Weekend Goodness

So it’s no small secret that December has been a tricky one for me. Raging hormones, indifference to the holiday “magic”, stress up the wazoo! But perhaps I have not given December it’s fair shot. Thus, I vow to put effort forth and partake in the holiday spirit and goodness of December.

As a start, I spent the weekend embracing December and coming to terms with the fact that Christmas is essentially two weeks away. Ack! This means, whether I like it or not, it’s on its way and I can either indulge or be trampled and left presentless on the big day. No bueno. unacceptable. This year puts buying on a budget to the test. Part of it is that I feel incredibly uncreative. Normally I am bustling with ideas and this year . . . not so much. But, determined not to let that stop me, I did my best!

Saturday started out by givin’ it up to the blood pirates. Oddly enough, it was kind of a record low for volunteer attendance from what I could see. Kinda sad. But on the flip side, despite my 5 minute tardiness, I still go in and processed super quickly. I’m thinking I might have to give on my right arm next time though. Give my left a break. When all was said and done, I was out in 45 minutes, complete with cheez its and a Be Nice To Me sticker. The sticker is my favorite part.

Afterwards I needed to waste some time and braved Monticello. I spent almost an hour walking around and all I walked out with was a $1 prayer card. Go figure. Anymore the place frustrates me because half the stuff I like I could probably make myself. That sort of thing can be infuriating. I oughtta just go out and teach myself. Lunch with the girls went great and afterwards I accidentally dragged my friend present shopping for the pops. What was supposed to be a quick stop ended up in a long debate. I had no idea what to get my Dad this year, besides flares, so picking something decent and pocket friendly was not easy. In the end, I opted for practical.

Next I convinced myself the Fred Meyer would be a quick trip. Hahaha. Silly me. I spent a half hour wandering up and down the automotive isles looking for flares. I swear, I’m not normally one of those women who doesn’t know a gas can from a tire iron, but for the life of me I COULD NOT FIND THEM. In the end, they were hiding way in the back on a bottom shelf. I feel more vindicated because of this. I also some how came home with an orange ball and ho ho ho window stickies. I wonder how that happened . . . 

And my final mission trip ended up in complete failure. Who runs out of paperwhite bulbs! Two places it turns out. I was so bummed I spent the rest of the day napping and not painting like I meant to.




Despite all of my efforts on Saturday, I found Sunday to be much more productive. Packed Boo into the car and off we went on a mission for paperwhites. It helps to call far out places first, then it’s not a fool’s errand. Turns out that Portland Nursery is awesome and had the last three crates anywhere on the East side lol. And not just white paperwhites either! There was white on white, yellow on white and yellow on yellow too! What great choices. I almost bought a green Amaryllis bulb too, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $16.99. Youch!

Afterwards we made our weekend visit to Jim & Patty’s. I adore standing in line here because there’s always so much going on. It’s like people watching on crack! And I love when my favorites are working. I secretly wonder if there are ever slow days there. Maybe mid-afternoon on a weekday. Something to ponder. Finally Boo & I stopped by the Home Depot for new paint cups (the new measuring tape magically ended up in the basket too), picked up lunch and then headed on home.

The final hours of Sunday were “wasted” in the oblivion of trying to figure out where the Christmas decorations had gone.

Me: “Where did you move the Christmas decorations?”
Him: “I didn’t move them anywhere!”
(Later) Me: “Who put the Christmas tree in this giant green tub?!”
Him: “I did! I wanted everything to be together.”

Anybody? Bueller?



Once I found everything I decorated my mantel during commercial breaks of back episodes of House. After all was said and done, the mantel is decorated, the wreath is hung and the tree is up! The rest of the evening was spent streaming the tellie on the compy and coming up with a new mini painting!



How was your weekend?



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