Things I Love Thursday!

What an awesome, and short, week it has been. New years was great, mainly because all I did was relax and sleep and enjoy time with my family. It was what I really needed. I ended the year as such a ridiculous stress ball that an unwinding was necessary. And who doesn’t mind an easy going short work week. And casual friday. With comfy sneakers. And potentially the world’s longest car trip this weekend to Idaho . . .

I-Da-Ho ~ So my pops has turned into a not-so-secret train conductor . . . in his garage. My moomoo scours craigslist for property, my pops scours for train “deals”. And he’s found one . . . in Idaho. Which he originally said was Spokane. “You said Spokane, that’s Idaho!” “Oh, you know, it’s right up the road from Spokane.” Yeah, ok, sure. This should be an interesting weekend if we go . . .


Little Loves . . .

♥ Puppydog smiles. No matter how frustrated I get at the things she does sometimes, the smile melts me. Is this what it’s like to have kids? ♥ Speaking of kids, my coworker’s daughter is so stinkin’ cute. Melt. ♥ Dog the bounty hunter. It’s a shame how sucked in I get. ♥ The little tickle in my heart and thrill in my soul at the idea of moving forward again. ♥ The Michael Buble’ pandora station ♥ Gala Darling’s article about getting unsuck. Unbelievably amazing timing!!! ♥ Doing Boo walks again in the morning. Not a big fan of the dark and the cold, but it’s definitely a relaxing start to the day. ♥ My red TOMS. They make me have happy feet. ♥ Capella Romana doing Rachmoninoff! If I don’t go to idaho this weekend, I’m going here! ♥ Stealing a new meat recipe from my coworker. I don’t care if he thinks there was too much orange, me loves. ♥  New culture queen goodies to come. I can’t wait! I may be paying off my forethought for awhile, but I’m elated at the culture opportunities to come in the next two or three months. ♥ Ugli fruit!!! How did I not know how delish this was until now?! ♥ A man who uses exclamation marks as much as I do. Hello luva! ♥ Gabriel Iglesias ♥ Contemplating  jobs . . .  ♥ Learning. New learning is super bueno. ♥

Hugs & Love!


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