Things I Love Thursday!

Things I Love Thursday!

Happy thursday lovies! Don’t worry, the week is almost over. I can see friday rounding the bend. And I’m just reminding me of Sunday Funday! I can’t wait to go to football sunday and have my crappy, expensive football beer and cheer lots. So much fun! And tonight there’s big debate in my head between seeing Ghostbusters in the theater or seeing something about Jack The Ripper in the theater. Such decisions. I hope you’re having a tremendous week filled with fun and ghoulishness (and not migraines, like me). Stay Puft!

Halloween ~ Happy almost Halloweeny! It always takes me sometime, especially this year, to get into it, but I finally did. I bought pumpkins a week or two ago to carve on friday, makeup for a simple outfit to a Saturday shindig, holiday decorations complete with glow-in-the-dark window stick ’ems for my car, skully nails and Halloween radio. Perfection! It may be overly ambitious, but even thought about bringing some kind of goody into work Monday too. Like cupcakes or something. Who knows!

Bra Fittings ~ Ok ok, so it’s definitely not the most comfortable thing to have some lady (maybe?) wrapping a tape measure around your girls and squeezing (the tape measure, not the girls), but soooooo worth it! One of life’s hugest peeves and biggest goals for me is seeing women in a good fitting bra. I HATE, with a passion, seeing poor ladies in a bra that does nothing for me. Or even worse, does horrible things for them. Even I need to get fitted regularly. Gravity and weight likes to change things, hehe. Thanks to my friend, I found myself getting fitted again and coming home with three new bras. Oh well, it needed to happen!

Little Loves . . .

☠ Taking Boo to the dog park lots. I LOVE seeing my dog at fully speed. Just need to get her to interact with the doggy folks more. We’re working on it. ☠ New panties ☠ Fun hats ☠ Playing tug-o-war with my scarf with a little boxer boy ☠ Skully nails ☠ iTunes gift card three-packs. I love these things! They keep my music spending in check. ☠ Painting again. It’s a slow process, but it’s nice to feel it. ☠ Halloweeny scratch-its ☠ Coming up with button slogans like, “Don’t Be Douchey”, “Beware: Jerk Face Bites” and “Migraines Make Me Mean”. Oh how I’d love to make some buttons! ☠ Lips color. I’m slowly getting my feet wet with lip color. I’ve never been very brave with it, but it’s kind of fun. ☠ Halloween pandora ☠ Having a scary movie plan for the weekend: Nightmare Before Christmas, Dracula, Halloween 2 and Night Breed. ☠ Tea. Definitely my fall and winter go-to drink! ☠ Feeling vulnerable and lost again. Apparently this is what I’m supposed to be reminded of. ☠ Washing clothes three times because you forget to take them out of the washer each night. Ok, I don’t really love this. But I finally conquered it last night. ☠ Brown & Black together ☠ Cleaning out my car ☠ Waking up super early to be productive ☠ SOA, True Blood, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dexter. I keep getting hooked on more and more. ☠ Danny Elfman music ☠ Bundling up in layers to beat out the cold ☠ New jeans on order ☠ Remembering that I have my voodoo head pin to wear monday. Thanks ma! ☠ Having a sleep plan for Saturday. I plan on lots of sleep! ☠ Fluffy down vests. I’m so glad I bought these last year.☠ “Riboflavin flavored non-carbonated polyunsaturated blood”. Makes a good bloody mary! ☠ Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark ☠





Wishing you freaks, frights and fabulousness!



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