Things I Love Thursday!

♥ Volunteer
~ Being currently “unemployed”, I feel it’s important to stay productive and active. And it’s important to do all of those things you said you’d do if you had more time. So I signed up for a volunteer shift at the food bank on friday. It’s the little things you do that matter.

♥ Genuine ~ It’s important to live your life from a genuine and honest place. I’m finding that this includes accepting the risk of being vulnerable and getting comfortable with that. It’s a humbling place to be, but a good one.

Little Luvs . . .

♥ My mom ♥ Writing a one-line journal ♥ Movies with secret scenes at the end ♥ Banana bread muffins ♥ Cherry print boy shorts ♥ Having to teach myself to let the man be the man ♥ Smaller grocery shopping trips ♥ Interviewing ♥ Being downtown and feeling the pulse of the city ♥ Business falling into my lap and persuading me to go a different way ♥ Royal Pains ♥ People who try to shock jock me. Hahaha. You’re funny. ♥ The usher who gives great tips and is super friendly ♥ iPhone mappage ♥ Future camping trips and stargazing ♥ The man signing up to donate with me ♥ Free tickets to OMSI’s Bodyworlds exhibit ♥ Planning vday surprises ♥ Meeting the peeps ♥ TOMS valentine flats. I’m in love! With my heart infatuation, I’m seriously considering these. ♥ My baking bible ♥ Ruby red lips ♥ Do not go gentle into that good night ♥ Harry Connick Jr in SVU ♥ Fun vday DIYs ♥ Red balloons ♥ Chips from SOA being on SVU. Heart! ♥ Schwanns wanting to teach me how to drive stick. Eeek! ♥ Big comfy clothes paired with good butt jeans ♥ Opera night with my single mom friend ♥ Chunky scarves ♥ Dressing up to the hilt ♥


“Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day”



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