Things I Love Thursday!

California! ~ I’m putting the final touches on my California trip at the end of the month. I have my hotel and Gala ticket taken care of, but still need to get my plane and car done. I’ve got my fingers crossed that my client will pay me quickly so I can get my credit cards down significantly before I go. That would make me a happy camper. I’m so excited for the trip though . . . Palm Springs, the botanical garden, air tram, Joshua tree park and seeing my family. Eeeeeeee!

Little Loves . . .

Camping ♥ Long convos of goodness  Falling asleep giggling ♥ Pizza night  DIY clutches from Elisharon  chocolate chip cookie dough ♥ Coming back to my budget ♥ Shooting! I’m so happy to check this off my list and it was a blast!  Love stamps  Polka dots. I am still in love with polka dots! And I love my new polka dot sleep pants.  Walking bare foot in the sand and waves  Chillin with the Boo-meister  Planning a week of being home. Sometimes you really need to just stop doing so much.  My giant plaid sleeping bag. Super toasty! ♥ Contemplating a tech seminar with the pops in Bend ♥ Holding hands. I can’t say it enough, you really should do it! Do. It. Now.  My last coke for the long haul  Plotting my Seattle trip this month ♥ Committing to working out again. I can’t take it anymore, my ankle needs to rehab.  Seeing my wardrobe in its entirety again  Dry brushing ♥ Banana bread muffins ♥ Shexshy bras with matching panties  Fresh blackberries. Yum!  My dad perking me up with an ice cream cone run. So sweet. ♥ Having a quick cool down in weather to remind us a new season is around the corner ♥ Giving away my man box goodies to my coworker ♥ Turqouise jewelry  Big jeans for when you just really need comfyness ♥ Changing to new sheets Friday night dates Boo’s new collar Golfing while angry A weekend night with mom. It’s like a mini vacation Packing a lunch to work A weekend heat wave  Looking forward. To a way out.

Someday You Will Be Loved  



 Hugs & Love!



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