Things I Love Thursday!

Things I Love Thursday!

What? You mean I actually have to post to have readers? Banish the thought!

I’ve been back for two or so weeks now and frankly, I’ve been lam-e’. Giant fail stick. Ok really not all that lame, but I’ve been a bit devoid of the writing bug. Things have exploded at work, but in an organized, “night-time tellie sort of way”. My dog sorta hates me because I’ve been spending less time with her recently and my pops more so. The kid’s always gotta have a favorite. But I’m looking forward to taking her out more for walks and spending more time at home here in the fall and winter months. Of course, as I write this she comes barging in to make her presence known. It’s like she knows she’s being typed about, hehe. I let go of someone who stopped being about goodness and have been ushered back into the solitary life of being comfortable with one’s feelings and own vulnerability again. I hate dating. I hate training myself all over again that vulnerability is the way to be. It’s unpleasant lol. But I know it will bring good things as they are supposed to come. So I’m back to focusing on work, enjoying the season and painting again! 

Fall ~ I may not have been prepared for the “sudden” nippyness of fall, but I feel like halfway into October and I’m finally coming around. I’ve been breaking out the socks, enjoying long-sleeved shirts again and I’m thrilled that my hair is much happier. I spent all summer with my hair up practically . . . sometimes you just gotta let it down. It’s getting nippy out and the rain has officially arrived, but as an Oregonian, I’m good at acclimating. How are you faring this fall?

Pumpkin Picking ~ For me, pumpkin picking is an important tradition. I usually end up going by myself, but it’s always a fun little outing. This year I found the perfect big round orange pumpkin that will be perfect for SOA and a smaller albino pumpkin that I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with. And of course, as is tradition, I also came home with some mini-boos and gifted my boys at work with some seasonal cheer. I’m not entirely thrilled with the effort that the great pumpkin goodness shall entail, but I just keep reminding myself that there are pumpkin seeds to be had at the end of the tunnel!

Football ~ I will probably repeat this next week, but I’m so terribly excited that I can hardly stand it and just don’t care. I was doing my job and got wind of a local non-profit group selling cheap tickets to a Seahawks game next weekend. And me being me, of course I scooped some up! And of course I wrangled some of my boys into coming with me. Football beer! Tailgating could be fun, if not I can always go wander off for an hour or two before the game and see what I want to see and then come back. It’s always good to have a temporary exit strategy, hehe. But I’m so excited for a road trip and football!

My Little Loves . . .

“Jams head tush” ♥ Puppydog snores ♥ Getting back into the swing of things ♥ Coming home to giant towers of clean clothes because you had the forethought to wash everything before you left  Rainy weather  Buying giant umbrellas – it’s going to rain, it’s a fact. Might as well be prepared and dry  Big fuzzy socks  Giddy excitement for tights and boots ♥ Sleeping in my own bed again  Conversations about the necessity of sexy panties and feel good undies  Onion soup  Polka dots  Seeing my friend in her wedding dress ♥ Humongo brownies  tv on the puter ♥ Baking apple pie from scratch and trying to recall the recipe  Curls a’plenty ♥ Learning to relax. And to repeatedly tell myself that.  Discounts to PBO  Managing to unzip my tights from my boots and not rip them  Fuschia pink bras  Comfy black pants  Allowing someone the opportunity to be great  Ted Danson on CSI. I’m kinda diggin’ it. ♥ Fuzzy socks and heavy blankets  Giving blood again. Sometimes I feel like a dorky crusader of the red stuff, but I’m really happy it’s something I can do. I can’t believe two months has gone by already!  Upcoming trips to the ballet, PBO and LOTR with the symphony. Oh my!  Changing hair seasons. My hair and it’s styles adapt to the seasons as they change so it’s nice to be in a new hair season.  Thinking of pumpkins and face paints and last days of farmer’s markets  Getting the hockey bug again ♥ Sock monkeys  Dreaming up a good wedding gift for my friend ♥ My henna tattoo lightly fading, but enough to make me smile still  Occupy Portland  One final chance to go kayaking for the season. It was the greatest run yet! Such a release!  Freaks & geeks night at the art museum  Zucchini bread muffins . . . and FINALLY getting the chance to eat them myself.  Sleep. It’s one of life’s little necessities that truly is lovely.  LOTR with an orchestra and a choir with my moomoo! Stayed just long enough for goodness.  A week of dress up at work. My feet are killing me from all of the heels, but it’s nice to utilize this part of my wardrobe  commiserating with fellow earlies about shared frustration. Sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t completely off base. Knowing you’re doing ok Dreaming of snuggly weekends of hunkering down Game of Thrones. I haven’t figured out why I’m addicted, but I am. I long to know what happens!


This song by Damien Rice


Happy Thursday lovelies!



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