Things I Love Thursday!



No Longer Worrying: I no longer work for the company I’ve been working for for the last 3 years . . . or even 8 years. And while it’s a hell of a gear change, I can say that it’s nice not to worry like that anymore. Oh sure, there’s a whole load of new frustrations and concerns, but not to the level of before. I just have to remind myself what that felt like . . .

The End of Food Poisoning: So the week that was suppose to be filled with relaxation turned into a couple days of spilling my guts and all such grossness. It’s a horribleness I really wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. On the flip side though, it’s nice that it hits like a hurricane and but then quickly dissipates. Grant you, I don’t want to look at real food for awhile, but finally sitting verticle is an option again. And red j-e-l-l-o is my friend!


Little Loves . . .

♥ My puppydog when I’m sick. She took super good care of me and snuggled the whole time I was in bed.And even now, is snuggled at my feet. ♥  Washers & dryers . . . it’s the little things in life ♥ Waking up out of my stupor to pretty sunshine ♥ Learning that my identity was not tied into my profession ♥ Hearing from my favorite peeps ♥ My new terrarium. I smile each time I pass it. ♥ Valentine’s Day being so close ♥ Day time dates ♥ Cook Sharing ♥ Cinetopia groupons. I’ve never been but I’ve always heard great things. ♥ Taking a shower. Nothing feels better after being sick than a good night’s sleep and a nice long shower. ♥ Cactus. I long to make a succulent garden. ♥ A movie outing with my pops ♥ J-E-L-L-O ♥ Clean laundry ♥ Knowing I still have so much despite the struggle ♥ Valentine’s day lingerie. I long to come home with all of the pretty pink goodness! ♥ Rewatching SOA ♥



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