Things I Love Thursday!

Happy thursday lovies! How great it is to be able to say it’s thursday. Yesterday was pay day and date night, tomorrow is friday which is one day closer to saturday and so on and so forth. So much to be thankful for! It’s been some crazy weather here lately, I think Ptown is working the last bits of indian summer out of its system. I can’t believe that it’s almost October! How did that happen?


The Rain ~ It’s that time of the year when you’re excited for a change of season. Where you’re enthusiastic for something different that you haven’t seen in a while. The time before you loathe the sight of another day of rain. Right now it’s refreshing and invigorating and makes your heart happy. It washes away the last season and brings in the new. The rain.

Movie Dates ~ Who doesn’t love a cheap movie? And a cheap move at The Kennedy School is great because it’s comfy and you can snuggle and chat and oh yeah, it’s cheap. And I love seeing movies for a second time because you pick up on things you didn’t notice the first time around.

Little Loves . . .

 Dayquil & vitamins  Sleepy sundays  Waking up to the rain  Realizing how surrounded by art I am  Loreal Future-e moisturizer. I really wish they had continued making this!  Long sleeves, hats and scarves  New slippers, eeeee!  Top ramen. The perfect thing when you need sustenance but are sickly lazy. The man friend pronounces it as raw-men, hehe.  Playing rummy and winning a massage!  Fuzzy blankets ♥ Less than a week to Cali! Oh my goodness! ♥ Latin  Steaming mugs of throat coat tea and english breakfast tea – the english way  Getting my Loca Moca fix  OPI. Their nail polish totally holds up! I’m wearing pink elephant right now.  Showering even when you feel sick. Sometimes being clean makes you feel better. ♥ An airport date with Moomoo  Puppy dog smiles  New twitter followers  Panty deliveries  Tights  Reading in bed again  Mini banana bread muffins  Saturday snuggle plans  Gettin my hair did tonight  The North Star  The melted e from love on my car ♥ The awesome JL guy who didn’t charge me for changing my headlight bulb and putting air in my tires. My hero!  Sons of Anarchy  Fall show premiers  My portable backup drive. So helpful!  The “sweater guy” for rebooting my stupid ipod. I am such a technical genius. Ballet tickets finally arriving in the mail!!!  New batteries  Febreeze  Shea lip butter from The Body Shop. Finally finished my first pot. Good thing I bought two more, hehe.  Watching the sunrise, knowing it will be one of the last pretty ones for a while

♥ Playing For Change. These guys are amazing!!!


Happy Thursday!



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