Things I Love Thursday!

Greetings from sunny Cali-forn-i-a! I’m traveling right now on my mini vacation to the sunshine state. Certainly didn’t get everything done that I wanted to before I left, but I’ve finally been able to relax. The bestest massage ever today didn’t hurt either, hehe. Tomorrow I leave the desert of lovely Palm Springs and my ridiculously cushy hotel to return to LA and spend the rest of my trip with family. It certainly should be interesting. I know after a day or two more I’ll be definitely be happy to be returning home to sleep in my own bed and hug Boo, but in the meantime I’m going to live it up like it’s 1999! Wishing you all a wonderful end to your week!

Scarves ~ I used to think scarves were for old ladies. (Sorry Mom). Then they became “hip” and there became 20 new ways one could wear them. I now love scarves. I got into them last year, maybe a little before, and now I have a lovely collection. And I added one more to it. I was shopping for gifts for my Moomoo awhile ago and came across this gorgeous multi print scarf of cream, navy and burnt yellow. At first I thought of the scarf just for her tastes decided against it and got something else, but I haven’t really been able to get it out of my head. I himmed and hawed about spending the money and didn’t do it for weeks upon weeks, but finally bucked up and went back. And got the LAST ONE! It was fate. And it was also fate that I walked in to scarf heaven while in Palms Springs. So dangerous! I’m coming home with goodies.

Girly Wedding Talk ~ My friend got engaged over the weekend and though I have some reservations I have voiced in the past, ultimately her happiness is what matters and I am excited for her. And of course, a future wedding means girly wedding talk about dresses and honeymoons and the like. I’m avoiding talking about this junk around the man friend because I don’t want him to do the boy thing and think that just because I know this stuff and talk about this stuff that it means I feel my clock ticking. Cause I don’t. One day perhaps. But certainly not anytime soon. But in the meantime, I will be sending the gal pal and appropriate list of potential affordable honeymoon options OTHER THAN Seattle. Seattle is great, but you go there regularly and this is your honeymoon. Be good to yourselves.

Little Loves . . .

Cool weather  Waking up to the sound of rain  The changing leaves ♥ Packing for 100 degree weather while it’s 65 degrees out  The man friend: “Will your phone work in Cali? I’d like to call you.” So cutes!  Fudging up my phone on purpose all because of a button I couldn’t find and my phone reminding me how far I’ve come by downloading a bazillion contacts I don’t speak to anymore. Frustrating and time-consuming, but illuminating.  Cleaning up and finding all of my missing earrings  Ridiculously busy work days to try to jam everything in before I leave  The airport! I have a forever-love for the airport!  My nails right now. I’m praying I don’t jinx myself by saying so, but they are the perfect length and shape right now. And, I just learned how to make your own nail art decals. I am addicted to the possibilities of hearts at home now!!! ♥ iTunes. I’m putting this on the list because I’m trying really hard to still be in love with my iproducts. My pod was messing up so I wiped it two days before I leave. My phone has been a big ole self-made mess due to iconfusion. But I am remaining positive that everything will work itself out. Treat your electronics right and they’ll treat you right! ♥ Watching the first season of TruBlood finally  My coworker sharing his giant bag o’ tomatoes  Postcards & love stamps  Puppydog snuggles. Boo is back to sleeping on the bed and cuddling in the morning. It’s a nice change of pace for now.  Fuzzy socks ♥ Soy chai lattes  Avocado slices  Talking about pot pies and trying to imagine good ones. I have a pot pie stigma block right now.  Dreaming of massages, tram rides and beauty in Cali  Finally getting an appropriate level of sleep to recover from this weekend  The gal commenting on potential eyebrow maintenance and how I currently go about it as though it’s a choice I haven’t purposefully devised. Haha, you’re sweet.  Getting back to an acceptable social interaction at work  Blue ruffle shirts and pearls  “I imagine miracle whip is like goblin cum”  Free nights at art museums  Best massages and deciding that I’m not a facial person  Love sculptures  Driving through the desert at night  Breathtaking paintings ♥ “Wow, when it rains my grass lays down and it almost looks like I mowed”  Not understanding modern art  Free car upgrades  Bruschetta  “It’s a dry heat!”  Driving through acres of windmills and being reminded of Mac & Me  Outdoor markets and vendors at night  Getting a henna tattoo finally! I’ve wanted one again all year so I’m super stoked! ♥ Finally relaxing while on vacation and sleeping in  It’s horrible, but hearing the phrase “killer cantaloupe”. All I think of is a killer cantaloupe running down the street with an angry face trying to eat you. Late night swims under the stars


“What you see here,
What you do here,
What you hear here,
When you leave here
let it stay here.”


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