Happy First Day of Fall

Wishing you all a wonderful first day of fall! It probably won’t feel like fall until Sunday around here, but for now I’m going to enjoy the sunrises and 80 degree weather while it is here. That also won’t stop me from celebrating some new fall goodness thought!

I’m trying not to stress out over finding out that my esthetician is on vacay until it’s too late. Argh! Such is the agony. I shouldn’t stress, I’m sure there’s plenty in the city and there’s bound to be someone decent and available. It’s just a bummer. I wanted it all taken care of before Cali so I didn’t have to think about it. I will succeed!

On the flip side though, I gots my hairs did! I was gettin’ shaggy and that’s just no bueno. I have to say, I have one of the most awesome hair dressers in the world. She’s sweet, efficient and super knowledgeable. Loves! There are certain things I’m willing to pay good money for . . . a good hair stylist is at the top of the list! It always makes me feel good and pretty. And my hair always thanks me back.

After that, I found myself wandering back into Lane, the land of hopes and dreams. And my dreams were answered. My biggest shopping peeve lately? Them not having dark denim bootcuts in my size. For heavens sake, these are a staple people! How could you have every other size? Despite this, in a last-ditch effort I decided to pull out the averages and just hope they’d be long enough . . . And they were!!! Wahoots! Between body shrinkage and old jeans wearing out, I’ve been dying to find another pair that fit that I can wear to work. Even better? They had the bow heels in my size! It was like shoe fate! I have a rule about big purchases that could potentially be on a whim . . . I require myself to wait at least 24 hours before buying. I gave myself at least 48 so I’m safe. Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself while I’m towering over in my fun bow shoes. And the icing to it all? Tights! That’s right, I bought tights. Two pair even. I’m not sure what’s come over me, but I love the fun idea of textured tights this year. I have a secret outfit fantasy of wearing one of my long dark skirts, textured tights and my knee-high boots. It screams yummy, sumptuous, cozy fall. It goes along with my other daydream of snuggling in a comfy shirt, panties and socks while reading a book on a rainy day.


Other Things I Look Forward To This Fall:

N Chai lattes
N Foggy days
N Reading in bed
N Listening to the rain
N Boo walks
N Chunky sweaters
N White pumpkins
N Halloween
N Leaves turning colors
N Cool travel
N Movie nights
N Cooking & baking
N Arts and crafts
N Curls
N Bandanas
N Hats, scarves & gloves
N Painting nights
N Walks outside in the cool air

So what other things are you looking forward to this season?


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  1. I was thinking min skirt, tights and high boots. That would be a true statement. Black skirt and boots w/ red tights…… have a good day.
    L. M.

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