Things I Love Thursday! A Thankful Edition




Little Thankful Things . . .

♥ My dad cooking breakfast ♥ Folding scarves ♥ Whimsical designs ♥ Frosted flakes ♥ Cooking with my mom ♥ Alice’s restaurant ♥ $7 sunglasses ♥ Sweater tights ♥ Polka dot dresses ♥ Painted hands ♥ Clean clothes ♥ Flannel pj pants ♥ Dirty Boo & Clean Boo ♥ My jacked black tea mugs ♥ Hats, hats hats ♥ My Jim & Patty’s weekend tradition ♥ Flirty fireman ♥ Laying in bed and listening to the rain  ♥ A clean house ♥ The color red ♥ Fingerless gloves ♥ Knitted headbands ♥ The smell of tide ♥ Running into the store three times for people other than myself so they won’t have to ♥ Safe travels and no traffic ♥ Friends near and far sending good wishes and love ♥ Nap time with Boo ♥ Giving myself permission to cancel unnecessary things this week. Sometimes you have to show yourself a little love too. ♥ Finishing paintings that I’ve been avoiding foreva ♥ Dancing in the kitchen in leg warmers ♥ Having a spaz moment in the grocery store. It is important to forgive others when they do it because we are all succeptable. Have patience and smile.  ♥ My gma’s heart surgery going well ♥ That I’m probably not going to get up with the masses for black friday shopping. I’m not that desparate. ♥


On this a day when families and friends gather and break bread, I find myself being measuredly thankful. I am not clouded with the illusion that this day wasn’t born out of theft, ill will and pilledging, but as is the american spirit, we like to put a positive spin on things. Every day is an opportunity to say thank you and be giving, though most forget it. Especially around the holidays. So often it is riddled with drama or the frantic purchasing and money scrimping. But if there’s ever a time in our recent fiscal history as a society to remember the true heart behind such things, now would be it. I wish you all a day filled with love and laughter and delight. Safe travels, good food and happy nap time. Try not to elbow anyone out of the way tomorrow and remember it’s only a thing . . . not the end of the world. And that looney tune next to you with heavy bags under their eyes licking their lips over the last plushy toy could be more desperate than you. And they could have a gun and a shovel. Let it go and smile. Better to have good karma than a plushy anyway.

Wishing you all hugs & love and a wonderful turkey day! Gobble gobble.




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