Little Observations


Life has been a little topsy turvy, in a good way, lately and I thought it might be fun to share some of my observations. If nothing else, perhaps one will make you say “me too!” or at least chuckle. (Giggling is acceptable as well).


  • Despite working in the tech field, I still slightly panic when something starts to go ughy with my computer and pray it isn’t something expensive or pain in the arse. I do my best not to bombard my guys at work the way our clients do so as to not appear like the sky is falling. Just so you know, it is.
  • I’m in love with Gala’s lighting idea of putting christmas lights in a jar. It’s one of the simplest, most pleasant ways I’ve seen and gives off just enough light to make you think perhaps you should also build a fort.
  • The only way I’m going to get more visitors is if I start doing more. Funny how that works . . .
  • I love this trying new, sometimes exotic, foods thing. Two weeks ago it was the ugli fruit. Which I LOVE and can’t wait to buy another. This week I am trying the Jicama. I’m a little confused on what to do with it. Some say it’s a jamaican potato, another said it was a cross between a potato and an apple, another said to eat it raw with a little rasberry vinigarette. Tough decisions . . .
  • I am going to write my goals for this year down and do so this week. It’s still January, it’s acceptable. Some ones I’m thinking about . . . Pay off my debt by June, Shop more frequently and in smaller doses so there is less waste, Try a new food/new recipe once a month, Be open to vulnerability.
  • When it’s pouring down rain out, all I want is to lay in bed and listen to it. I don’t want to move, unless it’s to hunker down more. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.
  • It’s a very weird turn of events when you have to turn the same logic once bestowed upon you around on your parents.* Example: My Moomoo vs Puppy Pete. Petey is so freakin cutes. But he’s a puppy. I found myself logically describing all of the ways that puppies aren’t low maintainence or cost effective. From personal experience with Boo, I like the easier route of young adult. I am not made for puppy. And puppy pee spots here, here and here are not that lovely.
    * Example: My Dad’s Hobby Spending vs Logical House Maintainence. My dad comes to me with wanting to spend some boockoo “play money” on his newer hobby. I reminded him that the week before he was lecturing me on how expensive a new stove and dishwasher was going to be for us. He spent a stove.
  • My music mood is changing again. It went from dance dance  to michael buble’-esque jazz and now to relaxing guitar music. I’m wonder if my music choices are an outward description of how my insides are feeling. Could be . . .
  • I’ve discovered that behind my bed and behind my dresser have turned into such grossness that I am no longer capable of ignoring. The dresser is a big project but requires more brut strength, the bed more creativity because there ain’t no way in heck that I’m moving that bad boy.
  • Snow is so much less fun when it doesn’t stick. Period.
  • Last evening a certain organization called me looking to update my volunteer information. This is the same organization that sent me a hinky rejection letter after I had what seemed like glowing interviews. And I know I don’t have anything funky on my background check. It’s obvious your group does not discuss amongst yourselves. “I’d love to work with you, but if not, it’d be nice to know why.”
  • I have a lot of ability. In an effort to not spend so much money on outward things, it is going to force me to get crafty. In a good way.
    * Example: Instead of paying for the lightswitch plate I’ve been eyeballing forever, I’m going to try to paint the design on it myself.
    * Example: I fell in love with this black & white stripe duvet cover on pottery barn. In thinking about it, I’m perfectly capable of sewing that myself. So, in replacement of spending $111 bucks, how bad do I want it . . .


What are your little observations this month?



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  1. Ok, so usually Jicama is diced or sliced into salad. That is usually how it’s used. thing along the lines of celery. It doesn’t have tons of flavor, just a little raw bite.

    As for Puppy Pete, Mom is holding off as she pays for her bills. BOO HOO.

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