Things I Love Thursday! . . . on Friday

Happy Thursday on Friday folks! I hope you’re all having fabulous weeks filled with ooey gooey magic and fun. This week has definitely been an interesting one to say the least, but it’s also been rejuvinating. And of course, in all of my amazing perfectionism yesterday morning I completely wiped out my first post. Oh yeah baby. But alas, let’s keep moving forward!

♥ I-Da-Ho?: Hmmm, let’s try this again! Maybe this time we’ll actually go, hehe.

♥ Attitude Changes: It’s really nice to be back in a positive place in my head and hopefully at work. I was really in a negative space in my head and was treading water. But it’s nice to be moving forward and away from that . . . I am definitely a work in progress.


 Little Loves . . .

♥ Plotting roadtrips! Dog wash? Check. Coffee stop? Check. Sanity? No chance. Fun? Oh hells yeah! ♥ Bright pink sunrises ♥ Morning wake up/play time with Boo ♥ Moving past procrastination ♥ Heart to heart convos ♥ Having new possibilities at work ♥ Blooming paperwhites . . . or at least ones other than mine. Dang. ♥  Zucchini bread muffins tonight? Oh yes, I think so. ♥ Casual friday. So very much needed right now! ♥ Talking about the weather ♥ $5 pizza because they need to get rid of one that nobody picked up. Yeyeah! ♥ Stretching ♥ Long walks with Boo again ♥ Feeling like the magic is back ♥ The Michael Buble’ pandora station ♥ “Hold me close, sway me more” ♥ Planning a winterhawks game soon ♥ The words “exposure” and “desensitization” ♥ Finding a free bookmark in my new book ♥  Driving home and needing sunglasses ♥ Penny loafers. I am my mom. ♥ Finally getting to the more applicable parts of my class ♥ The other sarcastic guy in class, makes me feel at home ♥ LB finally having tall jeans in my size again. I might have to break my payoff plan just a scoach . . . or buy cash. ♥ Bum warmers. Sadly, I never see this coming off my list this winter! ♥ Grapes. Delicious, yummy grapes. ♥ Breakfasts of triple threat power bars and ugli fruit ♥ Not feeling the need to dye this year. Maybe it’s a place of acceptance and enjoying it . . . ♥ Ray LaMontague’s “The Best Thing” and Straight No Chaser’s version of “I’m Yours/Over The Rainbow”. Both make me happy. ♥ Planning a date ♥ Realizing my blood pirate date and opera night are the same day. That’ll certainly be an interesting day! ♥ Finding a secret panty stash in the back of my drawer ♥ Daffodils already! ♥ The vday suck in has begun ♥

Well, time to face the day ladies and jellyspoons. I wish you all a wonderful one and stay warm!  





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