Things I Love Thursday!

Happy almost-Christmas ladies and gents! I hope the man, and the market, aren’t getting you down and instead that you are sitting back peacefully with a smile on your face and your shopping all done. And for those of whom that is not the case . . . HUGS!  I have to say, thank heavens it’s thursday. I could really use the end of the week. And a 3-day weekend is nice for sure. I have big plans for monday that involve sleeping in, Boo time, a cup from J&P’s and hopefully some kick in the pants for me.

But in the meantime, here are some of my little loves this week . . .

♥ Sleeping in ♥ Productive Saturday mornings ♥ Holiday nails! I can’t wait to add snowflakes to them ♥ A clean-ish house ♥ Spicer’s market! How have I never gone in there before? I’m in love. ♥ Asian pears. A complete non-guilty pleasure. ♥ Homemade chocolate-covered raisins. A complete guilty pleasure. ♥ Making magic bars and guac for the office party ♥ Buttoning down the hatches on the budget and committing to being debt-free again. Even if it takes me awhile to get there. ♥ Buying peace of mind . . . with a duck. ♥ Semi-casual holiday weeks ♥ Overtime pay ♥ Taking a 4 day weekend to ring in the new year and recommit to goodness ♥ Oranges ♥ My blue chunky ring. It’s huge, but I love the blue. ♥ Onion slices with lime juice, salt and pepper. Weird, but a good snack. ♥ Anxiety class this week & writing out my fears, though irrational, on a giant blackboard. It’s weird to see them in big print. I should do more. ♥ Baking again ♥ A new do. Now I’m contemplating dyeing it for the new year. A new year, a new look? a’la Carrie Bradshaw? ♥ Getting a little Christmas present early. I can’t even begin to tell you how giddy I am for new sneakers! After my last sneaker fiasco, I’ve been making due with what I had, but they weren’t really sufficient. Now there is shiny and new and perdy new sneakers. Shoe shopping with big feet is always an interesting adventure. ♥ And side by side, I also found a stupendous pair of new kicks for my pops which amazingly enough, HE LOVES! Mucho bueno. ♥ My cute lil therapist gal. She’s slowly growing on me and it’s nice that she’s also the group leader for my class. Makes it a bazillion times more easy  to not be dealing with multiple people while trying to build a good environment. ♥ Class ending early this week. One lady’s perfume was absolutely killing me! ♥ “What if what you’re trying to change into is who you are meant to be?” ♥

From my heart to yours, wishing you a lovely thursday!



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