A New Today


Today is a new day. A new opportunity filled with potential to be whatever you wish. A chance to let go of yesterday and how it made you feel and to start anew. A chance to do things you love and feel things you haven’t felt in a while. Let go of the hurts from before and live the person you are really. Let your heart fill you with love and overflow with joy. Let the love spill over to everyone you are with today so they can share in your glow. It’s a new opportunity to do that thing you wanted, say what you meant to and potential to be what was meant. Let go. Let go of what was before and fill the space of your soul with goodness. Let it flow through and bubble with happiness. Be positive. See the beauty. Smell the air and feel the pulse of everything around you. Smile. Because it makes you happy. Laugh, because it feels good. Love. Because you only have so much room in your heart and your head and what better to fill it with than love. No I meant tos, no I should ofs, no I wanted buts. Fill your today with every ounce of your being and live it fully. Commit to what today is and should be. Love.


What do you want your today to look like?



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