Things I Love Thursday!

I adore you. Yes, YOU!

Thursday! Eeeeek! Who doesn’t love thursday? I hope yours is going tremendously, stupendously lovely! This week, thursday to me means end of the week and time for more goodness. I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun shenanigans and easy-going goodness! What is your weekend filled with?

Fall:  “I would buy you a bouquet of sharpened pencils.” Since we’re now moving into fall it appears, I’m excited but feel sort of unprepared. I have all of this warm weather style and now have to switch gears! Back to covered up shoes, non-linen pants, warmer skirts and shirts. Time to break out the scarves and black boots. Definitely a gear change. I bought slippers last night. My ones from last year didn’t stand the test of time . . . or Boo. What can I say, she likes destroying the fuzzy. It’s also a time for books, tea, snuggly blankets and time at home. And even better if you have someone to cuddle up to! I wish you all light, love and hugs moving into the new season.


 Little Loves . . .

 Living vulnerably and authentically  The “man friend” conversation ♥ Gala’s manifesto. And thinking of creating one of my own.  Tickets to the symphony the weekend before I leave  Sock monkeys  Indestructible squeaky toys  Going from 90 some-odd degrees to 70 some-odd degrees and then doing it all over again in Cali  Someone calling me a “do-er”  Passive aggressively planning out my work day schedule to make it infallible  Whole Foods groupons. Yes please! The sweet man at the nursery who told me to wait a couple of days because the Japanese maple trees would then be on sale  Nurseries when it’s supa dupa hot. It may be hot as balls out, but there’s nobody else there.  Smell-good soap ♥ Tomato deliveries. I’m addicted. Especially to yellow and those creepy looking chocolate ones.  Learning to play rummy. And winning . . .   Boo cuddles on the bed again  Eaking out the last possible moment to type  Finally biting the bullet and purchasing my domain names  Tech seminars that make you learn and make you giggle  Cloudy drizzly days  The new inbox messages when we’ve cleared the tickets . . . and the twitter function?  Dancing in the kitchen to MJ while making dinner  The word “adore”  Being right about the temp numbers. I knew they were still in play! Ha! Take that! ♥ Dreaming of sweaters and hot cocoa  Contemplating lazy day  Sundays of staying in bed and reading  Getting back to a happy medium with one of my coworkers. We don’t have to be great. We we should at least try to be better. Finding all of my jewelry in my purse pockets  Potential pay-day soon. Just in time!  Tattoo slogans like “Ink against Ignorance” and “Don’t be a twat, accept a tat” and “Your mom likes them!”  Learning twitter. So Shameful.  Realizing all of the places I still have left to visit ~ the zoo, the mt hood railroad, the ape caves, the Oregon garden. So many to-dos! 


Happy dance songs





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