Things I Love Thursday!



Happy thursday loves! Hope you all are snuggled in and as excited for goodness this week as I am. Btw, how amazing is this Mercedes ad? I don’t think I featured it before, but I absolutely love it. They did a whole series of them and I think they are tremendous. I am in love with whoever’s brain came up with this. My loves this week . . .

 RemindMeOfLove.Com ~ I finally got my .com up and I’m proud to announce that it will soon be open for business! I hope to have the rest of it put together and going this weekend. Minor technical difficulties. I will be running my blog through there as well as options for my shop that I plan on releasing shortly thereafter. I’m super excited for a new blog design with more options and terrified, but elated to soon be open for business. My art has always been a very personal outlet for me and soon it will be available to the masses. Eeeek! There will be big paintings and small paintings, as well as mini pint-sized paintings that are perfect for that little space you want to fill up with goodness and love. All are one-of-a-kind and made with mucho amounts of heart and vulnerability. I can’t wait to share with you all!

My Forearm ~ I got a sweet henna piece done on my forearm over the weekend and it’s amazing! I find myself hiding it at work for the most part thus far just to avoid a funny Boss look. It’s like a secret I have with myself. I catch it out of the corner of my eye and am giddy or shocked at how huge it is. I often wonder if this is what it’d be like to have a tattoo. I’ve long debated them, especially with being in such a tattoo-friendly city, but then again, I don’t know how I’d feel about giving up a whole year of blood donorship. I’d have to get all thee work done at once because it would irk me to have to keep going through it. For now, this will definitely do!

Balloon Ideas ~ I have this weird idea to go downtown with a giant bunch of red balloons and give one to random strangers for their ideas of love. Idea is still in developement. We shall see.


Little Loves . . .

Hitting a new record. Oh yeah baby! ♥ Long hair & lush curls  Feta & spinach stuffed chicken breast and terryaki skewers  Long sweaters ♥ Bright colors  Grilling in the fall  Sunny, cold days ♥ Weekend adventures  Dexter  Clean piles of laundry Rearranging my room into goodness  Plaid flannel sheets. It’s getting colder out and these hit the spot!  Real peanut butter. I never knew how much other crap I was consuming before in my beanut putter. This difference is ridiculous. ♥ Chai tea lattes  Driving to work at the sunrise. I think I might get up early one day this weekend and go for a photo drive. I keep seeing all of these great fog landscape shots. I’m dying to capture some goodness again!  Girly dates to new restaurants ♥ Cranberry cleansing. It makes me not ever want to look at liquid again, but it’s good for the kidneys and bladder.  Getting up mucho early to be in to work early and productive  Having business coming out of my ears and committing to it. Mama’s gotta pay some bills!  My black turtleneck and patina disk earrings  Jewelery pocket exchanges with my mom  Thinking of business card and logo ideas Realizing how little I know. It’s humbling. Twitter. I confess, it’s addicting. Follow me – @RemindMeOfLove Having exploding ideas for the new work program Holiday surprises for some of my favorite bloggers Thinking of Christmas cards already. It’s horrible, but I think I’m going to be proactive and get them done before December. I see this holiday season being monster good! Buckling down on my budget Cooking at home Friday!!!


 Hugs & Love!



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