The Loot

I know, I know, Christmas is supposed to be about holiday cheer and festivities, giving and such. But alas, I take just a few moments to rejoice in the glitter and goodies and . . . the loot. Who doesn’t love the perk of a lil loot? Oh, and cheese. I honestly don’t much care what I get, though getting what you like is certainly always a plus. I love surprising others. And, I confess, I’m a horrible “this is great” present liar. I wish it could come across my face as more genuine, I dearly do. But not so much.

I have to say though, I have one of the bestest families a girl could ever ask for. My pops is pretty good at following a list and we have no pretense about surprising, we just care that it’s useful. We’re very logical and practical that way. It’s kind of nice. My mom and I on the other hand, are stupendous at the little things in life . . . For example: I gave her a bag of twizzlers, she gave me caramels. I gave her a b&n gift card, she gave me itunes. I gave her new goodies for her computer, she gave me new goodies for baking. Oh sure yeah, there’s been big items before, but I treasure the little ones just as much if not more. I smile when I see them and can move them around as I see fit. It’s always a fun time!

Here are some of my favs this year . . .

Glitter Hope bird (he has a partner, handmade milk chocolate raisins from Spicer’s, $25 Michael’s gift card (yay art supplies!), itunes gift pack (hello new tunes)

“Simplify” hanging pillow (new smells!) and yummy caramels (divinity in one’s mouth!)

The front of my Christmas card and this lovely berry print vintage vase (I am in love!)

New running sneakers! Oh my heavens, my feet are giddy with sheer joy.

Silicone baking cups. My mom got me a set of neon ones last year, but I haven’t used them yet because they were pretty and weren’t quite enough to warrant a whole round of baking. Now we have new goodness ripe for baking!

And with that, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with goodness. I hope more goodies were given than coal and I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for.

From my Boo to yours!



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  1. I love the post!!! So happy that you liked your gifts, except for maybe the scarves. Should have rethought that one, but I tried. Thrilled that you liked the pitcher. It is one of my faves!!! Thank you so much for the Twizzlers & the B&N card. You know how I adore books!!! See U New Year”s.
    L. M.O.M.

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