Things I Love Thursday!


Happy Thursday lovies! I dearly hope that your week is treating you well and you aren’t too frazzled with the almost-Christmas season. Don’t forget to take time out for yourself! Enjoy the lights, sip hot cocoa and get into the season’s festivities!

This week I’m lovin’:

♥ New Hairs! ~ My hair had gotten ridiculously long. It’s great because it’s versatile and you can do fun things with it, but I have curls and thick hair so the longer it is, the heavier it is and that’s sort of no bueno. But now it’s lightweight and lovely. A whole new me! Now, to dye or not to dye . . .

♥ Going Into Lane ~ Buying clothes at Lane is always a hi-larious experience for me. People either want my opinion or think I work there. Or both. This either means I’m incredibly approachable or I look like I know my shit. Again, could be both. I guess that’s not half bad. They keep trying to persuade me to work there. The way my finances are going, it’s tempting. In the mean time, I’ll just have to think about it while wearing jeans that actually fit me, flats that are hopefully more comfy than heels and an olive green military style jacket. It’s the little things in life . . .

Christmas Spirit ~ It’s taking/taken a really long time for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year which is a little abby normal for me. I’m usually on it and into it, but this year I’m kind of feeling on auto pilot. Not really the best place to be durring the holiday season, but I’m working on it. First we decorated at work, then I did my work cube and lastly I think it’s finally time to gussy up my room with ho ho ho window stickies and some lights. Cleaning it would probably help too, hehe.

Little Loves . . .

Pizza parties & two days of casual at work  Natural curls  A week of no rain. Bring on the chilly!  Comfy sweaters to curl into  Knitted headbands  Driving with the bum warmer on & the ipod blasting  Clean laundry  Morning snuggles with Boo  Painting again  Donating blood  Lunchin’ with the ladies  Getting my Christmas shopping done for the pops  My compromised professional compass  FINALLy finding a comfy plaid flannel-esque shirt in my size that I like. Love!  Those orange chocolate balls you whack to make them open  Long warm showers  Bundling up in scarves and hats  Decorating my cube for Christmas  Hunting down paperwhite bulbs  Feeling the need to work out again  Realizing that the lady that sat next to me in anxiety class makes me anxious. I wonder what else there is . . .  Having the desire to clean out my room and really make it mine  My boozey gift(s) being a smash hit at the white elephant gift exchange. My favorite was lil miss Lola going after the bear & vodka! Ahahahaha!  My pops bringing home a giant bottle of Crowne from his gift exchange  Dreaming up gifts for the rest of the group  Graham crackers  Planning magic bars for the office party  Secret pink tights becoming not so much of a secret  My xmas blog-o surprise  “Yuletide yuckness”  Hetty’s fabu Christmas tree pin New music tunes Sending my boy on errand for a potential flash drive and him bringing back a 8gb in the shape of a snowman. I giggled for at least ten minutes! Hehe

 Hugs & love to you!



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  1. NO Dye….. And you know, you’d probably be great working in Lane. You could at least relate to the customers and you know you are very approachable and besides you’re cute. people love all that about you.

    Love. M.

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