New Year, Lots of New Changes


Hi! Please excuse my absenteeism lately. Actually no, strike that, there is no excuse. I’m just going to say, I haven’t known where to begin. There’s been so many different changes going on lately that it’s sort of flipped my world upside down. In a good way. As a quick recap . . .

We rang out Christmas, or as a bad spiller in my family calls it, Chritm-ass, and ushered in a whole new year. Really I have to say the end of the year happened just as I needed it to. Calm, relaxed, and surrounded with friends and family. I had been at my wits end and stressed up to my eyeballs with where to go and what to do and what was happening that I didn’t even know where to sit. Thankfully, a little relaxing and the world sort of sorts everything out for you. As it should be.

Then some very new interesting developments at work have really flipped the cauldron upside down and offered a different view. I’ve also been spending more time taking care of myself. I hadn’t been doing this before and it was really taking its toll. I wasn’t giving myself permission to feel so instead I was feeling everything in a giant jumbled mess. And I wasn’t giving myself the time and care I needed to be ok. So I’ve been spending my days doing just that. Going to bed earlier at night, not rushing in the morning, spending more time on the weekends doing the things that I loved and missed. In fact, I’m not sure why I ever stopped. Don’t get me wrong, I did lots last year and some of them definitely fed my soul, but as a whole, I don’t recall that many of them and that’s sort of unacceptable. I want it filled to the brim, bursting at the seems and overflowing with joy. I have lots of pics to share in everything going on lately, but alas, I shall have to save it for another post! 

I have a very distinct feeling that this year is going to be different . . . if I want it to be. Magical even. Some changes I’m making thus far . . . Getting rid of the clutter, both emotional and physical. Spending more time with the people and puppydog that matter, and being present in those moments. Buckling down and committing to my budget and paying off my debt. Taking a new attitude with my job and getting back to a happy place with it. committing to being vulnerable and the beauty that brings with it. I also have a post coming up later this week with a recap and my new goals for this year. Stay tuned!

It’s amazing the potential each new day has to be something different. Magical even. You just have to be open to it.

What are you open to?



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