Adventures In Unemployment: What Happens When You Drop Your Balls And How To Find New Ones

I thought it’d be a good time for an update. So much has happened in the last three weeks! My job, and uber stress, are now gone. It’s left me with a staggering amount of free time and an amazing amount of less stress. I’m a little sad because it’s a completely different lifestyle and gear change and I feel a bit like I’m floating around without purpose right now. But I know that it’s for the right reason and it’ll be for the better. So much potential and opportunity! Right now I really need to put myself back on a schedule and refocus.

My body is thrilled to be less stressed, but I feel a bit fragile. A bit beaten up. Immediately after everything I came home with a gross stomach virus that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. When you feel the urge to sit in the bathtub because you don’t know what else to do, you know it’s good times. I got over that and then threw myself into a crazy job search. I’ve gotten some interesting bites, we’ll see how that goes. I figured out though that my body needs to be back on an even keel. I’ve been off hormones for two months or so now and have done pretty well, but am starting to feel the affects. My skin is freaking out and I’m having a difficult time with my body schedule. Example: I was dead tired at 3am and still couldn’t get to sleep until 6am. It was very sad. And I have a bit of an art block. That’s probably not related, but I’m going to say it is beccause it makes me feel better. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for Planned Parenthood. Without them, I could potentially be up the the creek without a paddle.

My carpets are now clean thanks to a rent-a-rug-doctor. Frankly, I couldn’t take it anymore. Boo has been taking her vengance out on them and sitting in the living room was defintely not a pleasant experience any longer. Worse, I didn’t want anyone in the house because it was nothing but a big shame train for me. I hate feeling like my house is gross. I know part of it stems from a childhood thing and that most people probably think it’s just fine, but it hasn’t been to me. I am compromising with the acceptance of “it’s good enough”, but just the same I want it to be at a level that I feel comfortable with. I.e. not febreezing to hide and not stashing clothes in my tub briefly so that nobody knows of my secretly huge clothing pile at the end of my bed. I’m spending the next day or so taking care of my crap so I can feel good moving forward. Oh and just to share how awesome sauce it is . . . my Christmas tree and mantle decorations are still up. I am quite sure they won’t be by the end of the week.

Beyond that things are pretty steady. Bad news is co-mingling with good news so it kind of keeps everything even I guess. Or at least there’s a shoulder to lend support when needed. And btw, who doesn’t adore a man who tells you they adore your domestic goddess abilities? Heart!

How are things with you?



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  1. Your mother taught you well. There’s nothing like a good house cleaning when you’re stressed and need to release that pent up emotion. It also helps get you back on track. And yes, it’s time to take down the tree and put the decorations away. christmas will be back soon enough to do it all over again. I heart you back.

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