Things I Love Thursday!



Happy Thursday!


♥ Snow-ish ~ What a crazy weather week here. “Worst storm in years” my tush. We got the mere suggestion of snow. It really was quite rude. I just wanted on snow day. Just one. But no. Those scallywags. And now we’ve finally settled on rain. Which actually is probably good, I was concerned about the mild fall and winter we were getting. There’s a reason Oregon is so green . . .

♥ A Weekend Home! ~ I’m so excited to finally have a weekend at home. The last two weekends were sort of spur of the moment and good  fun, but I relish the idea of not going anywhere this weekend. I just want to sleep in and clean and paint. Especially if it’s raining. That would make it even better! Ok, maybe a little Jim & Patty’s too . . .

♥ Puppydog Biscuits ~ So, I saw a great, simple dog biscuit recipe on Sarah’s blog and thought I could do that. I didn’t have any cookie cutters on hand, so instead I cut it with a knife into heart shapes. In the process though, I ran out of pan space. So I rolled out the rest of the dough, left the room for a minute to grab a pan and came back to it all being gone! The cutting mat was licked clean! I would have been mad at her if it weren’t sort of cute that she ate her own treats prematurely. Now if they had been my treats it might have been a different story . . .

Little Loves . . .

♥ Rodrigo y Gabriela coming back to Portland!!! I’m in love with their pandora station right now. ♥ Finding more new things to eat, like a Jicama and something else I can’t pronounce. It’s definitely a taste bud adventure. ♥  An evening with nobody home. It was really strange, but kind of fun. ♥ Completing steak tacos, zucchini bread muffins and laundry like I wanted to. ♥ Class getting cancelled on the day I have an ughy migraine. It was nice timing. ♥ Scrubbing my bathroom from top to bottom. It looks like a whole new bathroom now! Now if only I could get my sink back to working again . . .  ♥ Road trip convos with my dad ♥ Tall jeans being back on the market ♥ Sweet notes from my client about our training session ♥ Planning vday outfits ♥ Conversations about snuggles, huggles and the like ♥ Driving to work while it’s snowing ♥


Wishing you all a day filled with hugs & love!



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