Adventures In Unemployment: Why Finding Tuna Helper Made Me Happy . . .


Now that I’m unemployed, I find that being fiscally efficient is now more important. Go figure. Oddly enough, I also find part-time employment to be incredibly appealing after the last three years. That being said, cash is king and it’s limited currently, so I’m finding things that I used to do previously to be a great thing . . . Things like saving all of my change, stock piling my cans and bottles to return, and filling my pantry with certain staples like macaroni & chili supplies all come back around to be quite handy. Truly I have enough for four cookings of baked mac and another round or two or chilli. And I’m loving smaller shopping trips and visits to the local market.

I also feel that being unemployed is no excuse for being unproductive. Before noon today I . . . rescheduled my blood pirates donation and got the new man friend to join in. Bonus: we get free tickets to the OMSI exhibit (huzzah!) . . . scheduled for an afternoon shift at the Oregon Food Bank. I’m super stoked to be back there again! I would like to volunteer mucho while I am able . . . Redid my iPod. Again. This is really starting to get irritating. I hope it’s finally solid now that it’s been wiped and reloaded. I miss it in the car . . . Cleaned out & organized my pantry. The bottom shelves of my pantry were kind of the black sheep of the shelving system. The far back shelves hiding miscellaneous boxes of unknown origin that I didn’t purchase. Enough is enough. I reorganized, got rid of the unnecessary and made the other household member face the stock he purchased and make a decision if he was going to use them or not. The lovely thing about cleaning out my pantry? I found tuna helper! I know, silly, but I had a hankering the other day and it was nowhere to be found at the grocery store. It’s the little things . . .

I also am happy to say that my kitchen got uber clean again, I started to resolve my living room carpet issues (ugh. dog.), I did a load of laundry and did a grocery store run. I also applied for 6 jobs of various natures.

Tomorrow I am . . .

tackling my unemployment and cobra to-dos
working with a consulting client and making some dough
making some contacts to hopefully promote future work
finishing up my carpet clean
clearing out my dining room and living room
finishing up my taxes
writing in my one-line journal again
planning some vday goodness


What are your plans for tomorrow?



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  1. My plan is to get through this day and the next and the next,so on and so forth. To enjoy each on as it comes and keep on truckin. My big plan is for the movies tomorrow with my kid. And to keep hopin and wishing and praying for better things for my family members….like employment, financial security, stable lives and partners. For spring and continued sunshine.
    Love, M.O.M.

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