It’s The Principal Of The Thing . . .


Since I am now house-binding myself for the next little bit of time, I spent the day primarily stocking up on staples. Ya know, gas, groceries . . . And of course, a little art stock. I’ve had this idea in my head for a month or so for a painting, but never had the right canvas for what I was thinking. So here I was standing in line at the checkout and there I was finding myself listening to quite a rant from an “irate” customer. She was attempting to exchange an item that she had paid cash for but what pretty darn displeased at the idea that she would have to provide ID in order to do so. Her point was that she paid cash and was going to make up the difference with cash for the exchange item and had no issue showing her ID, but no way on God’s green earth was she going to allow them to put her ID into a database . . .

Was she right? I’ve often provided my ID for exchanges and not thought too much of it. I’m not sure the government gives that much of a darn if I am returning bad brushes or crappy silk flowers . . . I’m sure it’s used for some such tracking nonsense, but not something I care to contemplate. But here is this women, bull-headedly standing her ground over an exchange for the principal of the matter. I doubt she had anything to hide, maybe she did, but she was willing to die on the sword for this ID issue.

Does anyone else have an issue with this? Oh sure, there are conspiracy theorists galore, but I mean joe blow on the street. Mr blow, do you have an issue with this? Or is it hoo-ha that doesn’t matter and you’re simply wasting everyone’s time? Is your policy strict? Or is there a difference between giving it to the cops and returning your gum eraser?



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