for the first time ♥ Blowing bubbles ♥ Whimsical cards ♥ Watching RvB from the beginning ♥ Days with Boo ♥ My twitter photos suggesting I like the following things: art, my dog, cooking and shoes. I’m ok with that. ♥ Pawn Stars. I’m amazed at how attached people are to things! It’s up there with Hoarders, only they’re trying to get rid of it. ♥ THIS homemade lip scrub recipe. I cannot wait to try it! ♥ Planned Parenthood. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for them! ♥ Having my boots back again. I left them in someone’s car and I’ve been feeling the need to get out with them and explore. ♥ Opal Apples. I couldn’t help but go get more! ♥ My rented rug doctor. I couldn’t take my carpet being grody and smelling anymore so darnit I did something about it. Fingers crossed that it stays super. ♥ FINALLY getting an additional circuit put in for my bathroom. It’s been so frustrating blowing the circuit every time I wanted to dry my hair. So silly. ♥ This creamsicle dream outfit and this pink delight outfit that reminds me of a cross between Jackie O and Coco Chanel from Miss Bee ♥ Getting real about how much crap I have. I does not matter how much I love it if there is no room for it. Kind of like people I guess. ♥ Being up early again. My body schedule has been so whacked out lately, but I think it’s been affecting my productivity level. So today might be difficult (an understatement) to reset myself, but I know it’s worth it! ♥ Bright blue panties ♥ Buying all of the trident pomegranate & blueberry gum a store has ♥ Digging through the linen in my closet and trying on my long flowy dresses. I cannot wait for summer! ♥

♥PS22 Chorus (better known as the awesome girl from the Target/Adele Grammy ad!) ♥


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