Veteran’s Day

Sending everyone good wishes on Veteran’s Day. You may be thinking about your sheer joy and jubilation that it’s friday, perhaps you’re excited for an awesome outing this weekend, maybe you’re busy as a bumble and barely a moment to breathe. Whatever your hustle and bustle may be, I dearly hope that everyone will take at least one moment to think about the men and women who have fought for our country. And if possible, thank a service member in your life.

From the times of WWII where men went to fight and women went to work. Young men were off on other shores fighting and dying, women were keeping the country running and helping at bases and medical deployments. From Vietnam, one of the bloodiest and most thankless wars ever. Boys went to fight for what they were told was necessary, even a draft ensued. But upon returning home, the continent was torn. Some families were numb, others thankful. A country was divided and they were caught in the middle. Being boo’d and spit on for all they did. To the men of Korea . . . the forgotten war. Left in the shambles of a war that nobody can quite recall with all of the honor a man should have. To the men and women of today. Of Dessert Storm and Somalia and Afghanistan and Iraq.

I think often people confuse supporting our troops with supporting a war. I don’t have to agree with the government or the harm they put our men and women into, but whether I like it or not, they are there. They are honor bound doing their duty and deserve our respect and love and support. They deserve to be properly outfitted while putting their life on the line. They deserve to have services and jobs waiting for them when they return, a supporting letter or care package, a hug and a smile. So often the little things that get missed.

My wish today would be that everyone take a moment to be thankful for their freedoms that blood has been spilled for. I know I couldn’t do it. I’m thankful they are willing. Take a moment and think about what it means to you.

Looking to do something more? If telling someone thank you or writing a letter isn’t quite enough, think about donating. There are some great groups like the USO and Soldier’s Angels that provide all sorts of ways to show your support. Whether it’s card making, baking, letter writing or adopt-a-soldier or if you just want to donate money, there are lots of options out there.

Another stupendous thing this Veteran’s Day is that LivingSocial is partnering with the USO to send $30 care packages to service members for only $15. If you have the ability, this is a great way to share your love and support.


Hugs & Love!



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