Fall Fashion Exploits

I’m plus size. In case you didn’t know. Good or bad, this has always made shopping an interesting (to say the least) experience. When I was younger, it was a struggle because the plus size clothing industry hadn’t really been developed. And as they started to develop it, they still had no clue how to tailor to a plus size woman’s body. Many retailers thought, and still do, think we’re just bigger skinny chicks and so they just enlarge the same proportions to size up. MISTAKE. Our body flow is different as are our “trouble areas”. First there were just moumous. Then there were clothes, but they were poorly shaped or for executives. Thank god I was young during this time and you’re suppose to make ill-fated fashion choices then. (Corduroy overalls anyone?)  Thankfully, retailers and designers have gotten hip to the fact that plus size exists and it’s a big industry (no pun intended). And that we have a brain and a discerning eye. Now if only I could get them to realize that some of us have long torsos and legs . . .

Last night I went late night shopping with my 50% off coupons. I went in there essentially knowing what I wanted, but it’s always interesting to see what comes out.


Fashion Conf
ession #1:
I’m afraid of fur

The funny thing is, I think I could probably pull it off. Like the peacock feather headband I was eyeballing (love the peacock!). But alas, not sure I’m brave enough to go down the faux fur route. Part of it may also be the city I live in. If it were back east, hands down, I’d be fine. Here, it’s a little iffy.


Fashion Confession #2: I’m secretly in love with tights this year

I have a love for tights this year. I didn’t buy any this time though. I think I also have a secret fear I need to get over that tights remind me of being little. Ya know, when we were little and had to where tights with every skirt or dress and they weren’t fun prints and they itched and you had to pull em down all the time to use the restroom and and and . . . Maybe the issue back then was simply that they weren’t a choice. I’m thinking of dark grey or black tights in a chevron print with my leather knee-high boots this year. Even if nobody else saw them, I’d know they were there. And that’s fun.


Fashion Confession #3: I bought panties that remind me of animal crackers

I may return them, I may not. I was sort of in a panty conundrum last night. There were several I liked, but not all. And at this stage in the game, to not like what’s on your rump all day is kind of unacceptable. You put it there. I don’t want things in my panty drawer that I don’t like. That was for then, this is now. I might just return the couple I’m not crazy about and keep the others. We’ll see.

Fashion Confession #4: It may seem silly, but I’m in love with these shoes!

I’m still marginal on Lane’s shoe building abilities. They have a lot of great styles, but I think they still need to work on how they form to the foot and comfort, both in the foot pad as well as the top of the shoe that wraps around your foot. I’m sure they’ll work it out eventually. In the meantime, I tried these shoes on last night on a whim. And weirdly enough, loved them. I thought the bows would be silly or froofy, but they were a fun accent of femininity. They heel is thick which is nice and with the slight platform bottom, the heel height ends up being fairly manageable. Unfortunately, they saved me from myself by not having my size. But don’t be surprised if they end up in my collection this year . . .

In the end, I came home with a black skirt that matches by grey one (I wanted another color), a second pair of my comfy pants from last year because it was such an ordeal to try to find another pair after I bought the first and some new panties. Not a bad start to the new season.

Wishing you all open minds and fashion dreams!



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  1. I don’t remember forcing you to wear tights…… I love tights. I would wear them if I had somewhere to wear them to. Somehow tights and dirt don’t go together. I did like the shoes, but remember you have a tendency to trip & fall, so make sure they fit well and you’re not like a weeble and wobble in them. Love ya. M.

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