Things I Love Thursday!


Things I Love Thursday!

November!: You can’t even know how excited I am that it’s no longer October. October was a whirlwind of emotion that made my world spin and overwhelmed and exhausted me. So much that I had to take a day off to recoup. But I feel mucho recharged and in a much better place moving forward. I think November is going to hold lots of good things! What are you looking forward to in November?

Volunteering: I got back into the Volunteer bug again. I signed up for a 20’s & 30’s night at the Oregon Food Bank and it ended up being so much fun! Grant you, I don’t want to look at another pinto bean or twist tie for quite some time, but it was definitely worth my 2.5 hrs. And just in case you’re wondering how much you can really do in 2.5 hrs . . . This was the first time all of the volunteers that signed up showed up and with 41 volunteers we packages over 12,000lbs of food which accumulated to feeding over 9,000 people. In a time when hunger in America (1/3 of that being children), that number blows my mind. If you haven’t gotten involved in your community yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s worth it! “There by the grace of God go I”

Sleep: They say most people are getting too little sleep. I can attest to that. If you haven’t slept lately, you really should. Turn off the electronics, so no for a night and go to bed early. You’ll be amazed at how recharged you’ll feel!


 Little Loves . . .

 My skelly socks ♥ My chocolate pumpkin cupcakes being a hit  Sitting practically front row at football games  Finally getting to wear my zombie pin again  New bras & comfy pants  Fake tattoos  Coming to peace with a piece of jewelry  Finding a henna shop in ptown. I can’t wait to go! ♥ Road trips with the boys  Giving advice only to realize that I need to take it  Rocking my day of the dead makeup last weekend  Hugs. Even if only for a moment.  Apples & peanut butter  My new pants turning my legs blue because I have a tendency to ignore that “wash before wear” statement  Half-time shows of the thriller dance and jack skelington. My world was blown! ♥ Contemplating new hairs for the new season  The Pandora oldies station. Love!  Offers for new football games. Dare I?  Laughing till your sides hurt  Build Me Up Buttercup, Mr Postman, Can’t Hurry Love, and My Boyfriend’s back. So danceable!  Snuggling with Boo on cold mornings  Planning a December giveaway. Stay tuned! ♥ Nothing sexier than a hairnet and apron. At that point, everyone looks the same so you better have a great personality! ♥ The blog post ideas finally rolling in  Comfy sweaters in bright colors  Kicking it into high gear at work today! Halloween candy overload A cooking weekend at home

 Stand By Me (Btw, these videos remind me how much some people can’t dance)

Dream Lover


Hit The Road Jack


What are you loving this thursday?



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