A Love Letter To November


The best way to show November your love is to enjoy it and live in it. I feel like today was the complete embodiment of that in the most delicious way.

To be honest, I had planned to work all day long, but I think the universe had something else in mind. And I’m so glad it did! After a week of weird dreams and semi-conciousness, I made myself get a little extra sleep this morning. Then Boo and I lounged together and I made myself get up and look presentable. Yes, this takes persuasion on a weekend day. But by golly I did an outstanding job. I think it’s important to show yourself a little love on your day off. It shows that you mean something to yourself.

After that, I dropped off the dry cleaning and started making my way to NoPo for yummy coffee goodness at Jim & Patty’s. Never been? GO. And what did I stumble across along my travels? The year-round Hollywood farmer’s market! Oh my stars! I’m so incredibly excited to find out that there’s a close year round market. I get bummed each year at the end of farmers market season because I love fresh goodies in my kitchen. So of course I had to stop. I was helpless. I found myself parallel parking and walking in the rain amongst the tents of goodness . . . Asian pears, giant bunches of celery, humongo garlic cloves, scrumptious tomatoes and onions and big bags of lettuce . . . it magically all ended up coming home with me. I can’t wait to cook this week!

Eventually I finally made it to coffee, but alas it was beyond full there so it was coffee-a-go-go. But of course, there’s always time to talk to the mocha minions and plot our gangsta crew. Complete with buttons too! We might have to discuss our world domination again soon. On my way home to finally commit to doing work the gal pal called and we spur-of-the-moment coordinated lunch plans. But of course, in between I managed to squeeze in a little henna work at new place in SE on Belmont. I heart groupon for turning me on to this place. Silk & Stone is a great studio with lots of variety and quality products. And, the gal was able to fit me in as a walk in and do a stunning job. I’m so very happy with it! I can’t wait to see what it looks like once it completely dries and flakes off. Eeeeeee! After that, I met up with Kpooh for hugs and lunch at the Original Taco House on Powell. I have distinctly fond memories of this place from when I was little with my mom and I am pleased to say that it’s still just as good. Thoughtful conversation and yummy food always makes for goodness.

And finally, after an unexpected day of gallivanting around, I made it home safe and sound and in one piece. And ready to work. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to get my domain up and converting over to self hosting at wordpress.org and it feels like it’s been anything but easy. I’m a tech nerd that had to call godaddy three times. Thank heavens for their awesome support team! I have mucho respect for fellow support staffers and I love coming across great ones that do their job well. It makes me smile. So I was finally able to get things in a happier place technologically speaking; now if I could only figure out that server error. A to-do for tomorrow.

I have high hopes for November and thus far it’s shaping up nicely. How’s your November?


Hugs & Love!




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