What a ridiculous whirlwind of a month November has been! And frankly, during this entire time, I’ve let my bloggy goodness lapse. Boo face. But no more I tell you! Ok, I can’t really promise that, but I can promise supreme effort to the contrary. But because of my absenteeism, you may not be aware of everything that’s been happening. Time to catch up!

It’s gotten mucho colder here, but surprisingly (knock on wood) it hasn’t been accompanied by a ton of pouring down rain. They say this week is supposed to be clear even. Not sure what that means, but I fear that the writing on the wall means lots of snow and ice this winter. But I guess that isn’t the end of the world now that I’ve broken out the hats and gloves. Probably helps that I bought a new car that can handle it too. Oh you heard right, new car. Oh my geez, I bought a new car. Ok, really, I leased it. But the entire thought frankly makes me want to throw up. I hate car shopping with a passion. And three weeks of car shopping for my father, my friend and myself? UGH! The entire process is exhausting. But, by the end, it became fun. Negotiating became fun. Yes, No, Maybe So. I am my father’s daughter. In the end, I ended up with my very own pretty SUV in graphite gray with most of the bells and whistles for the brand spanking new price of 5 bucks more. Wahoo. I’ve been sick the last two days so it’s been difficult for everything to sink in. I kinda miss Spike (my old car), he was awesome. But me thinks that Tito (trying on new names, this was my friend’s suggestion) and I will have good times. Thanksgiving was great, my moomoo did an excellent job with the foody goodness and I even felt that the stuffing was a good place to be. My grandmother made it through her pacemaker insertion surgery and for the most part out of the woods. Now we are just hoping for a smooth recovery. Here’s hoping!

Beyond that, work has been an uber stress nugget. There are great things, but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and in over my head that it makes me want to cry and quit. But since that’s not really an option at this point, time to suck it up buttercup. On the flip side, I get to see my “mental health professional” on friday so at least there’s someone unbiased to bitch to. It’s the little things in life. I did not meet my self imposed deadline of black friday to get my etsy shop up and off the ground. To be honest, nobody to blame but myself. I was so overwhelmed last week that it seemed like my sanity and health was more important. And with potentially losing my financial identity (i.e. my purse) twice in three days, I think I’m good with this decision. But I have been painting up a storm! I will have to share in a later post of photo goodness. And Boo has been an uber cuddle bunny the last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s the busy. Who knows.

Well, on to row with the other slaves for the day. Professional nerd by day, artist by night, hehe. Wishing you all a wonderful last two days of November!

Hugs & Love!



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