Things I Love Thursday!



Happy thursday luvas! I think this is a pretty good summation of things right now. Especially with coming off a monster amount of caffeine last weekend and trying to button down the hatches this weekend. Between the day job of doom and the night job of light, there’s so much to get done! I’m not even ready to contemplate the holidays yet. Three words . . . cheap cheap cheap. It will be the chipper chicken this year. But it will be good. My holiday wreaths are ordered and I plan to get my cards done stupendously early. The holiday rush is not an option this year! Oh, and welcome to my new site and be sure to stay tuned at the end of my post for a teaser of my first mini painting. More to come this weekend!

A Week! ~ A week? Eeeek! I have a little less than a week to get everything in place with my shop and site. Can we say uber stressful?! I think I have plenty of big product to put out that I feel comfortable with, but I really need to hustle and bustle with the mini paintings. I’ve gotten one done. One. I attempted another one right after it, but it was really stupid to try to paint while tired. Nothing comes out as it should. Even my paintings come out cranky. I’ve been raking myself over the coals to determine an Etsy name that I like that I can keep separate from this blog. A challenge and a half. But I guess this is the time wheere I make it or break it.

Puppydog Swim Dates ~ Boo had her first ever swim date this week and oh boy. The sheer look of panic when my dog has to swim is amazaballs! Oh she can do it, but she’s still a big guppi. I can’t afford to go a ton, but I want to go at least once a month for now. I really want her to be comfortable in the water. I’m hoping it gets better for her.

My Gal Pal M ~ I adore my gal pals! And I’m particularly fond of Miss M. We met in college and were super close, despite my initial fresh-outta-high-school spaztasticness. But sadly, life happened and getting together regularly sort of fell by the wayside. But, good things happen with a little inginuity and perserverence. So now we have an opera date. I didn’t go to my opera night last Saturday because of Occupy (super bummed!), but they were lovely enough to comp me another ticket to the seat next to me at one of my other performance dates. How spectacular are they?! And I can think of nothing better than to take my fellow culture bud who is riddled with giddy excitement. Perfection.


 Little Loves . . .

♥ People who call you luv ♥ Realizing my health scare isn’t one. How did everyone but me know this? Blarg! ♥ Committing to hump day. All I’ve wanted to do this week is hide in a dark hole. But that isn’t an option if I want to get anywhere. So instead, I plug through it and do the best I can. ♥ Getting to work super early. No, I’m not getting paid extra. But I feel better. ♥ Wearing sunny yellow in fall ♥ The possibility of snow this year. Cold, yes. Exciting, YES. ♥ Losing weight, slowly but surely ♥ Removing old nail polish that no longer looks good. Such a relief. ♥ Children’s books ♥ Lucious lips ♥ People willing to help others ♥ Donating to the mission for the holidays. I can’t help but give a little back. ♥ Slept on curls ♥ Mini canvases. It’s like a whole new medium! ♥ Holiday baking. I think I should send baked goodie packages to my favorite peeps. ♥ Stormy nights ♥ Giant leaf piles ♥ 80’s hair ♥ Finding my umbrella ♥ Huggle dates ♥ Trekking for Chinese. It was worth the two hour drive! ♥ Painting plans ♥ Coming up with better strip joint names than business names ♥ Long warm showers ♥ Xmas sailing adventures ♥ Thursday! Almost there! ♥ 

And finally, I debut my first mini painting. Certainly no Bob Ross or Picasso, but I’m happy with it. My etsy shop should be up this weekend or early next week and I’m super excited for the goodness to come from this. Love! 





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